"The only way to get here is by boat, canoe or swiming."  

Caraíva is a beautiful place. It is a village located inside of a Pataxó indigenous reservation between the river and the sea. Some people think it is an island, but they make a mistake, because it is a peninsula.  

"A nice boat trip can be made in that river."  

The place is in such a great peace that makes you want to scream. It is an excellent place for who wants to have a break in the work pressure, stress and other paranoias of the big ciiesty. 


"The houses here are very colorful... "   

Cars can't reach the village, so the streets are exclusive for the pedestrians to walk. 

"The streets are made of sand... "  

The light is generated by diesel generators, but good part of the city doesn't have that luxury and people have to use candles. It is good to walk down the darkest streets by night and to see the people talking and drinking a beer to the light of candles.  

"That is Praia do Caraíva (Caraíva Beach)."  

The boat trip on the river is worthwhile. In front of the village there are some reefs that are worth a dive towards Trancoso, besides several beaches without crowd... a whole beach only for yourself! 


"Several alleys lead to the beach."  

Ponta do Corumbal is a place that must be visited. It is an isolated fishermen town, that presents natural swimming pools and reefs good for diving at. The tough ones go on foot, but it is really far. Most of the people go by motorboat or riding on horses. 

 "I navigated in catamaran canoes."  

There is also a village of the Pataxó indians between Caraíva and Ponta do Corumbal, close to "Parque Nascional de Monte Pascoal" (Paschal Hill National Park). 

By night, people dance "forró" all night long. Don't even think about going to bed early. 

"Peace... "  


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1. There is no cell phone signal. The telephones to use there are the cell phones of the residents, connected to antennas on the roof of the houses.  

2. Avoid driving on the highway in raining times. The dirt road is horrible and it has several lakes along the way and slopes of mud that even 4x4 vehicles heva difficulty to pass. 

3. Go for a boat trip at night by the river on the full moon. In the end of that river you land in a farm, catch some horses and return riding on them by the beach. It is quite a view! 

4. The nightlife is at Pacha and at Pelé's Bar. With forró all night long. 

5. Try the "chiboquinha", that is the mixture of cachaça with ginger.  

6. Visit "Praia do Espelho" (Mirror Beach). 

7. Going by airplane, the landing is in Porto Seguro.  

8. Bring a flashlight and diving equipment. 

9. "Those who don't know how to dance forró, shouldn't worry because the inhabitants are patient teachers.. if you are short of money and but want to visit the other side of the river, go by raft, then return on foot (taking care with the tide) until Mirror Beach, it is wonderful, and it lasts more or less 1 and a half hour. " tip from Joyce 

10. "Here it goes a tip for who is going to camp: Abdálho's camping - the place has a very good energy. The camping counts with a small kitchen for you to do your food, the bathrooms are always clean and it is very close to the beach. The owner is a nice guy." tip from Gustavo Aganetti 

11. Don't miss going up the river to watch the sunset. It is awesome!! Hire a riverine one to take you by canoe, among the mangroves. If you prefer, I think it can be done on foot also, try to get information on the trail". tip from Marcelo Borges Goiânia-GO 

12. "In Caraíva, it is worthwhile to find out on a restaurant specialized in strogonoff that serves this dish prepared with rayfish. In addition it is the only place where BR doesn't means a highway. We followed a sign and we arrived at a place called "Beira do Rio" (Edge of the River). If I remember anything else, I'll write again." tip from Ivan Polonio - SP  

13. "Some tips for who is going to Caraíva: 1) it is very nice to enter in the mangroves with the local Indians, to watch them catch Crabs and to talk to the Vultures. 2) "Forró do Ouriço" is awesome!!! 3) Passing the passage where the river meets the sea, you can reach Mirror's Beach. The nature was very charitable to this beach. It is WONDERFUL!!! Hugs to all." tip from Paulo Simas 

14. "Caraiva is a paradise on the earth. If you are a person without prejudices, who likes some "trips", this is a great place for you. The city only have 2 civil policemen and can be considered a "legalize" place ! But care for not numbing too much, ok!? "tip from Daniel Glik - BH  

15. I'd like to remind you that the sunrise at the beach is another great show... many people go... and the "moonrise"... few people come to see that show, but it is reeeeaaaally worthwhile, mainly in full moon nights... " tip from Geraldine  

