Nice... "  

The City:  

Cabo Frio (Cold Cape) is the main tourism center of Região dos Lagos (Lakes' Region) and it is located 159 km away from Rio de Janeiro. It is enclosed by the Atlantic ocean andAraruama Lagoon.  The constant northeast wind forms dunes of white and fine sand.  

Big salt producer, its landscape is known by the typical windmills.  The 37 beaches of the area offer great conditions for the sea bathe and for the practice of nautical sports: perfect waves for the surfers, rich fauna for the divers and a great line for the sailing. 

"Praia das Conchas (Beach of the Shells) is awesome! "  

The Beaches:  

Brava (Angry) - Enclosed by scarps of 20m of height, and with 400m of extension, Angry Beach has Ilha dos Papagaios (Parrots' Island), a wild place. With clear and very agitated waters, it is the beach where nudism is practiced. It is also very sought by surfers. It is located between Ponta do Peró (Tip of Peró) and Morro do Farolete (Hill of the lighthouse) (Ogiva). The end of the course is made on foot, through a stone trail on a slope.  

"The sand is white... "  

Peró - it is between Morro da Vigia (Guard hill) and Ponta das Caravelas (Caravels Tip), with access by Namorados Av. There are kiosks along its 7 Km. Place of summer vacation residences.  Its blue and clear waters and constant waves attract a lot of surfers  and adepts of rod fishing. Dunas Douradas do Peró (Peró Golden Dunes), of fine and clear sands, are to the left, along the border. There is a series of dunes along the highway to Cabo Frio, being Dama Branca (White Lady) the largest and tallest of the group. That passage is known as Praia das Dunas (Beach of the Dunes).  

"Awesome views!! "  

Foguete (Rocket) - The surf championships are accomplished here. It is 7,5km long and it is good for rod fishing for the great variety of fish. It is also known as Praia de Cabo Frio (Cold Cape Beach) or Praia da Barra (Barra Beach), because it is downtown.  São Mateus Fort is to its left, built in the 17th.  century.  Besides the kiosks on the sand, the beach has many bars and restaurants. With blue waters and pleasant temperature, some passages are good for the surfing and nautical sports. Its line of open sea is considered by the sailers the fastest of the world.  It is located in Contorno Av. 

"There is canal here from where the boats leave"  

da Concha (of the Shell) - With 600 m of extension, forming a semicircle, it has to the  right, Ponta do Arpoador (Arpoador's Tip) and, to the left, small dunes and Morro da Vigia (Guard Hill).  Fine and clear sands and blue waters. Great for fisheries and nautical sports. Kiosks are installed at the beach selling foods and drinks. In the high season it is possible to rent horses and kayaks.  

"Diving here is cool."  

 Coqueiral/Palmeiras (Coconut trees/palm trees)- With 1600 m, it is surrounded by residences. Area of shrimp and crab fishing. Strip of thick and clear sand, with great amount of shells, where the huts that sell food and drink are. In the landscape, palm trees and coconut trees, that named the beach. It is located at Araruama Lagoon, Enseada Mata Figueira - Palmeiras.  

"The city has a good infrastructure to host the tourist."  

São Bento - 400m lacustrine beach, shallow and formed by an embankment.  It is in Itaruju Canal. The area is urbanized and arboreous with coconut trees. From the beach, the Neighborhood of Gamboa, and Ponte (Bridge) Feliciano Sodré over the Canal can be seen.  Location - Marechal Floriano street, São Bento.    

"I'm going to dive now... "  

Siqueira - To the margins of Araruama Lagoon, it has an extension of 2 Km. The waters are cloudy and very salty and the sand is thick and dark. It is the favorite lacustrine beach for the shrimp fishermen. It is a harbor for small fishing boats. Location - Araruama Lagoon/Feliciano Sodré street. 

"See ya!!! "  

Dunes - They're hills of fine and clear sand, whose form varies with the action of the winds.  Typical vegetation of sandbank with great variety of cactus species. The largest and more famous dune of Cabo Frio is White Lady, in the Beach of the Dunes. From its top one can see the ocean, the cities of Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo and the Araruama Lagoon, with its windmills.  Beach of the Dunes: access is made by the Cabo Frio-Arraial do Cabo highway.

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1. In the lingering holidays, the city gets really crowded, for that, get ready for heavy traffic, a lot heavy.  

2. Also get to know Búzios that is close and it is worthwhile. 

3. Don't stay alone or dating in deserted places by night.  Some cases of violence were reported there. 

4. Bring your surf board, 'cause there is a lot of good waves there. Bring your rubber clothes too, sometimes a cold current that comes from Malvinas makes the bones ache.  

5. in the holidays it is all crowded. Normal weekends are more pleasant.  

6. I would like to say, complementing the tips on Cabo Frio, that in the Beach of the Shells (in the descent to the right of the hill where you took the picture) has some cool natural trampolines of 3, 5 and 8 meters for who likes to dive.. " tip from Gisele (Niterói).  

7."In Cabo Frio, it is great to travel by schooner and also along the canal. It has a great fair and several cool bars. The canal is cute. There is also the fair at Praia do Forte (Fort's Beach) where you can buy some nice things. Cabo Frio is very beautiful and  people must learn to preserve the place because each year it's getting more destryed!!!! " tip from Caroline Carvalho - Rio de Janeiro  

8."My tip is Praia do Foguete (Rocket Beach), which is almost deserted and has very good waves." tip from Márcio X. Telles   

9."It would like to indicate the visit to the Fort, because there the view of the city is beautiful and you can jumped from the stones to the sea. Seems a little sacry in the beginning, but it is ok... Other tip is on the night: on the sidewalk of the beach some huts sell some nice things, and in the street beside Malibu Hotel has a bar inside of the gallery that sells some great drinks! "tip from Mônica - Rio de Janeiro  

10."Malibu Hotel, where I had already stayed, is very good. You just need to cross the avenue to get to Praia do Forte (Fort Beach). They lend you parasols, towels and even chairs." tip from Alex Fonseca  

11."Hi people, my tip actually would be for you who love the city of Cabo Frio, for  you too make a project with the authorities, having, as objective, to improve more and more. To plant a lot of trees all over the city, to change the streets into in bike lanes and  to built policemen cabins in each exit of the city for more safety, we don't want that city to become a Rio de Janeiro.  A Hug." tip from Jaciara  

12. "My tip is for you to stay at La Plage Hotel, I already stayed and it is great!!!. it is right in front of the Beach of Peró and the view to the sea from its rooms is unique. Another tip is on Cabo Frio nightlife: access the site, in this site you find the covering of all of the events of the place. See ya! " tip from Carlos - Varginha - MG  

 13. "If I were you. I'd sought something different in Cabo Frio, I guarantee you the city offers. Don't go to where everybody is tired to go. Seek the local Sebrae, they offer a train trip to a certain place. I forgot the name. But I went up a hill, visited 2 caves and saw the angry and Downtown beaches. I guarantee you no regrets.  The trip lasted 2 days and ends in Ilha do Japonês (Japanese Island). It is worthwhile!!!! kisses" tip from Lanuza Madruga de Volta Redonda

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