"Gee! "  

Capitólio, also known as the "Queen of the Lakes", is located to the margin of the lake of Furnas, in Minas Gerais. It is small, with little more than 7.000 inhabitants in 2000, it has, maybe, the most beautiful waterfalls that I have ever seen, with great lakes, where one can swim at ease. 

Not well known by most of the "ecotourit" public, Capitólio, city of the Southwest of Minas Gerais, 475 kilometers from São Paulo, gathers rivers, waterfalls and natural swimming pools. But it's the canyons that enchant most the visitors. The city is to the margins of Represa de Furnas (Dam of Furnas) and close to Serra da Canastra (Canastra Chain of Mountains). 

"Going by motorboat to the waterfalls is very fun! "   \

Between 1895 and 1900 the creation of the first name of the rising town was in a natural and spontaneous way, it was "CASA DE PEDRAS" ("HOUSE OF STONES"), passing for "ARRAIAL DOS CABEÇAS" ("VILLAGE OF THE HEADS"), in honor to the producers who were called "heads", due to their conditions of unanswerable leaders.  

In 1920 it received the name of "CAPITÓLIO". the word "Capitólio" comes from Latin and is related to the radical "capit", that means "HEADS" in a return to the original population.  

"Take a look at this view! "  

In 1962, Furnas flooded a big part of the area for the construction of the hydroelectric power station. The waters of Rio Grande (Big River) flooded valleys and farms, which represented, at that time, a great damage for the local economy. Capitólio has 523 Km² today, and 117 Km² are covered by the waters of the dam. That 1962 damage is, nowadays, the main attraction of Capitólio, known as Mar de Minas (“Sea of Minas”) And the tourism was a compensation for the 1962 flood. 

Lago de Furnas (Furnas Lake) and Trilha do Sol (Trail of the Sun), cut by streams and the enormous lake among canyons, are part of that unusual landscape of this interior town. Area of contrasts, Capitólio also has Paraíso Perdido (Lost Paradise), a farm used by IBAMA for recovery of wild animals.  

"Canyons, many canyons."  

Roças (Countries) - Other good adventure can be lived with a walk by the "countries", small farms of the area. The homelike people will be able to indicate beautiful places to be visited. And, for that, you'll have to look for, because there aren't any signs or oficial indications. 

Waterfalls - in search of beauty and adventure, you can travel the waterfalls of the municipal district. With certainty you should reserve some days for it, there are dozens of falls of several sizes and shapes, some close to downtown and others of difficult access. 

"This is the dam of Furnas."  

Escarpas do Lago (Scarps of the Lake) - One of the most luxurious condominiums of Minas, Balneário Escarpas do Lago has Clubs, one of the largest marina of the state, bar, restaurant, bakery and grocery store, boat store and completes infrastructure , that  already has some hundreds of luxurious houses. 

"The motorbaot can be anchored under the waterfall! "   

Ranchos (Ranches) - For who seeks peacefulness, simplicity and leisure, a great option are the "ranches", simple houses to the edge of the Dam. There are countless options, with small gatherings or isolated, in the most beautiful places of the municipal district. There are several of them available for rent. 

Morro do Chapéu (Hill of the Hat) - the highest of the municipal district, it has the best view of the area. 

"Bye, guys! "  


Main Distances  

Belo Horizonte 243Km
Passos 75Km
Ribeirão Preto 225Km
São Paulo 475Km
Brasília 800Km
Divinópolis 160Km



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1. Don't miss visiting the waterfalls of the canyon. It is an unique view.  

2. Rent a motorboat to visit the places. It is the best thing to do in the area. 

3. The city night is slow. The best parties happen in Condomínio Escarpas do Lago. 

4. Also visit Trail of the Sun and Lost Paradise. They are extraordinary walks. 

5. The Hydroelectric power station of Furnasis a good option too. 

6. From the top of the Hill of the Hat you have the best view of the area. 

7"Hi, I am Aline, I am from São Paulo, but part of my family is from Capitólio. The night of the city is not slow, if you consider the population of the city....  But the best are the parties celebrated almost monthly in the city. Party of São Sebastião (patron of the city), Carnival (that this year it was already registered around 10 thousand tourists, and that just until Sunday), Bola e Viola (games and party at the beach of the city... yes, at the beach), Gincana of the & (party that celbrates September 7), among so many another that they do there.   What about visiting the city in the next carnival? Hugs. " tip from Aline 

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