"What a huge waterfall! "  

Bueno Brandão is in the South of Minas Gerais, only 175km away from the city of São Paulo. It's one of constituents of the so called Circuito das Malhas (Jersey Circuit), where one can find an infinity of waterfalls, as the one of the Axes (Cachoeira dos Martelos), with a fall of 90 meters. Located in the high of the Mantiqueira Mountains, enclosed by immense valleys, with altitudes over 1.500 meters. 

"There are many deserted waterfalls"  

The city has 33 waterfalls, but not all can be visited. The most beautiful are the following: dos Luís, do Machado II, dos Félix and Cascavel. From Pico da Torre (Tower Peak), the highest of the city, one is able to see Mantiqueira Chain of Mountains. As the city has a small and very simple hotel net, the visitor can choose for sleeping at hotels in nearby  cities, like Águas de Lindóia, Monte Sião and Socorro.  

Because of its geological formation, Bueno offers several cliffs and faces to be explored. Mountaineers that come here expect to be the firsts to conquer the climbing traks.  


Some attractions: 

Cachoeira Sta. Rita (St. Rita Waterfall) - Suitable for bathes or even to swim in its natural swimming pool. Down along it you also find other waterfalls and rapids that can be used for the practice of nautical sports as the canoeing, the rubber ring-cross or even rafting. 

Cachoeira do Machado (Axe's Waterfall) - Ideal to finish a walk and to refresh in its waterfalls. The largest of the falls is 90 meters tall.  

"Nice! "  

Cachoeira do Félix (Félix's Waterfall) - Great volume of water, amid a native forest. For those more experienced adventurers, a good tip is the practice of canyoning, rappel or escalation amid the waterfall waters.  

Cachoeira dos Luís (Luís' Waterfall)  - Cachoeirinha river becomes separated in 2 parallel falls that fall down from 30 meters of height. The access is made by the highway to Muhoz.  

Cristo Redentor - Panoramic view of the city, from where one can see the chain of mountains surrounding it and the real size of the city, ideal for tourists that look for peacefulness and safety, peculiar characteristics of the cities of the South of Minas. 

"Let's go to the fall."

Vale das Furnas (Valley of the Caverns) - it is characterized by the unevenness of more than 700 meters. Besides having several observatory decks, from where one can see in the distance, it is ideal for the practice of radical sports as paraglyding, hang-gliding and rappel in some faces.  

Pedra da Torre (Tower Stone) - enclosed by beautiful native forest, it is one of the summits of the city, favorable to be visited by horse riding or even walking. From there, one can observe The whole city of Bueno Brandão and even Socorro, in the State of São Paulo

"So, that's it! "  

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1. In the winter it's very cold during the night, so take thick coats

2. There is this cool trail called Trilha da Cascavel (Rattlesnake Trail), that passes for 7 waterfalls as Félix, Machado and Rattlesnake. 

3. The nightlife in the city takes place at the square and where you'll find only two bars open and some snack bars

4. The waterfalls are far. Therefore, get ready for long walks, otherwise, go by car, bicycle, horse... 

5. "generally, the car accesses to the waterfalls are quick, however suitable. There are several crossroads where you could get lost easily. To avoid that, it is essencial to ask for information to the local inhabitants. They are very nice and helpful. For who wants to camp, the best option is Camping Ferrari (Ferrari Camping), that is in Km 01 of the Bueno Brandão-Socorro Highway " tip from Jefferson Renó - SJK 

6. "I went to Bueno in the Easter, we were accommodated in Mr. Zé Roberto's Camping of  the Wine (Camping do Vinho), the camping is super-good, besides, we can appreciate a good wine that Mr. Zé Roberto makes there, and the Mrs. Laura's home-made meals is also great. This was my tip". tip from Glaucia and Rogério  

7" I've been to Bueno Brandão many times and it is always good to return, to discover other waterfalls. Unmissable: a ridden under the full moon with Dito and Angela. Watch the sunset in Pousada Ponte Alta (High Bridge Lodging) of Joaquim and Ana and to take a great craft wine with Zé Roberto and Laura (listening the "local stories")   The delicious food with the City's special seasoning. Mrs. Laura's Ice cream (try the beijinho flavor). To take a waterfall bath (to clean the soul and to recharge your batteries) Finally, to go to Bueno is always wonderful, only who knows it, know what I'm talking about, who doesn't know, should change that. Good relaxation" tip from Lucimeire de Castro     

8. "Bueno Brandão is the perfect city for trails and horse ridings. The restaurant "Cumpadi" has the best food of the area. The best times to go are in the winter (in the end of July, marked by Zé Bagunça's party) and the carnival, when we can see the samba schools parade in the main avenue." tip from Ana Feliputi 

9. It is good to go to Bueno in the months of April and May or October and November, when the summer has already passed and the waterfalls are not too crowded anymore and the winter is not coming yet, when the waterfalls get freezing cold and are with low levels of water. Don't miss visiting "Machado l", "Machado ll", "Luiz", "Felix" and "Sta. Rita" waterfalls. If you prefer to stay in a calm and distant lodging, Pousada Vale Verde (Green Valley Lodging) is a good option. The city has few options of bars and restaurants." tip from Marcelo Pietrafesa and Cilene Marchi - Serra Negra - SP. 

10. "I've been to Bueno Brandão a lot of times, there is very good to enjoy the paradise by day and cachaça by night...  there is the party in August, it happens at the main square with a lot of typical food and a lot of nice people. But the best is the carnival. I know the place since I was 4 years old and have never stopped going there." tip from Raquel Tostis – SP

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