"What a nice view! "  

This is a place that a few people know and that it is worth the visit. Most of the people that goes to Porto Seguro and the surrounds, just visit the points to the south and forget about the north... The good side of it is that to this direction the places are not crowded, and it is possible to walk kilometers along the beach without seeing anybody. 

"That is the only lighthouse I have ever known that it is almost 2 km far from the sea"  

Before the potuguese and their catholic crosses arrive, who dominated this point were the Indians botocudos. They lived peacefuly there, when, about the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Jesuits arrived, forcing everybody to pray... The small chapel that was to catechize the Indians was the first construction of the place.  

"I did a surf-rally on top of a jeep."  

The city has that name because of the city where Pedro Álvares Cabral was born, Belmonte, in Portugal. 

There are lots of beautiful big houses of the colonial time. At that time, when cocoa production was enourmous and the economy was really good, many big houses were built there. 

"The local residents climb those coconut trees so easily... "  

But one day mother nature decided that Jequitinhonha river would change its course, and that river, to where the ships came became impossible to sail - for the large ships. That disturbed the economy of the city. 

"Look at the size of that shark head!! "  

With the change of the river course , the sea almost moved back 2 km, and with that a funny thing happened. The lighthouse that was at the edge of the beach, today is in the middle of the city. Therefore, don't think the guy that built it is stupid. 

"There is alot of deserted places... "  

That lighthouse was ordered in France in 1892. The legend says that the lighthouse was to be given to Belmonte of Portugal, but the commander of the ship gave it to the wrong Belmonte, and it stayed there until today. But as this is just a legend, the official history denies that fact. 

If you are around Porto Seguro, don't forget to take a look in Belmonte. 

"These are my local friends Gilmar and Bosta."  

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1. You'll only starve there, if you're a fool. Several eatable wild fruits that can be found on the sand of the beach as the garu, the fruit of the cacti and thousands of dispersed coconuts along the seashore. In the city you also find trees to eat biri-biri and jaboticaba until your language aches.  

2. Go for a boat sail by Jequitinhonha river. It is very good, passing by cocoa farms, alligator creations, swamps and it is possible to watch birds of all colors. 

3. You can surf at the beach of Mar Moreno (Brunet Sea), but the best undulation enters more to the south, in a deserted beach called  Mugiquiçaba. 

4. Don't surf in the mouth of the river Jequitinhonha. There is lot of sharks over there. 

5. There is no cell phone signal, but several phonebooth exist in the city. 

6. Rent a boat to saiul towards Canavieiras. 

7. The most important parties of the city are Carnival and Festa do Carmo (Carmo Party) in the middle of July. 

8.To arrive there, you'll have to take 2 ferry-boats. Therefore, don't forget to consider this extra expense.   

9. "to update the information on Belmonte, I should remind you that you only have to take one ferry to reach the place". tip from Ricardo Athayde  

10. I have just arrived from Belmonte. Listen: a super tip is to take a motorboat and to go to Canavieiras by the fluvial channel of Passuí, passing by a great place called Barra do Peso. There, on one side you see the growth of mangroves (very clean and unexplored). On the other side, completely deserted beaches . Another beautiful beach is Guaiú! Next Carnival will be awesome, since the new mayor wants to make the diference". tip fromTania 

11. "Hey, man, first time I access the site and it's cool. Now here comes a tip: there is a beach in Belmonte, that I just remember that the sea there has a half brown color and that there is a kiosk on the beach with a swimming pool, nice innovation, besides it has one of the best foods of the south of bahia." tip from Ivan Polonio - SP 

12. I was raised in Rio de Janeiro listening about Belmonte, its stories of the time of the cocoa, about Lagoa das Lavadeiras, about Jequitinhonha river . I only got to know my grandparents and my mother's home town when I was 16 years old, and ever since I have a love history with the place. I am well known there and I have the dream of moving to there one day. I was really happy to find your website and I was able to enjoy it little on the distance. Everything was properly said. You just missed some little things:  Bituca's famous samosa, Carmô cachaça, Boa Vista street , Juísa's big house, the Biela...When you come back you'll just get to know the rest!!! You will love it!!! Hugs." tip from Arlete Nery - Rio de Janeiro  

13 "In item 01: Biribiri is not to eat. It is a acid fruit that only serves as seasoning for sauces. It can be added to fish stews. Local tradition . In item 04: Shark is fisherman legend. The ones that exist are small nurse sharks, great to be served in a mud pot, with green seasoning, côconut milk, palm oil and pepper. A great stew. In item 05: Since May 2002, cell phone signal is available. The cell operator Telebahia (Telefonica). In item 08: Leaving from Porto Seguro to Belmonte, it is 70 Km of asphalted highway, along the coast. In Santa Cruz Cabrália, a ferry crosses the way in five minutes. It is in Belmonte the largest sculpture of guaiamun. It is worthwhile to visit it. Several restaurants, with low prices, pitú shrimps, octopi, crabs, oysters, etc." tip from Prof.Gilberto Teixeira Nascimento  

14. "Hi!... I Visited this site, I liked and I am sending a poster of the September 15 Philharmonic with its current musicians, which is leaded by the conductor João de Oliveira Silva Filho (João de Lila) that also accumulates the President's position.  If you come to  Belmonte visit its social headquarters, located at Dr. Manoel Velloso Square (Praça São João), besides I am Vice - President. I am Jose Norberto da Silva, belmontian. " tip from José Norberto of Silva   

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