"In the low tide the reefs can be seen." 

Arraial is a place in the south of Bahia where the youths like to spend carnival, New Year's Eve and other extensive holidays.  

"The city is very beautiful." 

The city grew plenty, and the infrastructure too, in a proportional way. There are already some mini-shopping centers and the kiosks in front of the beach changed in mixture of  bar, nightclub, beach and gym.  

"This is where the "night" begins. Broadway." 

During the day they go to Pitinga or Mucugê to cure the hangover of the previous night. There is plenty of things for doing. Some goes windsurf, dive, footvolei, etc..., while others just flirt around. 

"I went to Parracho to check it out... " 

By night there are many of leisure options. For most of the people, the night begins in Broadway, that is in the center of Village, and later they go for strong drinks in the kiosks of the beach like Parracho, Crazy Hole etc... 

"Take a look at this great view! " 

How to arrive?  

By car - coming by BR-101 highway.  Around Km 772 in Eunápolis turn towards Porto Seguro. It's about 62 Km until arriving to the rafts of Arraial da Ajuda. There also is a very good new highway that goes direct to Arraial without passing for Porto Seguro; that is the best option. Just follow the signs. 

"What's up?  Envy?" 

By airplane - The airport is four kilometers from the rafts. Some flight companies have flights to Porto Seguro. 

"When the tide goes up the strip of sand almost disappears ... "  

By bus - The bus station of Porto Seguro is three kilometers from the rafts. There are regular bus lines from Porto Seguro to the main cities of Brazil. 

"That's all, folks... "

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1. There is cell phone signal and phonebooths.  

2. If you want to avoid crowded places, go to Trancoso and Caraíva. 

3. If you don't, go to Porto Seguro. 

4. There is a lot of foreigners visit the area, nowadays. The Argentineans are absolute majority. 

5. Local music in Parracho. Hip hop, techno, dance and rock in Buraco Louco (Crazy Hole).  

6. Capeta (devil), that drink that has a lot of mixed things was invented in Arraial. Try the original.  

7. "for who seeks alternatives to the axé-music, saty in Arraial by night, that is better during the summer." tip from Giovania Schneider  

8. "In the low season there also are a lot of parties during the nights, but less crowded than in the summer. It is allways possible to find a calm place in Arraial and enjoy some peacefulness and good music.  In Arraial the quality of the restaurants is excellent, with even of international menu options. There is a real gastronomical itinerary -  Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, oriental, Austrian desserts, and even local cooking! " tip from Heitor Siquera - resident 17 years ago in Arraial da Ajuda  

9. "When going to Arraial, don't miss: visiting the nudism beach, that has no nudism at all, but is really beautiful, it is a little distant and the water is great; to visit the restaurant Alchemy, it is in front of the Beco das Cores (Alley of the Colors), it has great natural cooking!!!! " tip from Raquel (RJ)  

10. "Goroça Surf Bar, close to the square, in the street behind of the Lunatics, is great.  I don't have a picture, but it is certainty worth to spend one night there, lot of nature and good music. One of the owners is Marcel, nice guy. Kisses" tip from Fernanda Rapoport  

11. Don't take high heels, leave it home and take just slippers in the suitcase. For who intends to go to Parracho, the tip is to go barefoot. Its ground is of sand and you will be finally irritated holding the slippers, finally dropping it somewhere and loosing it". tip from Clarisse Frusca

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