16. "The best way to go by car to Caraíva is to go to Trancoso, where all the streets are asphalted. There you leave the car and go by bus to Caraíva, because, as it is written at the site, it just needs a rain to ruin the dirt road.  The nightlife begins around 2:00 in the morning at the "forrós", before people go to "Bar Lago" (Lagoon Bar), that is in total peace. There you can listen to some great music (in most Rock and Reggae)with a nice view, at the back of the bar, that is open to the forest, there is  a bonfire with several tables surrouding it, illuminated just by candles. There you are with your feet on the sand, looking to the starry sky . "tip from Márcio - São Paulo  

17. "Forró is the main attraction. You'll surely learn it there. The nightlife begins late (2:00) but you begin to dance and when you notice, it's already dawn, and the forró doesn't stop. 90% of the population (in season) is of young. Guaranteed amusement. The native ones are the most receptive people of the world! Kisses". tip from Rizza BH  

18. "Caraíva is the paradise! My tip is Laila's Camping Caraíva. Another clue is to go to the "river beach" and to let the current carry you to the sea beach". tip from Camilla Rio de Janeiro  

19. It's awesome!!!! It's impossible to describe this place... total freedom, nobody judges  anything as strange, everybody calm. The meals are really tasteful and cheap! Cool lodgings. My tip: go in the full moon, as electric power doesn't exist, you can go for a walk under the stars, watch you shadow on the white sand. I will return in April". tip from Bete Marinho  

20. Stay in campings or houses near Beira Rio. Don't STAY IN THE HOUSES CLOSE TO THE SOCCER FIELD AND THE POLICE STATION, A CERTAIN "GANG" EXISTS. we were robbed there and the policemen put the fault on us. It is worthwhile a lot to go, anice mood, all speak to each other without prejudice or vanity, just be careful when  arriving and try to know if there will be show with the band Triângulo Caraiva (great forró). "tip from Victor, Vitória/ES  

21. Try to rent a house nest to Caraíva river's mouth (besides Pousada da barra) staying  "away" from the city (50m), on the edge of the beach and on backsides to the river. And don't forget to seek for Lua, the best forró dancer of Caraíva, she will have a biggest pleasure to teach you.  " tip from Tiago,RJ  

22. "Hi people! I have just seen your site and to say the truth: I loved it! I am French and I lived three years in that paradise, that I consider now as my second home, parents of my heart! I worked in Fazendinha, that made a great breakfast, farm Cadinho, with its rides on horses, in the library, telling stories for the children who were not educated, in Bar da Lagoa... I met everyone there and I loved to write the stories, gossips of the village's life in the summer and in the winter. Now I'm back to France, but always with a foot in Brazil, so I work as translator - interpreter, and I make more translations from Portuguese to my idiom, I feel better! So, man, if you want to translate your site to French (to impress the French with those beautiful places) remember me, ok? Congratulations for your work and bon voyage! A hug". tip from Virgini - France  

23. " Being in Caraíva don't miss going at night to Bar Lagoa, that has lodging and restaurant also, the music is very good with prominence for the rock'n roll and the bonfire. The employees are great. It is "The Best Bar of the World". " tip from Pijama - São Paulo-SP 

24. "Caraiva is a piece of heaven. Out of season, you find a lot of peace, fish stews and forró by night. A very cool option is to go from boat to Ponta do Caí, going by Corumbau. The natives rent boats at the pier and it's more or less four hours to open sea, so take fruits and water to spend the whole day there. In ICaí there is a great view from the cliffs and below a cool bar, besides the swamp and ponds. In the return it is worthwhile to catch a fresh robalo in Corumbau and to roast it at night on the beach in Caraiva.  " tip from Ligia - Vitoria ES.  

25. "When arriving in Caraíva, go to Bill's lodging and camping. Pousada Tucano (Toucan lodging) is at the square, in front of the phone booth. Besides, don't miss going down the river current to the sea... " tip from Netto - Alfenas  

26. "I read that clue above and it is really true; don't rent the houses next to the soccer field (close to the police station)!!! The people there are really sweet, but they are all "friends" of the policemen! " tip from Lívia Martins  

27. "Caraíva is the most beautiful city in the world! The mood of the place is wonderful, the people that lives there and the people who is visiting are great! Triângulo Caraíva's boys are playing in SP and they are awesome! I miss Pelé's and Ouriço forró , "oh, oh, that pain in the heart"... If you're going, don't miss to eat  the super vegetarian food of Duca, to watch the capoeira arenas, to walk whenever possible even to the 2nd lagoon and to eat ray somosa in Barra (meeting point of the river with the sea, where people tan and watch the moon rising)...!  tip from Camila - São Paulo  

