Aiuruoca is an indigenous name that means "Burrow of the parrot" (Aiuru = parrot, Oca = burrow, nest) thanks to large amounts of parrots that existed in the mountains of this region. The city was founded in 1706 by the pioneers that were in search of gold and gems.  

"This is the main church of the city."  

The following are some the several attractions: 

Cachoeiras Dos Garcias (The Garcias Waterfall) 

It is one of the main waterfalls. To get there, you should take a precarious dirt road until very close of the place. In only 10 minutes of walk you reach  great natural swimming pool below of the waterfall. 

"Cachoeira dos Garcias is one of the bests."  

Cachoeira do Batuque (Drumming Waterfall) 

It possesses 25m of height approximately and is located at the Córrego do Soro (Serum Stream). It is accessible by walk (20 min.) in light trail, starting from the main house of a farm in the highway for Matutu. It is good to hire a guide.  

Pico do Papagaio  (Peak of the Parrot)

It's 2.293m of altitude and the most imposing mountain of the area. To arrive to the top, it is necessary to catch the highway to  Retiro dos Pedros, from where a panoramic view of the Vale do Gamarra (Gamarra Valley) can be seen. It's, approximately, two and a half hours more of trail from there, but the view from the top of the peak is worth the effort.  

"There are some beautiful bridges... "  

Vale do Matutu (Matutu Valley) 

At the end the highway of the valley of Matutu you arrive at the Casarão do Matutu (Matutu's Big House), that hosts the Association of the Residents of Matutu, that tries to protect the ecologica area. Starting from the Big House, a walk of about two hours takes to the Cachoeira do Fundo (Waterfall of the Bottom), with crystalline waters. There are two options of other waterfalls near this area: Cachoeira dos Índios (Waterfall of the Indians) and Cachoeira das Fadas (Waterfall of the Fairies). The visits are guided by guides, obligatorily.  

"So much green! "  

Caldeirões (Caldrons)  

It is close to downtown.  It's a nice place to swim and to dive from the top of a tree or  to go down this passage of Rio Aiuruoca (Aiuruoca river) by kayak or floater.  


Cachoeira Deus Me Livre (God Help Me Waterfall)   

It is about five kilometers from downtown. The waterfall is inside of a farm, therefore you should ask for permission to get to it.  Also, be careful in the way to it.  

"The water here is really clean."  


1.Cell phone signal in the high of the mountains is possible, but very rare.  

2.Something curious... since 1950 carnival celebration happens one week before the rest of Brazil, because in that time there was a very angry German priest that didn't allow the party in the correct date. Therefore, the city is full one week before carnival. 

3.The area of Matutu is the most beautiful, so don't miss it. 

4.In this area of Matutu, the residents are very ecologically conscient and they care  for their privacy and, for that, visitors should behave. 

5.Local guides are very useful, because the waterfalls are dispersed along the region. 

6. It's very cold in winter and by nights. Take a coat.  

7.The city is known for having energetical irradiation, which attracts esoteric people from all around. It is like São Thomé das Letras, 30 years ago.  

8. You should go and have a vegetarian meal in the Valley of Matutu. 

9.Hi Haxi!! Here is my tip: It is worthwhile to take the bike, if you're not going by car." tip from Rodrigo MG 

10. I visited the city of Aiuruoca in this holiday of October 2 (2001) and I was charmed with the look of there! For who likes trekking and got enough breath, can't miss the climbing of the Peak of the Parrot. It is 4 hours of ascent, by trails of easy access. The place is so cool! In each passage it is noticed a different vegetation. All the effort is compensated by the view there of the top of the peak. It is just wonderful!!! Other tip is a beautiful waterfall called - if I'm not wrong -  "Waterfall of the Bottom". The water is very cold and it slips a lot! Fantastic! So that's it, guys. You must know Aiuruoca, it is worthwhile! " tip from Jeferson Soares - Nova Lima/MG 

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