"The Fortaleza."

Cambará do Sul is the city where you should stay if you intend to explore the canyons starting from the high part.  The city economy is based of honey production and extraction of pine trees. It has coloring wood houses and residents with typical clothes of the south and maté tea. 

It is advisable to reserve accommodation, because there are only a few good lodgings. The temperature of the area is very low and reachs -8C degrees. The area is inhabited by 150 species of birds, as the blue crow and "charão". 

"When the fog comes, you can't see anything."  

Because of the proximity of the sea the abysses have the phenomenon of the breeze, a thick thick fog. Called by the residents as "nothing", the fog favors the development of the foggy wood, a kind of forest that rises on the edge of the abysses. In the foot of the canyons it is the hillside Atlantic forest, formed by perobas, bagaçus and palm trees. 

"No comments... Itaimbezinho"  

The canyons form a natural boundary among the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. Therefore, there are 2 accesses to the park. Coming from the high part, in the Rio Grande do Sul's gaucho of Serra Geral (General Mountain), and staying in Cambará do Sul, you can watch, from the top of the cliff, the sight of Mampituba river's valley and the territory of Santa Catarina. Coming from the low part, staying in Praia Grande, in Santa Catarina, you can watch the big walls. That is the best starting point to climb to the plateaus by the riverbed, from the bottom of the valleys.  

"This is the entrance of the park."  

Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra (National Park of the Trimmed of the Mountains) - the lava rivers of 130.000.000 of years provoked the creation of the rocks that separate the Moutain Fields from the coast. This park protects the Canyon of Faxinal and of Itaimbézinho, the most famous,  that has faces of 720m of height and 7 km of extension. The Bride's Veil Waterfall is there. 

"This is Cambará do Sul."  

Trails of Aparados da Serra:  

Trilha do Cotovelo (Trail of the Elbow): 6km - walk of 2:30hs going by the edge of the abysses. It is possible to see the Bride's Veil from its side. 

Trilha do Boi (Trail River of the Ox): very tough one. The trail begins in the Watch tower of the River of the Ox, in the bottom of the valley of Itaimbézinho and it is possible to go under the waterfalls. It is necessary some experience in climbing. 

Trilha do Vértice (Trail of the Vertex): 1,5 km - it surrounds Itaimbézinho allows you to observe the begining of the canyon and the front side of the Waterfall of the Swallows. 


Parque Nacional da Serra Geral (National Park of General Mountains) - the mountain walls of the park serve as boundary between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. In the south of the park is the Canyon of Faxinal in the north are the canyons Malacara, Churriado and the most famous, the Fortaleza. 


 "What a cold city! "  

Trails of the General Mountains:  

Trilha da Pedra do Segredo (Trail of the Rock of the Secret): 1,5 km - it crosses the Stream of Secret and passes beside the Waterfall of the Black Tiger with 30 meters of height. 

Trail of Malacara: it crosses the park along 23km in 2 days. It crosses rivers and edges of abysses. The objective is to arrive to the border of the 3 canyons Malacara, Churriado and Fortaleza. 

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1.  Be prepared for the extreme cold.  

2.  Wake up early to visit the attractions and avoid the heavy fog.   

3.  In Cambará do Sul there is only the Park to visit.  So, if you have the bad of getting the fog all your visiting days, prepare to an enormous boredom. 

4.  The worst month to visit the Park is September, when the fog is constant. The best months are from May to September. 

5.  Don't miss visiting Itaimbézinho and the Fortress. 

6.  If you have the time visit Cachoeira Passo do S (S Step Waterfall). 

7.  Remember: the visitor's worst enemy is the fog. It appears from nowhere and it destroys the look that it is a show. 

8. "We were in Aparados da Serra in June , the wheather was great and it is one of the best times of the year to visit. Interesting tip: If you have the time don't miss to, starting from Cambará do Sul, to go down the mountain of `` Faxinal´´ towards city of Torres in the coast, approximately 70km. between the view of the canyon and the sea with a breathtaking view. The altitude difference among the two points is impressive. Arriving in Torres, another contrast, dunes along the coast". tip from Cilene Marchi and Marcelo Pietrafeza - Serra Negra - SP.  

9. "It is a good idea to take the bike, which makes it better to watch the views." tip from Liane Ingberman

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