28. "In Caraíva, 3 trips must to be done: 1) A visit to the territory and village of the Pataxó Indians, they are to the right (facing the sea) when coming to Caraiva beach. There you are very well received by the Indians and if you become friend, you can even drink some  coconut water for free. Besides you can also buy the necklaces that they make  2) Mirror's and Coruípe Beaches, no comments. One of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil 3) Corumbau. The problem is that things there are a bit expensive, so eat when you get back to Caraíva. There you find Bar do Pará that is on the margin of the river and they serve a delicious fish stew. See ya! " tip from Fábio Bernardi - São Paulo  

29. "it would be difficult to speak about Caraíva because there isn't a word to simplify all its beauty and energy... everything is wonderful. Caraíva is so good, the day, the night, the people... as they already said; the Lagoon Bar, Pizza Mú, Ouriço's Forró , Pelé's Forró , Mirror's Beach ... EVERYTHING... In fact, a cool tip, is to get to know "Pousada Recanto do Marujo" (Lodging Sailor's Retreat) that besides being a nice lodging,  it is also close to the everything; and the owner and her daughter are really sweet (Dona Vanda and Ciara). If you haven't got to know Caraíva, don't waste any more time!!! tip from Larissa and Ana Maria - BH 

30. "hi there, Last summer was my fourth opportunity to go to Caraíva. I Read the opinions above and I felt in the obligation of giving some tips for those who are going for the first time. The fishermen village is magical and of blinding nature, it has the best forró of Bahia, great bars on the border, charming restaurants and of great food, nice trips, but you all gotta take care to the news: The robberies are happening all the time. Be careful with the cheap houses for rent that are offered right at the arriving port. An ambush can be made to rob you, and you can say bye bye to your vacations. Don't go before making reservations in lodging with good references and always ask before about the safety of each one of them. The local police don't give a shit and it seems to protect the native personnel. Taken cares, enjoy, relax and have fun..... it is pure magic Kisse, "tip from Renata Villas Boas Kueppert Rio de Janeiro  

31. "for who is going to Caraíva by Itamarajú or by BR101highway, the best way is to proceed until the gas station Santa Bárbara and to enter, then, it's 42 km of dirt road.. in the arrival there are parking lots. Take care, when you leave the car there, it costs R$5,00 PER DAY, the raft is R$3,00 round trip per person... but the luggage is payed extra, and you only get to know it when you get to the other side... another problem is when you arrive on the other side... the coachmen.. they don't have a specific price., each day they collect a different amount.. it is expensive but the city is great.. the trip by the river is  cool. Abdálho's camping is great, a kitchen structure with gas and stove, he is a really nice man, the clean bathrooms and its also has electrical power....... until.... " tip from Neide from São Paulo  

32. "hi dog!!! I Lived in Caraíva for some months and you forgot some important details. First - The official "forrós" are: Ouriço's (that exists for more than 15 years, and   I knew about a lot of famous forró bands that learned to dance there) and Pelé's. They altenate, one day it is in Hedgehog's, another is in Pelé's. The two are very cool, in spite of they have different styles. In Pacha there is also a nice forró, sometimes by night, but it usually happens at the end of the afternoon.  There is also the Beach Bar, with some nightlife.  Second - before the official nightlife (forró)  stop by the Lagoon, a cool bar  that plays several musical types of very good taste, they have some tables with backgammon boards.  Even some championships happen, out of the season.  Third - Someone said that Mirror's beach is 1 and a half hour distant, what is not recommended, because the sun on the head can cause heatstroke.  Besides, the itinerary is 1 and a half hour long when the tide is low, that you get to walk on the hard and cold sand. When the tide  arises you'll have to walk on the soft and hot sand (skinning) for 1 and a half hour. And  later, the boatmen do not cross the river during the night, and you will have to swim across the river in the darkness.  Therefore, don't do this alone or with a group of unprepared people, ask for somebody who knows the area. Thats it, dog. A kiss on the snout. " tip from Dani 

33. " Due to the access to Caraiva is done by dirt roads, the products there are expensive. Bring some extra money. Plus, walking along the beach to the south, you can rent hollow of wattle and daub with the ìndian Kidura or look for Tauí, her older son, but try to negociate the price, because they are not stupid. "tip from Fábio Lewis DF

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