"Hmm, it's a bit empty... "  

Located 180 kilometers to the north of Teresina, little more than 10 kilometers from Teresina  urban center, in the boundary of this municipal district with the one of Batalha, Cachoeira do Urubu (Vulture's Waterfall) is an important tourist center of the medium-north of Piauí that attracts a great number of visitors because of its natural beauties, the pleasure of an excellent bath and the landscape.

"You can even walk on the bed of the river."  

The beautiful waterfalls beautify that passage of Rio Longá (Longá river), a few kilometers before having its bed strengthened by Rio Piracuruca's waters. Rio Longá is one of the most important source of fresh water of the region, with its nascent in the municipal district of Alto Longá. 

"All this becomes full of water."  

Vulture's Waterfall is more beautiful in flood time, when the fish try to transpose the enormous stone faces, up the river, when the time of piracema comes.  

"Time to go... "  

Vulture's Waterfall is an immense area of waters dispersed for several falls. The largest, with 12 m of height, is in Esperantina municipal district, in which a catwalk of 400 m was built above the waterfall, to facilitate the observation of the natural show and the access to the two margins, which becomes an impossible task during the winter. 

It was also installed tourist areas on the two sides, with bathrooms, bar, restaurant, area for camping, sports court, leisure areas, signalling and tables for pic-nic.  

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1. In April and May, an impressive phenomenon happens: the piracema, period in that the fish go up to the nascent of the rivers for the spawning. In the area of the waterfall, the show happens when the fish, jumping, try to cross the natural barriers of the blocks of stones, swiming against to strong current.  

2. The period from January to July is the best for the visitation, due to the great volume of water. In the other months, the volume of water decreases.  

3. The Park has good receptive infrastructure, with bars, restaurants of typical foods and a lodging with 8 apartments.  

4. It also has a phone position, with number (086) 383-1500, which is advisable to call to know if the waterfall full.  

5. 100km from it, there is a place that must be visited: Sete Cidades (Seven Cities).  

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