"Nothing is better than surfing with friends at the paradise... "  

There is no sure about the date of the discovery of the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. The historians consider 1503 as the year of its discovery and ownership by the crown of Portugal by Gonçalo Coelho, commander of the 2nd Exploiting Expedition of the coast of Brazil. One of the navigators of the expedition, Américo Vespúcio was who really docked at the beautiful archipelago, which islands were known by the names of "Ilha de São João" (Saint John's Island) and "Ilha da Quaresma" (Island of the Lent).  

Right after itsr discovery, the archipelago became a point on navigation routes for the "new world."  

"... and also get great waves."  

In 1514, the islands were donated the Brazil wood buyer, tenant Fernando de Loronha, becoming the 1st hereditary captaincy to be created in Brazil - captaincy of São João. However, with his disregard, the Portuguese crown took it back, but, also without much interest, it allowed that French and Dutchmen fought for its ownership. The archipelago only returned, definitively, for the hands of Portugal in 1737, becoming penal colony in this period.  

In 1942 it became Federal Territory, with military character, due to its geographical position. It was, also, political prison and North American base in the World War II.  

In 1988, it was annexed to the State of Pernambuco, as National Sea Park and, as such, it has been preserved by IBAMA  

"This is where the nightlife takes place: "Bar do Cachorro" (Dog's Bar)."  

"PRAIA DO BOLDRÓ" (BOLDRÓ'S BEACH) - In the past, it was used by the Americans, for the proximity of the installation of the Observation Post. Excellent beach for bathing and, on high tide, appropriate for surfing. At the high part, there are the ruins of "Forte São Pedro do Boldró" (Fort of Saint Peter of Boldró) 

"'Baía dos Porcos' (Bay of the Pigs) has an aching beauty."  

"PRAIA DO CACHORRO" (BEACH OF THE DOG) - In the past, a fountains with dog's face attracted the attentions at that beach, located right below "Forte dos Remédios" (Fort of the Medicines). Close to it are the Ruins of Santa Ana's Park. The whole area was restored in 1990, being today the "Tourist Terminal", with bars and craft. 

"Mar-de-Dentro" - It bathes the north face of the island and it is protected from the Southeast winds. 

"This is Boldró." 

"Praia da Conceição" (Conceição's Beach) - it had a fortress, today in ruins "Forte da Conceição" (Conceição's Fort). In 1925, the Italians from Italcable settled there, explaining its denomination. A stone - the "spinning top" -  proves, by its balance, the absence of earth tremors at the island 

"BAÍA DE STO. ANTÔNIO" (ST. ANTONIO BAY) - a natural harbor, used as load  and discharge point by embarkations. On the proximities, there are the ruins of Santo Antonio's Fort. The Bay offers a beautiful view of the secondary islands, that compose the archipelago. 

"Praia do Americano" (Beach of the American) - Small and deserted, it is sought for privacy. Its next to the Observation Post, then the "American" name 

"The visibility in the water reaches 40 meters."  

"CACIMBA DO PADRE" - former "Praia da Quixaba" (Quixaba's Beach), it had the denomination changed by the discovery by a priest, in their proximities, of a source of drinking water. The elder say that "who drinks from its drinking water never forgets Fernando de Noronha, returning one day". At the high part there are the ruins of "Forte São João Baptista dos Dois Irmãos" 

"This beach is nice" 

"Baía do Sancho" (Sancho's Bay) - Isolated, of great extension, it is one of the best beaches for bathing. The access is made by sea or through steps imbeded on a rift of its cliff. From the top of the cliff the view is beautiful. 

"The dolphins jump in front of the boats."  

"Praia de Atalaia" (Beach of the Watchtower) - it reminds the volcanic origin of the island, due to its polished and black stones. A reef forms of swimming pools, on the high tide. In front of it, "Morro do Frade" (Friar's Hill), crag that would be the "Watchtower" or "Sentry." 

"Can you believe this view actually exist?" 

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1. There is a time zone difference. It is one more hour than Brasília.    

2. If you're going by airplane, sit on left row at the window. The view is better. 

3. The things are expensive, but they are worth each spent cash.  

4. Get ready to walk a lot. The lazy ones can go by jeep. Each trip costs about 10 bucks. 

5. There are several options for the nightlife. The Dog's Bar (Bar do Cachorro), the Dog's Bar and the Dog's Bar. The variety is impressive. Oh, there are some lectures of IBAMA earlier that are worth the visit. 

