"There is a nice waterfall hidden in a farm... "  

Além Paraíba is close to the border between Minas Gerais and the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 190km far from city of Rio de Janeiro. 

"I'll get some of those ducks! "  

If you're plannig to go there, it is good to know that it is the kind of trip for who knows somebody that lives there or have a house around, because cool places exist, but these are difficult to find and some are in private farms. 

"Hey dude, you're going to slip there!!! "  

The city's got two rivers. Rio do Aventureiro and Paraíba do Sul (Adventurer and South Paraíba rivers). The city is called Além Paraíba (Beyond Paraíba) because the name of the river. 

"Take a look at this view! " 

There is something funny about this city:  that is an enormous train of some kilometers that passes through the main street of the city. It is strange, because the city is not that small. 


Therefore, when you cross the street of the city, don't forget to looks at the two sides for not being run over by a train. 


O legal das cachoeiras da região é que elas são desertas sem aquela tradicional cabeçada dos lugares mais manjados. As vezes é bom ficar numa cachoeira deserta sem ter que ouvir algum maluco gritando: "Pula daqui que mais maneiro!!" ou  "Irado!!!" ou dizendo "Aqui era bem mais bacana quando não vinha ninguém..."

"This city is never crowded."  

So that's it... if you know anyone that knows the area well, and you're dying for a waterfall  swiming in a deserted place, Além Paraíba then would be a good option. 

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1.This trip is not recommended for who doesn't know anybody in Além Paraíba, because the attractions are in private farms.  

2.One can also go out around the city by night. It begins at the main square, later everybody goes to the nightclub of the city. 

3.If you're intending to get drunk in the night, don't forget that a freight train of 3 km of extension passes in the middle of the town. If you are in front of the train, I guarantee you that he won't brake for you to cross the street. You'd be surely dead. 

4.It is very cold in the winter.  

5."Hi, Haxi! That site is so cool, I have already travelled all over Brazil based on your tips! My tip is for who's planning to go to Além Paraíba. Following stragiht by the highway, after the entrance of the city there is a place called Angustura, with an old houses and a beautiful Church! It is all very green and peaceful, with some hidden kiosks, nice for having a beer. Now listen, it is 7 Km of dirt road to Angustura, but it is worthwhile! When you arrive there, seek Morro do Cruzeiro (the hill of the cruise) that has a nice view. Don't you think about cell signal, although there are public telephones! "  tip from Henrique Henriques

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