"Good waves"

This place is near  the  Highway BE-010, in Santa Cruz,  20 Km of distance to Aracruz. The access is for BR-101, entering Laranjeiras, follow the signalling for the Highway BE-010 and continue towards Aracruz.

The beach of Barra of Sahy is the more acquaintance of the coast of Aracruz, so much for the traditional commemorations of year end, as for the agitation in their kiosks, , there are many other as this ones like Formosa, Santa Cruz, Coqueiral, dos Padres, Mar Azul and Putiri. Although interconnected amongst themselves, each one possesses their characteristics.

"The sidewalk on the beach"

Close attractions:
BEACH OF THE BAR OF SAHY With predominant vegetation of sandbank, the beach has 3 km of extension approximately, in bay format, with several passages of rocky formation. There are equipment infrastructure and such services as: lifeguard's position, bathrooms, illumination of the border and kiosks with bar service.

PRAIA DA BARRA DO SAHY (BEACH OF COQUEIRAL) With predominant vegetation of coconut trees, the water has as characteristic the limpidity and the lukewarm temperature, without occurrence of waves. This is close to the village of Caieira Velha, of the Indians Guaranis.

Coqueiral Beach"

PRAIA DE PUTIRI (BEACH OF PUTIRI) In bay form, Putiri has a great vegetation and of sandbank, favorable for the bath practice and fishing. It still presents traces of the Atlantic forest. Readiness of some equipments, tourist services and an area of the Camping Club of Brazil.

PRAIA DE SANTA CRUZ (BEACH OF SANTA CRUZ) With a strip of sand of 10m of width Santa Cruz's beach has 1.500km of extension. Their waters are of yellowish color. Santa Cruz's district, has equipments and available services for the tourist as: hotel, bars and restaurants.

"Let's swim."

PRAIA DO MAR AZUL(BEACH OF THE SEA BLUE) Beach with an extension of 1 km, clean waters and of low depth and weak waves. Has rocky formation in about 90% of the extension. Favorable for the lobster fishing and octopus.

PRAIA DOS PADRES (BEACH OF THE PRIESTS) With 1 km of extension possesses waters of clear color and sandbank vegetation. Has Strips of reefs and swamp vegetation, that it forms a beautiful landscape. It offers area for practice of sports and camping.

"Surf everyday"

PRAIA FORMOSA(BEAUTIFUL BEACH) In an extension of approximately 5 km is a vast vegetation of coconut trees, sandbank and remainders of the Atlantic forest. Greenish water, own for bath and excellent for the fishing due to variety of sea fauna.

"The landscape

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1.The best way to navigate in the river Piraqueaçu and to tan a visual one is through the boat walks, there he/she has landscapes of the growth of mangroves and from where she can visit the indigenous villages to the margins of the river.

2.A tourist attraction is the flotation bar, anchored in the river, the about four kilometers of the Town

3.Santa Cruzs is the best place to taste the variety of shellfishes of the growth of mangroves of that place

4.The practice of the natural camping is very common in the beach of the Coqueiral

5.This beach has good waves, but cares because localism exists

6.The place has a natural harbor where it can be attended, early in the morning, the arrival of the fishing boats and the wrench done by the fishermen of the place.

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