"This is Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall)."  


The first guys to arrive here were the pioneers, around 1720. They went there in search of gold and, in 1721, a village arose. 

"What a clear water!! "  

In the excavations at the mountains near the village, it was found 2 stones with face formats, in other words, according to some  guys, they were 2 scowls (carrancas), then the name of the place. 

"Oh, yeah! "  

The postcard of the city is Smoke Waterfall. It is six kilometers from the city and it is of easy access. There you find some people doing rappel below the waterfall. It is not advisable to bathe in this waterfall, because it is said that it contains some sewer of the city. Even so, there is always somebody taking a bath there .

"There is a perfect slide at Zilda's."  

Poço do Coração (Heart's Well) - it is 3 km from the city. There is a well with a heart format, where one can cross to and fro through an opening submerged on the rock. There are slides, natural swimming pools and two waterfalls 

"Take a look at that tree over there, right on top of the waterfalll!!! "  

Cachoeira da Zilda (Zilda's Waterfall) - it's name is due to a girl called Zilda who lived there. According to the legend she loved to bathe naked in that waterfall... it is one of the main waterfalls of the area.

"There are several grottos also!! "  

Gruta da Zilda (Zilda's Grotto) - it has 50 m of extension and it is of easy crossing. The interior is very wide and it has an underground stream. For who has fear of darkness, no big deal, there are just some bats inside there. 

"To have an idea of the height of this waterfall, compare with the girl standing next to it, to the right side."  

Escorregador da Zilda (Zilda's Slide) - a perfect slide that even seams artificial... it is about ten meters tall and on holidays it gets so crowded that the proprietor collects entrance for who wants to enter.  

"There is a cool view from here."  

Racha da Zilda (Zilda's Crack) - that place is really cool. It is a canyon of difficult access. To arrive there, ask the local residents for help. It is worthwhile the visit. 

"I'm so sleepy.. "  

There are many other attractions in Carrancas. They are summarised in the list below together with their respective distances: 

Cachoeira do Grão Mogol (Grão Mogol's Waterfall) - 10 km 

Cachoeira do Luciano (Luciano's Waterfall)  - 8 km 

Poço da Ponte (Bridge's Well) - 2 km 

Cachoeira do Moinho (Waterfall of the Mill) - 2 km 

Poço da Toca, Poço do Coração, Escorregador e Gruta (Burrow's and Heart's wells, Slide and Grotto - 3 km 

Cachoeira do Tira-Prosa, Canyon da Canoa, Poço da Canoa (Waterfall of Tira-prosa, Canyon of the Canoe, Canoe's Well) - 1 km 

Cachoeira e Escorregador da Zilda (Zilda's Waterfall and Slide) - 12 Km 

Racha/Gruta da Zilda (Zilda's crack and grotto) - 15 km 

"The waterfalls are good for rappel."  

Cachoeira da Vargem Grande - 7 km 

Poço da Esmeralda (Emerald well) - 8 km 

Igreja (Church) Nossa Senhora da Conceição  

Capela (Chapel) de Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Porto do Saco - 32 km 

Estação de Carrancas (Carrancas Train Station) - 14 km  

There are other hidden waterfalls in the area that only the residents and local guides know. 

"Where do i go now?? "  


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1. There is no cell phone signal and few phone booths exist. The communication with the world is very precarious.  

2. In extended weekends the place gets crowded. Try to go out of season, it is much better. 

3. In the holidays, a lot of people camp too close to the waterfalls. Result: Disordered camping + garbage = Disorder. It makes me want to cry. 

