The first visitors arrived in the century XVII in search of gold. Some other people went by the place, but soon it was noticed that the amount of gold was not so significant and soon the interest for the material ceased.

Baependi started to be an agricultural city returned for the farming of the tobacco.
In 1814, the village passes the town

ORIGIN OF THE NAME: the place reached by the pioneers, the ranch MAEPENDI (Mbaé-pindi, of the Tupi-Guarani, meaning the open glade").


Baependi is inserted geographically in the circuit of the Waters of Minas, although it doesn't explore or possess sources of mineral water. It is placed to 4 kilometers of Caxambu.

The first prominence of the city is the Church built by Nhá Chica, religious person that developed arduous work in life on behalf of his/her faith. Today they are attributed to her several reached thanks, some exposed at an enclosed museum to the church. For all this a beatification process exists, now in the Vatican.

The possibility of practice of radical sports and ecological tourism are justified, thanks mainly to the several waterfalls and the State Park of the Parrot.

The craft in bamboo, straw and embira involves several families of the city and he/she has great economical importance. The pieces are found for purchase in the city, but they are addressed mainly to the great centers of the Country and tourist cities.



Mother church
Of the century XVIII, possesses several styles in his/her construção(Barroco,Rococó and Neoclassicist) and it was tumbled by the Historical and Artistic Patrimony.

State park of the Mountain of the Parrot
The lands of Baependi correspond to 44% of this ecological shrine (10.030 hectares), where they are two million feet of the Araucaria angustifolia, the Brazilian pine tree, and the presence of the Amazon vinacea, our parrot-of-chest-purple one.


Had as extinct in the area, the parrot that gave name to the park, he/she inhabits at forests of altitudes and it is nurtured of fruits

Pirapitinga is a rare fish and in extinction of which little it is known. In Baependi, it is found in the rivers Itaúna and Gamarra where he/she lives in cold waters and correntosas.A occurrence of Pirapitinga in our waters the biologists' attention and researchers that study a project of repovoamento of the fish in those rivers called

"Cool Waterfall."

Nhá Chica
Known as the poor Mother. It began campaign for construction of the chapel of Ours Mrs. Conceição, finished 3 years after his/her death. Due to the attributed thanks, it was initiate in 1993 the process for beatification of Nhá Chica.

In the place several pieces exist done in bamboo, straw and embira. It can be bought downtown, in the Artisan's House.

The city possesses several waterfalls, that happen due to the uneven relief and to the several rivers that cross the Municipal district.

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1.1.In theNos holidays there are a very calm night life in the square.

2.There are a lot of waterfalls, but it is not simple to arrive in them, neither close. A guide will help you..

3.Thr most beautiful waterfalls of the area are São Pedro, Gamarra and Piracicaba.

4. São Thomé and Aiuruoca are clore. It is worthwhile to visit them if you have time.

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