"Here is the city of the crabs."  

110 km away from Ilhéus, this place, also known as Canes, the city of the crabs, is between the sea and Rio Pardo (Brown River). A very good place. 


The first ones to arrived here in 1700, escaping from the pataxós Indians and seeking good lands to plant. They planted sugarcane and this is what caused its name creation.  

"What a nice place... "  

There are 7 marine islands there, being Ilha de Atalaia (Atalaia Island) the most important attraction, with 14 km of beaches, besides several other fluvial ones. 

"Ops, I leaned on this coconut tree and it fell."  

The city is 110 km to the south of Ilhéus and the access is by Estrada do Sol (Highway of the Sun), a highway with very awesome landscapes. 

"There are several kiosks at the beaches to have a beer."  

The boat trip by Rio Pardo passes for mangroves in perfect conservation, cocoa farms and of course, many coconut trees.  

"The historical center is full of colored big houses. " 

Praia do Costa (Costa's Beach) is the more frequented, with several kiosks, coconut trees and nice waves for surfing. 

In Praia do Atalaia (Atalaia Beach) one can find some peacefulness and no crowd at all. 

Patipe is the best beach to fish. 

In Rio Pardo Port people ride on jet-skis, besides the surf and the windsurf. 

"There are some good rivers for boat sailing."  


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1. Don't miss eating a crab. It's good and cheap.  

2. There is no cell phone signal and the phone booths of the city always have long lines. Get ready to wait a lot to make a simple call. 

3. The boat trip by Rio Pardo is great. Don't miss it! 

4. A horse ride by the wild trails of the city is also a good option. 

5. Go watch the sunset at Ponte Lloyd (Lloyd's Bridge). 

6. Bring your surfboard. 

7. "the babes are at the beach, between Tieta and Alegria de Viver huts.  Watching sunset in Ponte do Loyd is extraordinary. By night, go to the historical center, where, in September, happens Festival Nacional do Caranguejo (Crab's National Festival), that party has several shows, a lot of chicks and some sport events. To listen to some cool music and to have nice talks the Mangue Beach Bar is the right place, it is in the way to the beach. There are 2 great point for surfing: one to the north (Forte), with waves of good formation and extensive, other to the south (Atalaia) is a fast and hollow wave (tube) Several beatiful views are seen in a bike ride around the city and the beaches . The local surfers are nice and receptive." tip from Lian Amorim  

8. "What's up, man?I would like to tell you some tips of my city to be altered there in the page. We already have cell phone signal, and the Crab Festival will be from 06 to September 09, the best points are still the same ones." tip from Lian Amorim  

9. "Porto Hotel is a well localized place to stay, at the historical center, the owners are super homelike (Mr. Zé and Solange), the food is good.  In Cannes, people use the mototáxi service a lot, only R$1,00 to anywhere you want to go, it surely helps a lot." tip from Ana Maria Freitas - former trainee of Transamérica Comandatuba Hotel, friend of all the local residents.

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