4. São Thomé das Letras is close and it is worth the visit.   

5. Going by car is a good option, because the attractions are far from the other ones. 

6. A bike would already help a lot there.  

7. The fans will love the trails of the area. 

8. The city has no nightlife, even in the holidays.  

9. "The most beautiful place of CArrancas is the Emerald's well, the water is greenish!! it is worthwhile to take a breakfast at Café da Roça, that is on the road for Smoke's Waterfall, it costs R$5 and you will eat so much that won't need to eat the rest of the day.  " tip from Fernanda, Atibaia SP  

10 "Hey Haxi, you guys helped me so much, I always take a look here before going for a trip. Then in this last Corpus Crist holiday I went to Carrancas, and I loved the place. My tip is to enjoy the waterfalls during the daytime, taking some beers at the bar whenever it's possible.............. Don't bring any food to the place, because it's very cheap to eat there. And at the Zilda's Waterfall, diving from from  the high is awesome........ See you in Carrancas, guys. "  tip from Badal  

11. "Tip no. 8 is out of date!!! Get to Know Taberna Compostela and enjoy some good music, to the light of candles, but still being casual, and the great snacks! In the holidays, mainly, some groups of people sit around of the long wood table. It is worthwhile to check." tip from Adriane Magalhães Leite   

12."The Grão Mogol's Waterfall is very beautiful, the water is clear and you can even see the erosion on the bottom of the stones, but it is better to go with a guide. Timbinha is a nice one. He is a lot patient, mainly with the fearsome" ones." tip from Daniela  

13. "Don't miss having breakfast in "Café na Roça". On the road for smoke's waterfall, this farm is 2 km from the city. You spend a few money and get to it until you explode. cheese bread, legitimate Minas cheese, milk recently taken from the cow, besides several tidbits... everything fresh and done by lady Soraia, a lovely person!!! " tip from Jefferson Renó - SJK  

14. "Hi. If you don't want to stay at a lodging, here is a good tip: Mr. Osvaldo's camping, that is in the beginning of Carrancas, before the bridge. There is, besides the low price, bathrooms and changing rooms and a restaurant where it is serveed breakfast and lunch. The look is beautiful, because there is a stream that crosses camping, and you sleep to the sound of running waters. Otherwise, just set up your tent far from it. If you want more tips, ask me through my e-mail: Bye!!!! "tip from Evandro, Juiz de Fora MG  

15. "If you want to go to Carrancas, but is a little doubtful, let me give you a tip. In 2001, I was in doubt, about going to Carrancas or to Santos. Well, I chose Carrancas and now I'm going there for the seventh time.  I've never seen such a great pllace.  Each trail has a new surprise.  It is really worthwhile to get to know Carrancas." tip from Luciana Lopes / Monte Alto SP 

16. " People, if you intend to go to Carrancas, don't waste any more time, go soon! This place is very good and I already went 4 times and I know a family there (Mr Adépio's family) that I consider my family. I already crossed the Zilda's grotto, and right in the middle of the course the roof is at waist height, in other words, you have to crawl for about five meters, it is a lot of fun! Oh, the bread from there is delicious! " tip from Júnior Lemos Rocha - Rio de Janeiro 

17. "I went to Frowns in the low season and during the week. It was good, because the city was empty (I think me and my girlfriend were the only tourists there). But it was difficult to find a place to eat lunch and dinner, since everything was closed. Even the bars at the waterfalls were not open. What saved us was Renata's restaurant , that is in Elson Teixeira street , almost in front of the Mail. Renata is such a nice person, the home-made food is VERY good. It is worthwhile to to get to know her." tip from Bruno 

18. "I go to Carrancas since I was 12 years old, in other words, I've been visiting it for 13 years. I think there isn't, in Brazil, a place with waterfalls like those.  The tip is to stay at pousada das Tocas (Burrows Lodging), that has chalets and a very nice camping.  The food is fantastic. When you go there they don't to ask for the fish lasagna - just fantastic. Visit Carrancas and fall in love. "tip from Felipe Carrara 

19. "All of the waterfalls of Carrancas are located in private properties. Some of them, as the one of Grão Mogol and the one of the Swallows is interdicted to the visitors. So, it is advisable to visit the waterfalls with guides... there are 3 guiding agencies at the square of the city, it's cheap and they know the whole area". tip from Bruno Privatti

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