"This is the famous Street of the Stones."  

In Búzios, the first inhabitants were the tamoios and goitacá Indians. They lived there at least a thousand years before the Portuguese arrive in 1511. The foreigners smuggled Brazilwood from Búzios. With França Antarctica's creation in Rio de Janeiro, in 1555, the French took possession of the peninsula, making headquarters and shelters to keep Brazilwood. 

"There often are some good waves in Praia Brava (Angry Beach)."  

In 1575, the French were expelled from the area by D. Antônio Salema promoting a true massacre to the Indians, putting an end to the tamoios possesion of the area. That war was named of Cold Cape, when 10 thousand Indians died and the remaining ones   were enslaved by the Portuguese.  

"I went for a walk along Praia dos Ossos (Beach of the Bones)."  

The tamoios that got to escape formed an alliance with the French pirates who didn't represent any danger for the Indians because they only wanted to smuggle the Brazilwood. In 1615 the Portuguese, with Araribóia's help, the indigenous boss, definitively expelled the foreigners from the peninsula.  

"Nice luals take place in Praia da Tartaruga (Turtle Beach)."  

The name of the city was given by fishermen, the city still lives on the fishing together with the tourism. In the 30's, a German millionaire used transport banana from his farm to Swedish ships moored in Praia da Armaçăo (Frame Beach) and, at that time, Búzios practically lived on the exhortation of bananas to London. Nowadays that doesn't happen anymore. 

"Praia do Forno (Oven Beach) is one of the most beautiful

Summer in Búzios is, surely, one of the best in the world. It's hot by day and night, the city fills up and everything is a great party with a lot of beautiful people and also a lot of fun in beaches and Nightclubs.      

"Joăo Fernandes is full of Argentineans and other foreigners."  

In the daytime the point are the beaches, having, as prominence, Geribá, Joăo Fernandes, Ferradura (horseshoe) and Azeda (Sour). But all beaches are very good. 

"Little walk around... "  

Geribá is known for its waves and beautiful beach that is with certainty the most famous of Búzios. Búzios' nightlife begins there and in the Street of the Stones that is always full with several places, for people of all ages. There are restaurants with live music, stores, bars and several other things.  

"Búzios with sun is awesome!."  

At dawn, starting at 3 o'clock everydody is in the nightclubs. They get full of young people that dance all night long. Don't think that it is just that, in the beaches and in the streets.  Everywhere you go you see a lot of flirting.  

"Look at this view... "  

If you like sports, they exist Búzios: Skating areas, courts, Soccer fields, besides the racketball and beachsoccer in the beaches. And also some trails for the cyclists.  

"It is here, in Geribá, where the babes come to tan."  

Búzios is has also a lot of diving places, and, if you want to get to know the islands, there are several schooners travel for beaches and islands.  

"Boats... "  

But remamber to make reservations in one the hundred lodgings with a lot of antecedence, mainly in the summer, because the city gets REALLY crowded.  

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"Praia da Ferradura (Horseshoe Beach) got its name because of its shape."  


1. Geribá beach is where everything happens during the day.  

2. By night, the fun begins in the Street of the Stones. There it is possible to find out what is going happen in the city. There are a lot of nightclubs and a lot of options at night. 

3. There are good waves in Geribá and in other beaches. 

4. There are a lot of lodgings, but it is worthwhile to do a reservation. 

5. If you are with few money, choose another place for going. 

6. Oven Beach is very coll, but you need to know how to get there." tip from Veronica. Rio de Janeiro - RJ   

7. "it is worthwhile to try all the beaches, and not being stuck to Geribá as most  people do." tip from Sávio  

8. Joăo Fernandes is a beautiful beach, but it is a bit distant from downtown. And the food is very expensive in the kiosks there. Even so, it is worthwhile to visit! On the Street of the Stones, the good thing is to go Guapo or Zapata after 24:00. "tip from Mônica - Rio de Janeiro   

9. "hi friends... The night is best spent Guapo Locco, a Mexican nightclub that is awesome!!! They incredible tequilas that drive people nut!!! kisses. See you there!!! " tip from  Bárbara  

10. "Haxi, this is my tip. Lagoa de Geribá Guest House is a cool lodging, and the landlady, Jacira, allows the dogs to stay (since they behave themselves). It is worthwhile to check." tip from Anna Claudia Maisonnette  

11. "Búzios is very cool for people all ages, but I recommend Geribá as THE beach for the youngters, because there you find the highest concentration of beautiful people!!! And, obviously, by night, Street of the Stones!!!! " tip from Francine Daumas  

12. " The most charming beach of Búzios is, with no doubt, Azedinha..... other thing: it is worthwhile to take a schooner and to get to know the islands on the surroundings, there is a lot of beautiful beaches for there. That's it, see ya." tip from Gabi Tikerpe

13."The best thing we did in Buzios was a kayak trip! We also did a fantastic one in Arraial do Cabo. Try " tip from Joe

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