" Cool... "  

This is a place in Espírito Santo state where people breathe surf.  This place is located  between Guarapari and Vitória, 15 kilometers from Vila Velha. The highway that takes to the place was privatized recently and now it is in great conditions.  

"Barra do Jucú (Jucú's Mouth)"  

The place has several beaches, frequented by the surfers and by anyone that loves beaches. Surf championships, some of them of national level, take place in the city. In spite of that, during most of the time, the place is calm, and the beaches are sought by who wants peace. 

"Gee! A board nailed in the stone! "  

It is possible to find mountains, rivers, sea and lagoon, ecological reservations, the agitated celebrations as carnival and the calm of the small cities in the remaining of the time. The streets without pavement please the visitors and at night the place becomes a point for bohemians' encounters.  

"The surf championships happen here."  


Rio Jucu (Jucú river): it is a historical river, that served to the first investigations of  Espirito Santo state interior, in the origins of our history. It was the river that allowed the exploration of the interior of the municipal districts of Vila Velha, Cariacica and Viana.  

Lagoa Jabaeté (Jabaeté Lagoon): it is an area of permanent preservation, full of natural beauties. 

Lagoa Vermelha (Red Lagoon): it is on the edge of Rodovia do Sol (Highway of the Sun), with lots of beaches, as Praia das Conchas (Beach of the Shells), Praia da Barrinha (Barrinha Beach) and other several beaches in front of the village. The place is rich in wood craft, straw craft and other objects. As the place is small, those objects can be found easily in several stores and residences of there. 

" What a nice place... "  

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1. It is worthwhile to go for a walk by the trails around Morro da Concha (Hill of the Shell). It is very good. 

2. In Ponte Madalena (Madalena bridge), you have a great view. 

3. The best waves come in the winter. Mainly the ones at Coral de Cima (Top Coral). 

4. Sometimes local and Vila Velha surfers promote some parties to heat up the nights. 

5. If coming from Guarapari, you'll have to pay a toll  when coming  and another in your return. Get ready to spend some unexpected money. 

6. "There are some really cool bars at the seashore, where, on Fridays, the nights  become a point to the youths from Vitória (mainly in the summer). Barra is a very eclectic place, and it is very frequented by Espirito Santo's artists, that always play for free to make the night even better!". tip from Elle 

7. "You can also watch the show af the local band, called Casaca. They play a rhythm called "rocongo", which is a mix of rock and congo. Congo is a rhythm played with drum, ataba, reco-reco... it is worthwhile to listen to it. Kisses" tip from Tatiana  

8. "To see the sunset from the Hill of the Shell, to take a lot of graviola ice cream in Polaska (kiosk in front of beach) or in Picoleteria (beside the health center) and, by night, to hear a reggae in Rasta (Seashore, close to the cemetery). When returning home, to  dive in the sea to feel how perfect nature is. Do that when you can and you will see that it is not difficult to be happy! "tip from Kaell Paiva Braga

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