"What a nice view! "  

"Túnel do Barreirinho" (Tunnel of Barreirinho) - actually it is not a tunnel. It is in the neighborhood of Barreirinho and it is a construction of the 20's. This Tunnel is different, it channels the waters of a waterfall 

To arrive there, leave Delfim Moreira's downtown by MG 350 highway (11km asphalt) until the Neighborhood of Água Limpa; turn to the right and take the highway towards Santa Clara's Monastery, until the Neighborhood of Barreirinho (4km dirt); it's 1000m more until the tunnel by a dirt road along the old railroad. 

" This place is beautiful."  

"Parque da Cachoeira do Itagybá" (Itagybá Waterfall's Park) - it is 1km from Delfim Moreira's downtown, it has two great falls, formed by the waters of "Ribeirão do Taboâo" (Taboão's Stream). It is recommended to take pictures of the waterfall from the high of "Parque Cruz das Almas" (Souls' Cross Park), from where the view is spectacular. Access by "Estrada do Peixe" (Fish road).  

"Deserted waterfalls are still common here."  

"Parque Cruz das Almas" (Souls' Cross Park) - this park is 1Km from Delfim Moreira's downtown, at of 1.300m of altitude, and it is formed by an Atlantic forest cut out by streams; a trail takes to the grotto of "Nossa Senhora de Lourdes" and to the cross on the High of the Mountain, from where it's possible to see the city and Itagybá's Waterfall. 

To arrive there, go by Marechal Deodoro or Benedito Valadares streets, with entrance in Prof. Gustavo Moreira street. 

"I'm going to drink some water."  

"Cruzeiro do Salto Mirante da Pedra Malhada" - it is in the Neighborhood of Salto, on "Morro do Caracol" (Snail's Hill), 1.627m of altitude on "Serra da Estância". It provides a wide view of the area, of valleys and mountains, typically rural landscape. "Pedra Malhada"  serves as area for the practice of Trekking, Tyrolese and radical sports like mountaineering. 

Leaving Delfim Moreira's downtown by MG 350 highway until the neighborhood of Água Limpa, turn to the right and follow the highway of the sub-district Barra until the neighborhood of Salto. It's 2 more kilometers by trail to the Cross. 


"That's it, dude! "  

"Mirante Cruzeiro do São Bernardo" (Observatory of São Bernardo's Cross) - It is in São Bernardo's Neighborhood, at an altitude of 1.800m., with a privileged view of this area of  Mantiqueira Mountains. The access is made by a highway leaving the Neighborhood or by the trail that starts in Santa Cruz's Neighborhood, crossing Atlantic forests. Starting from Delfim Moreira's downtown, at Pres. Tancredo Neves street and João Pinheiro av., in the Neighborhood of Caquende, turn to the right and take the highway until São Bernardo's Neighborhood. It's 2 more kilometers by dirt road to reach the Cross. 


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1. Delfim Moreira is very cold in the winter. Really cold. With frosts that leave the mountains all white.  

2. The city has no good nightlife. There are some restaurants, all very simple. But, if you really want something to do, go to Itajubá, a nearby city, full of students of the local college. 

3. The sky of Delfim Moreira is one of the best of the country. Besides, it has an important observatory over there. Will it happen an eclipse? Delfim Moreira is an excellent option to watch it. 

4. There are farms on the area with nice waterfalls. Signs on the road can lead you to them. Just follow the signs. 

5. If you like to fish, you can find some places there to practice it, with good infrastructure and excellent restaurants. 

6. "Nice one, Haxi. You only miss telling more about "Pico dos Marins" (Marins Peak), which is very close to Delfim. It's easy to get to there, just ask a local resident and he will give you the correct information. The view from the peak is awesome. Spend at least 2 days, one to arise, enjoying the view, spending the night on the top of the peak (great!) and another one to go down. If tyou want more tips on the south of Minas, I can give some: Bye..........! p.s.: Haxi, your website is great!. " tip from Marco Sérgio Miranda

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