"That sand is hard! "  


Its foundation, becoming an old indigenous village, in the headquarters of the municipal district, is due to the Jesuits' action, through missionary work, standing out the Priest José de Anchieta, that visited Espírito Santo captaincy for several times. 

Between 1565 and 1567, there is no accuracy, the Priest José de Anchieta settled at a hill in front of the sea and the river, called irritibia or reritiba by the natives whose the meaning is "place with a lot of oysters, in indigenous language", today known as Hill of the Church, gathering at this ranch, the Indians that lived dispersed. 

With the catechesis increasing, Indians and missionaries kept coming, elevating the old village to the category town, changing its name to Benevente (1755), becoming headquarters of the municipal district and district of equal name, due to the river that crosses the city. 

The village of Benevente was promoted to city by the provincial law, n. 6, of August 12, 1887, receiving, in the occasion, the current name of Anchieta. 


It is 25 km of beaches with clear or golden sands , totaling 23 beaches, some virgins, others highly visited in the summer, like the one of Ubú, Castilian, and Iriri, this famous one for its carnival celabration. There are also other beaches besides those mentioned, as the one of Maimbá, Boca da Baleia, Parati, Coqueiro, Balanço, Marvila, Inhauna, Santa Elena, Namorados, Costa Azul, Areia Preta and Guanabara.. 

"It is at that beach where the Benevente river flows into  "

Castilian - the beach of the Castilian is in a tip from where you see the immensity of the sea in an angle of 180 degrees. A vision of rare beauty of the world. 

The beaches have white sands and crystalline waters, totally free from the pollution, with small bucolic retreats that the in love ones adore.

Guanabara - In front of the beach of the Castilian is the beach of Guanabara.  An open sea beach with few residences, it is a place where the number of spawning of turtles is increasing, protected by the Tamar(Marine Turtle) Project. When a turtle is born and goes to the sea, it becomes one more attraction for the tourists that come here. A lot of children and adolescents in school age come in trips to see that poetic show of nature.

"That is the downtown square, in front of the beach."  

Ubu - Ubu is an old town of fishermen, of simple beauty, whose name in tupy means "fallen man", is sought for who's in search of peacefulness and good restaurants.  

Parati  - Parati is a typical village, with the old houses imbeded among the stones. In the adjacent beaches it is possible to walk calmly over the sand, or to plan a lively barbecue to the seashore with the family or friends. 

Iriri - Iriri is the most famous, because of its lively carnival, and also for the great conditions for the practice of underwater fishing. 

Enseadas Virgens (Virgin bays) - In Anchieta you can feel pleasure that represents the freedom of diving in the crystalline waters and in total communion with mother nature. In the virgin bays you see the white sands, blue waters of the ocean and the green of the Atlantic forest, the original forest that used to cover everything.    

  "That is Benevente river"  

Maimbá Lagoon - is the second largest and one of the most beautifuls lagoons of Espírito Santo state, it is still very preserved. 

Fluvial park - The benevente river goes down in the mountainous area and flows into the  Atlantic ocean, right in front of Reritiba hillock. Before flowing into the sea, the river form an immense mangrove swamp, one of the largest of Espírito Santo and certainly the better conserved. By boat you can also watch some beauties of nature, like the ruins explored by the Indians of the century XVI and XVII, the island of the parrots, the flight of the herons. 

Ruins - Recently discovered, the ruins correspond to 32 columns, some round ones and another squared, they were explored by the Indians of the century XVI and XVII; they were studied by UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo) especialists. 

"That is the main statue of the city, an Indian is blessed by Priest Anchieta."  

Mangrove swamps- Benevente river's mangrove is the most preserved of the State, with forests of red mango, the growth of mangroves is in the fluvial park of Anchieta.   

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1.  There are small deserted beaches between Anchieta and Iriri that are great, don't  miss them.  They are known as virgin bays.  

2.  Go for a boat ride in Benevente river.  

3.  The Benevente river is perfect for the wakeboard practice or ski. 

4.  Anchieta is a place with such a peacefulness.

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