"Look this landscape."

Bombinhas are located 70 Km of Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina and about 250 Km of Curitiba, capital of Paraná. The access is made by the highway BR-101. The highway in the last two years was almost that totally duplicated and he/she is in excellent conditions. The time of trip got better a lot with the duplication of the highway and safety's conditions are excellent

PRAIA DA GALHETA- Known for few and located in the Tip of the Cruet, or Tip of Bombs, this lower case beach with little more than 100m are formed of sand, stones and shells, it is the first beach to the north of the municipal district of Bombs and the most rural can be considered, being little frequented because of the difficult acesso.A beach is deserted and he/she doesn't offer any structure, nor drinking water. Every produced garbage should be taken away.

PRAIA DE BOMBAS it is the beach more family of Bombs and it possesses good hotels and restaurants. With 2 km of their extension sand clean and waters despolidas, Bombs offer the whole structure for a pleasant veraneio.Possui several restaurants in front of the sea, that you/they serve as support for the tourists of one day and his/her border is occupied mainly by houses of veraneio.Infra Structures-it Saves Lives in the summer, Trade in general, Drugstore, Doctor, Dentist, Hotels, Lodgings, Camping, Restaurants and Rented houses.

PRAIA DO RIBEIRO - Located between the Beaches of Bombs and Bombs with an extension of little more than 200 meters are to ideal for who seeks peacefulness for their sea baths and sun. It can be arrived to her through trails for the costão leaving of Bombs and Bombs. Or for an earth access starting from the main avenue. The lands alodiais belong to the private initiative that there intends to develop a tourist project.

"This is Bombinhas Beach."

PRAIA DE BOMBINHAS- Famous and AgitadaÉ the capital of the municipal district and also the busiest. He/she offers a calm sea, of crystalline waters, favorable for baths. Us their almost 1.000m of extension, we still found traces of white sand of quartz and very he/she dies, that to the contact with the feet provokes a noise; it is attributed to this fact the name of the municipal district.
Several bars and restaurants exist at the edge of the beach, standing out beautiful summer vacation houses being some to rent.
Bombs offer a range of options when the subject is landed, that you/they exist for all of the tastes and pockets.
The one that want rent houses won't have difficulty none.
Don't stop visiting the Town of the Mill an alive museum of the Azorean Culture, where you can see a flour mills and cane of sugar working and producing sticky and the best manioc flour of Brazil
The small stall that frames the crystalline waters of the Beach of Bombs has in the Tip of Zarling a beautiful referencial. Still no busy, he/she offers a beautiful look for who the visit, be for earth, sea or air.
They are in Bombs the dive operators, that you/they offer classes and boat exits for dive.
The proximity of the Reservation Biological Navy of the Grove and the good conditions of visibility of the waters do with that Bombs are also known as the Brazilian capital of the ecological dive
After Ponte, to the right, we have the street of the Lodging, the nicest of the municipal district sheltering some of the best restaurants and Lodgings of the Area.
Infrastructure-Hotels, Lodgings, Bank, Bares Restaurantes, Camping, Drugstore, Doctor, Dentist, Schools of Dive, Boats of Walk, Rented houses.

PRAINHA - Saint three small enclosed beaches to the beach of Bombs, separate for costões and stones. The first, the beach of Trapiche is the nautical center of Bombs. Of there they break several walk boats being also starting point of the schools of dive of the municipal district.

PRAIAS DO EMBRULHO, LAGOINHA, DA SEPULTURA E DO BIGUÁ - Leaned to her it is the beach of the Pond, calm and favorable for who wants to begin in the dive, it possesses a petiscaria that completes the day of leisure.

BEACH DOS INGLESES - he/she Has 100 meters and most of the area alodial belongs to the Catholic Church, where a camping exists with huts and restaurant. To the side it is being built a small condominium that will turn the public beach, definitively. The access for cars and pedestrians is for the costão, direct of the beach of Bombs. Good place for autonomous dive and for sporting fishing. Open to the public.