6. Don't expect any luxury at the lodgings. They are simple, but good. 

7. Don't waste fresh water.  

8. You MUST dive with scuba.  Don't even think about not doing it. 

9. If it's possible, go in a full moon time. The view at night great. 

10. It is better to take water to the walks. The best beaches don't have any infrastructure. 

11. Who intends to surf at "Cacimba do Padre", must know that the waves are better when the tide is low.  

12. "in 2 years I went 5 times to Noronha. I agree with you in everything you said.... mainly that there is the paradise. In your list of lodgings, it lacked 2, which are the best of the island, due to the view: "Pousada da Colina" (Lodging of the Hill) and "Pousada da Magia" (Lodging of the Magic) (they are at "Vila do Trinta", on top of the hill, and it has as view of the window of the room: the port, the fort, and mainly the sea of Noronha). There is a bad thing about Noronha: they want to build a 5 stars Hotel in Conceição or in Boldró... can you imagine how those plutocratic ones, without ecological spirit, would destroy the island? " tip from Silvia Mazzarolo  

13. "I loved Noronha, with a restriction. The dolphins go to a protected bay, there at the island. They arrive there in the end of dawn. During the afternoon, they go back to the high sea. The problem is the following: that cool trip that we do by boat, always in the afternoon, when the dolphins are accompanying us, is not good for them. For them, we are invaders and they are flanking the boat to maintain it away from their families. They are even very gentle, because they accept our presence in the water - what is not careful: two tourists who were in the same boat I was, almost drowned, because the current at the place is very strong and they were exhausted of trying to swim back. Their luck was that there was a boat from IBAMA nearby, that rescued them. Nobody in our boat noticed what was happening.)"  tip from Fernanda Fernandes  

14. "At rain time (winter) there is a waterfall of fresh water by a trail at the end of Sancho's, through where you pass in the middle of a mini-river with water at the waist. Stay tune, because it's a rare show." tip from Joca Gaffree RJ  

15. "Visitor have to pay a tax of environmental preservation... As soon as you enter the Island, you have to pay R$ 14,42, and it gets worse as the time of permanence in the island increases... The site is great! See ya! " tip from Alter Júnior  

16. "It is always good to remind that the visitors should imagine Noronha as their houses, in other words, never to through garbage on the ground. It is an agression against nature and the beauty of the place. Some places, as the diving operators, already accept payment with credit card." tip from Maximiliano Marques  

17. "For who loves the sea and the winds, every year happens the regatta "Recife-Fernando de Noronha" that is awesome, usually at the end of September, beginning of October. It is worthwhile to see the island getting nearer from the boat. In 2000, a Whale came to say goodbye to the sailors... a show." tip from Batatinha - Recife  

18. "Noronha is the best place of the world!!! I went there last year with a friend and I just LOVED that place. The people are the nicest and the time seems to stop, we forget that we live at the stressful São Paulo. One can dive and practice other aquatic sports, always taking advantage of the crystalline waters; one can also dance "forró" at the Dog's Bar, that is as pleasant point; or then to just stay resting... just enjoying the peace. Finally, Noronha is “The Paradise”!!!! " tip from Juliana of S Paulo    

19. "When you come to the island get ready be in need. I stayed seven days, two of them were without lunch, because at two o'clock, the restaurants close. In the evening, it's even worse. You'd better have some "emergency" cookies. The lodgings are really simple, I paid too much and there wasn't even milk in breakfast, besides, the bread was old. The night at Dog's Bar sucks, there is nobody there. The best thing to do is to walk a lot during the day and to fall in bed the night. I went in June, I think this was the reason. I don't feel like going back. " tip from Cedoc  

20. "What to say?.... well... I stayed for seven days, in January,... great time... there was a lot of people and surfers.. uuuuu!!! I loved the Dog's Bar... I danced "forró" with the native ones.... mainly with Pablo and Nino...  Besides the beautiful beaches, I loved to dive... and nobody can visiting the Watchtower's and doing the boat trip... to see the dolphins. The lodgings are very simple.  " tip from Paulinha/SP  

21. "I stayed in the paradise for five days and I just loved it. Not only me, but my girlfriend, my sister and my brother-in-law also. All of us loved the island!  I thank the site for the space dedicated  for the tips of the ones who have already been there and I would like to give my contribution! The food is something expensive in the island, but we found some bars and restaurants where the food is good, and not that much expensive. For lunch, go to "Praça Flamboyant" (Flamboyant Square) at "Vila dos Remédios" (Medicines' Village), close the entrance of "Vila do Trinta" (3o's Village), the restaurant I recommend is "Self Service do Gaucho", which has home-made food buffet for R$ 17,00/kg, or R$ 1,70/100g.  The food is delicious and the service is very nice! tip from Henrique Piereck

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