"This is the famous 'Cachoeira da Fumaça'(Smoke Waterfall)."  

Alegre is 200 kilometers south from Vitória. Also called "Cidade Jardim" (Garden Town), it is among many mountains and waterfalls, and the main attractions are the Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall) and the local Music Festival, which attracts hundreds of youths every years.  

"Look at its height! " 

Cachoeira da Fumaça - it is the main attraction of Alegre.  It is a 130m fall. The park is 30 km away from the city, in the district of Celina.  

If you're coming from Vitória to Cachoeiro by the BR-482 highway, you should pass for Alegre and go on until the district of Celina, 10 km ahead, where you should turn right.  


If coming from Minas Gerais the BR-262 highway, enter to the right in the clover of  Iúna. After passing for this city, it continues towards Alegre, it goes by the city district of Ibitirama and about 10km afer there is an indication for the access to the waterfall, to the left.  

If coming from Rio de Janeiro, by the Highland Area, leave in Bom Jesus de Itabapoana,  crosse the bridge to Bom Jesus do Norte and it proceeds to Guaçuí, taking the direction of Alegre. Celina is 10 km then, fllowing the direction to Iuna. 

"You can camp vey close to the waterfall." 

Cachoeira do Rio Pardo or Sete Quedas (Waterfall of the Brown River or Seven Falls) - close to Seio de Abraão (Abraham breast) Peak, it is to the margin of the Highway that links Lúna to Muniz Freire 

Cordilheira do Valentim (ValentimChain of mountains) - with 1150 m of altitude, this is the highest point of the city. 

Cachoeira de Fortaleza (Fortress Waterfall) - it has 24 meters fall, with freezing water. 

Other attractions of Alegre are Pico da Caveira d'Anta (Anta's Skull Peak), with 1.480 m of height, the Waterfall of Braúna and the Recanto das águas (Waters Place) 

"See ya! " 



1..The main attractions of Alegre are the Cachoeira da Fumaça and the local Music Festival, that attracts hundreds of youths every year.   

2.The Music Festival fills the city and happens in Corpus Christi's holiday. If you seek peace, don't go in that time. 

3.If you're coming at that time of the Music Festival, make reservations in the hotels and lodgings of the city, because they fill up with a lot of antecedence. 

4. It is possible to camp in the Cachoeira da Fumaça, which presents some infrastructure.

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