"This is it finish light of Brazil."

The Brazilian city of Chuí, the about 14 kilometers of the beach, is a district of Santa Vitória of Palmar.  It is the terrestrial tourist access busier of the country. Just an avenue separates Chuí of the Uruguayan city Chuy.
The Arroio Chuí is the place that separates Brazil of Uruguay, on each side they exist wet and on the Brazilian side  has the Farol Chuí, the last sentry.. That area was war stage among Portuguese and Spanish during the century XVIII and part of the century XIX. Today it is the terrestrial tourist access busier of the country.

"The beaches are immense."

Located in the south end of Brazil, Chuí is known and exalted for the whole Brazilian people for being with Oiapóque, extreme points of our Country. It is a municipal district recently formed through a process emancipacionista accomplished in the year of 1995 and it began first administrative administration on January 01, 1997.

"On one side Brazil,  the other Uruguay."

Just an imaginary line divides theoretical and legally the two people, where they get confused the uses, habits and languages. It is one of the main entrance doors for the great urban centers of Mercosul.
Fortes and Fotalezas, (Strong of San Miguel and Fortaleza of Santa Tereza).
Beautiful beaches, (Barra of Chuí, Fortaleza of Santa Tereza, Punta del Diablo).

"This is it finish piece of sand of Brazil."

The Arroio Chuí - a mark of the limit of the Brazilian citizenship - it separates Brazil of Uruguay. On each side they exist wet and on our side  has a beautiful light - the last sentry Brazilian, of 30 meters of height, built in 1910.


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1.The night life happens in Barra of Chui beside Uruguay.

2.Try the Uruguayan barbecue that is very good. Try Vacio, Roast of Ribbons and Parrillada.

3.There are a stonemason in the city that is the border between Brazil and Uruguay. Beside Uruguay there are electronics with quite inviting prices.

4.If you are taking camcorder, notebook, or some expensive equipment, it is good to give exit in the it Polices Federal of the Brazilian duana.

5.Drink beer Patricia and  eat a pacho (hot dog) and feel an Uruguayan.

6.If you want to pass  to the Uruguayan side, you will need identity card. Driver's license doesn't accepted

7.Go in the high of the light and see of top finish  piece of Brazil.

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