Caconde is close to São José of Brown Rio and the mining cities of Wells of Caldas and Guaxupé. His/her access is for SP-350, that she arrive leaving of São Paulo for the road Anhanguera until Campinas. In the clover of Mogí-little, access the road D.Pedro I heading for White House and of there for SP-350.

You will know Brown Rio, that it allows the practice of the rafting the whole year, he/she will also know São Domingos' Waterfall, in the road between Caconde and São Sebastião of the Gram and the Cachoeira Santa Quitéria, ideal for the canyoning.


Parque Prainha
Park Prainha: daily service, walk, 3000 people, camping 150 huts. Highway Caconde - Divinolândia Km 6, highway for the ranches. Area kills native with fluvial beach and basic structure of leisure and safety. Main use and movement: spring and summer in the weekends and holidays, reaching his/her main public.
Praça do Mirante
Place of attraction panoramic, esoteric, sports as paraglinder and facilities and location of ecological stamp; capacity of 1.000 people's daily service, with structure of bathrooms and guard.
Lago Usina Caconde
Nautical sports, clubs and ranches for summer vacation, besides propitiating the fishing as leisure source, very used by the regional population in ray of 70 Km.

"Let's go rafting"
Usina Velha
Dry bed of Brown Rio, ruins of the old house of the machines of a hydroelectric one, lakes and enclosed for native forests.
Cachoeira Santa Quitéria
Used for baths and he/she practices of radical sports, enclosed for very green and native forest, with more than 50 meters of fall.
Cachoeira Mumbuca
Enclosed of very green and native forest, with 50 meters of fall, being very close of the Lake of the Dam.
Corredeiras do Rio Pardo
Favorable beauty for the practice of linked radical sports to the nature as: canoeing, rafting and boiacross, offering all of the levels of difficulty that assist from the freshman to the specialist.

"The landscape"
Escarpas do Rossetto
Dated of the pré-Cambrian era, with legends and a lot of histories. Today appreciated by the beauty used for the practice of escalades and descents in the style Rappell.
Represa Caconde
They are 30 Km2 of artificial lake that he/she extends for besides the borders of the municipal district, until the proximities of the mining city of Wells of Caldas, in the headboards of the tributaries of Brown Rio. The Dam sustains the Plant of Caconde to generate 80.400 KW. It is done necessary to emphasize that the Usina Caconde is considered to 1st of Brazil to try a canal type funnel and Monday of the world in system of underground operation.
Trilha e Capela do Pontal
Beautiful wild landscapes. Ideal place for the accomplishment of walks for waterfalls and picturesque riverine vegetation, access for trails. In the top we found the Chapel, place historical, old quilombo, panoramic view of the valley of Brown Rio.

"Mystical place."
Trilha do Fuga
He/she treads ecological of rare beauty, old bed, today diverted of Brown Rio. Excellent option as educational activity with great wealth for studies of the animal kingdom, vegetable and mineral.
Morro Redentor
One of the highest points of the city, there meets Cristo Redeemer's statue. Ideal observatory for panoramic pictures, from where global vision of the city is had.
Igreja Matriz
Built in pure romantic style in the year of 1955. It possesses three screens to oil in classic style of the painter cacondense Edmundo Migliaccio: Ours Mrs. of Glória, Immaculate Conceição and Crucified Jesus dated in 1961.
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1. Go to Praça do Mirante i in the afternoon to see the landscape. The place is very beautiful.

2.One of the great attractions of the city are the rafting in Rio Pardo.

3.If you like carnival out of time, in November there are Caconfolia.

4.Go to the dam to eat a fish.

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