"What's up?"  

There are several versions that explain the name of the city. Some say that the name would have appeared thanks to a Portuguese, that said to live where the river leans (Camba o rio). Others say Cambori means robalo, a well known fish in the area, in Tupi-burany.  

"What a flowery road... "  


Estaleiro (Shipyard) - it is 11 km to the south of downtown, with 1,5km of extension. There are lodgings and restaurants there.  

Estaleirinho (Little Shipyard)- it is 12 km to the south of downtown, with almost 1 km of extension. The native vegetation is well preseved there.    

"There are many buildings along the border."  

Mato de Camboriú (Camboriú Bush) - it is 13 km to the south of downtown, with almost 1 km of extension, and good for surfing. It has good some restaurants. 

Amores (Loves) - it is 1,6 km to the north of downtown, and good for surfing. 

Laranjeiras (Orange trees) - it is about 6 km to the south of the downtown and it's  almost 1 km of extension, and has bars, restaurants and boat sails. 

"There is a nice cable car."  

Taquaras and Taquarinhas - they are 7 km to the south of the downtown and it is almost  2km of extension.  

Pinho (Pine) - it is 9 km to the south of the downtown, with 500m of extension, it is the naturism official beach. It has a small camp and restaurant.   

Buraco (Hole) - it is half km to the north of the downtown, and to access it you should take a path in the forest or by the coast. It is private property. 

Main Distances  

Rio de Janeiro 1066 km
Porto Alegre 560 km
São Paulo 625 km
Curitiba  220 km
Florianópolis 80 km

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1. In the summer the city is crowded with Argentineans, Uruguayans and Paraguayans. Get ready to speak spanish.  

2. A ride in the cable car is worthwhile. The panoramic view is very good. 

3. The city has an agitated night life with a lot of leisure options, but even so it is worthwhile to spend one night in Piçarras, a neighboring city. 

4. If you have the time, visit Florianópolis, that is nearby awesome. 

5. In the summer, the city car traffic is unbearable. 

6. A boat ride to Praia das Laranjeiras is worthwhile 

7. If you're not by car, use the Bondidinho, an adapted bus that crosses the whole border. 

8. The calmer beaches are to the south of the city. 

9. "To the municipal district of Camboriu (after the br-101 highway) there is an access  (not very easy) to a lot of waterfalls, just the local residents can indicate the trails to arrive  to the 4 waterfalls." tip from Doug.saw  

10. "Hi, for who is keen on surfing and don't care for the agitated nightlife of Camboriú, it is worthwhile to check the "luais" (beachy night party) and bars in Itajaí Praia Brava. Rggae, forró and a lot of flirting with those great surf women. It is a tip for a relaxed trip.  A hug for you and congratulations for the effort of "Cool tips." tip from Rafael Lessa Curitiba – PR

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