"This is Cassarova" 

Brotas is São Paulo's capital of radical sports. With a good travel agency support it is possible to rent almost everything in the city, as rubber ring-cross, kayak, rafting, horses, rappel, special clothes, etc.... it is the kind of place that even with rain you will have fun, although you will be wet all the time. 

CACHOEIRAS DO CASSOROVA (CASSOROVA'S  WATERFALLS) - one of the main attractions of Brotas. It is really beautiful. It is in on the top of the mountains, 5 km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 30 Km from Brotas downtown. 

"This is the dam."  

CACHOEIRAS DO ASTOR (ASTOR WATERFALLS): one of the most known waterfalls, The 1st. Fall of Astor, ideal to bathe and, the 2nd fall is just  to the ones that would  walk by a more demanding trail, but that is worth the visit. It is on the top of the Mountains 6 Km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 31 Km from Brotas downtown. 

RECANTO DAS CACHOEIRAS (RETREAT OF THE WATERFALLS) - two waterfalls formed by two nascents that fall in the hillside of Furna do Rio Jacaré (Alligator river Cavern), of easy access: it's Cachoeira Santo Antonio Santo Antônio Watefall) (15 meters), and going down the cavern by a steeper and longer trail, Cachoeira da Roseira (Rosebush Waterfall)(55 meters). It is high in the mountains, 8 km from  Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 17Km from Brotas downtown. 

"This is one of the 3 Falls."  

AREIA QUE CANTA (Singing Sand) - an nascent in the remainders of the ciliary forest, forms a natural swimming pool of bubbling water amid a sand that "sings". When scrubbed, it produces a noise. It is in. SP 225 highway - 9 Km from Brotas downtown.  

CACHOEIRA DA ÁGUA BRANCA (WHITE WATER WATERFALL) - pleasant waterfall, ideal to relax, to tan and to bathe in the natural swimming pool. Then you can visit the still and to try a homely made cachaça. It is high in the mountains, 3 km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 22 Km from Brotas downtown. 

"Here is Parque dos Saltos (Park of the Jumps)."  

CACHOEIRAS BELA VISTA (BEAUTIFUL VIEW WATERFALLS) - formed by small streams, Cachoeira Bela Vista (Beautiful View Waterfall) and Cachoeira dos Coqueiros (Coconut trees Waterfall), then you walk a little more and find Cachoeira dos Macacos (Waterfall of the Monkeys); If you're lucky you get to see some monkeys. It is high in the mountains, 3 Km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 28 Km Brotas downtown. Waterfalls: Beautiful View - 20mts / Coconut tree - 20mts / of the Monkeys - 40mts. 

CACHOEIRAS DO SÃO JOSÉ (SÃO JOSÉ WATERFALLS) - Located in Serra do Padre (Priest's Mountains), São José waterfalls are formed by the limpid waters of Rio do Peixe (River of the Fish): Cachoeira dos Escravos (Waterfall of the Slaves) (3 meters), do Cipó (of the Liana) (8 meters) and Tabarana (40 meters). Also trekking and horse ride are avaiable in this tour. 

Waterfall of the Slaves: Beautiful natural swimming pool where, in the past, the slaves  bathed. Waterfall of the Liana: Ideal for all ages, easy access, with transport in a cart pulled by oxen (not included in visit's tax) or with the visitor's own car.  

"Refreshing dive."  

CACHOEIRAS TRÊS QUEDAS (THREE FALLS WATERFALLS)  - At the hillside of the mountains, that it form the cavern of river Jacaré-Pepira. You can make a short walk to Cachoeira das Andorinhas (Waterfall of the Swallows) to bathe. Then, follow by a trail that goes down the hillside, passing for samples of native forest to arrive in Cachoeira da Figueira (Fig tree Waterfall). It is high in the Mountains, 2,5Km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 22,5 Km from Brotas downtown. 

REPRESA DO PATRIMÔNIO (PATRIMONY'S DAM) - it is in Patrimônio Neighborhood, high in the mountains, 23 Km from the town. There you'll be able to swim, to fish, besides practice nautical sports, kayak and boat trips. 

CACHOEIRA ESCORREGADOR (SLIDE WATERFALL) - walk for a small trail bordering the stream and soon you find a cascade and a big well, a natural swimming pool. It is high in the Mountains, 13 Km from Patrimônio de São Sebastião da Serra and 38 km from Brotas downtown. 

CACHOEIRAS DO MARTELLO (HAMMER WATERFALLS) - They are two beautiful waterfalls that can be visited by walking for a very nice trail, of easy access, amid native forest. It is in the Neighborhood of Pinheirinho (Little Pine tree), 12 Km from Brotas downtown. 

"This is the Slide."   

CACHOEIRAS DO PAREDÃO (BIG WALL WATERFALLS): you cross trails amid native forest on foot , riding horses, going by historical trails and centennial farms and where there are five beautiful waterfalls. They are in Santa Cruz do Paredão Neighborhood, 25 Km from downtown . 

PARQUE DOS SALTOS (PARK OF THE JUMPS) - located in the urban perimeter, it is the postcard of Brotas, because the river cuts the city, forming several falls and rapids, where annually the canoeing championship is accomplished. 

"This bridge shakes a lot."  

CACHOEIRAS SINHÁ RUTH (SINHÁ RUTH WATERFALLS) - 3 waterfalls form a canyon. Waterfall of the Youth with 22 meters and natural swimming pool; Four Friends Waterfall, with 9 meters; Waterfall Sinhá Ruth with 38 meters. Visits only for groups with reservations. 

"I liked this place."  

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1. Most of the attractions are in private properties, so you need to pay a tax to enter each of them.  

2. In the weekends and holidays the nightlife happens in the Flash Moon, with a pre-night in the bar of the city. 

3. There are several agencies where you can rent all types of toys to take to the waterfalls and rivers of the area. 

4. Most of the attractions are close to a place called Patrimônio, that is 30 km away from Brotas. 

5. Make your reservation in advance, because the city gets crowded in the holidays.

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