QUATRO ILHAS - ideal Beach for those that already have some knowledge and respect for Neptune. The beach, whose formation is in constant mutation, it is sought by those that like to catch alligator, to swim and to chat in the barzinhos to the edge sea. He/she possesses restaurants and bars of the most several types. In the costão squerdo there is a campinbg that only works in the summer, in fact the one that axcontece with practically all ops campings of the area, except for the Flower of the Sea and Lodging of the Grove. In the summer it is there that the galley is.
He/she meets casually of this beach the four islands, that gave him/her the name: Galleys, it Deserts, Macuco and Grove, that compose the Reservation Biological Navy of the Grove.

"There are many foreigners here."

DA ATALAIA - With 150 meters of beach well protected, located between the hill of Four Islands and the beach of Mariscal. It is usually the destiny of who walks for Mariscal. He/she has a lodging and a camping.

MARISCAL - he/she Has 4 Km and it is ideal for baths and walks. In the winter and in the autumn it is favorable for the practice of the throw fishing. Pollution zero and very sought by surfers. In Mariscal there are good hotels and lodgings.

CANTO GRANDE - THE small town of the Big Song located in an isthmus, in the municipal district of Bombs, it is without a doubt one of the last strongholds of our coast for who this behind peace and peacefulness. This small vila(mais or less 800 inhabitants) it is formed mainly by fishermen, maricultores and their descendants that are proud of they be called of “native”. Many still maintain alive their ancestors' inherited traditions, as the Ox of Papaya, Reis' Suit, the Merrymaking of the Ox and the craft fishing, this practiced by some heroes as Tó, Luisa's João, the Step and the immigrant Dico, and that you/they still provide to the vacationers and eventual tourists the pleasure to delight with a good shrimp or an anchovy fresquinha.
The center of the town is to the feet of the Hill of the Monkey, today municipal park awaiting providences and better cares of the public power, since the community's part is being been, with the planting of trees and a rigorous surveillance of the duty firemen, paper assumed by the community's youths, always attentive in turning off the fire provoked by an irresponsible tourist. The view that it is had starting from the top of the Hill of the Monkey is splendid: to the north the beaches of Mariscal and Four Islands, to the east the islands of the Biological Reservation of the Grove (Galley, Grove, Deserts), to the west the Stall of Junipers and to the South the Island of Santa Catarina.
One walked by the trail of the Mullet, in the edge of the bay of Zimbros,é other excellent leisure option for who just is not satisfied with their idyllic beaches, the one of the Sea from within, of the Sea Outside and of Conceição.

MAR DE DENTRO E DE FORA- Taken a bath by the waters of two bays, the town of the Big Song is privileged before the other places of the municipal district of Bombs, because he/she offers frequency options according to the wind. The Outside Beach of the Sea, located in the side east of the town it is favorable for the ones that prefer the sea a little agitated, with ideal waves for he/she practices her/it of the alligator and of the surf. Their crystalline waters check him/her the title of the purest and it cleans of the area, it is very also sought by the followers of the throw fishing and their waters, the months of July and August, they serve as refuge for the whales that migrate of Antártida. Their clean sands if they confuse with the one of the beach of Mariscal and it composes an ideal scenery for the followers of healthy walks. During the summer asked for her, after a delicious sea bath, they are the famous tidbits of the bar of Lino, always accompanied of a beer and of Atlantic ocean to be appreciated. Obs. the jet ski is not well coming.
#Sands Monazíticas and Natural Swimming pool
Separate from the Outside Beach of the Sea for the islet in the corner there is place for exit of the private boats for fishing and leisure. Area of the community's leisure. natural swimming pool and costões for dive.

BEACH OF the MULLET - Busy for houses of vacationers he/she is recovering of a disordered occupation but he/she stands out more and more as the most rural of the municipal district. In days of wind in favor the beach is propitiates for baths and dives. Extension 200 meters.


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1.If you like to dive , Bombinhas ais the place. There are a lot of dive schools. Choice an and have fun.

2.The city has many Argentineans. More Argentineans than Brazilian people. They love  this place.

3.The city has an agitated night life with you a lot of options of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

4.Go to a boat walk. Bombinhas are a beautiful peninsula.

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