"This is Joaca ("Praia da Joaquina" - Joaquina's Beach )...

Floripa is great. An island with dozens of beautiful beaches, an enormous lagoon in the middle, a lot of waves, a lot of leisure options and heavy nightlife. 

Here are just some of the many attractions of the place: 

JOAQUINA - better known as "Joaca", by the local people. Surf world championships take place there. There is a perfect right that breaks behind the stone when the sea is rough. The beach has this name in honor to a woman who lived at the place, in the beginning of the 18th century, and was swallowed by the waves of this beach.  

"The Brazilian Golden Gate."  

Joaquina is the beach that offers the best infrastructure for the tourist, so that in the hot days of the summer there is some crowd, due to the 30 trip buses arriving everyday. There you find: payed parking lots, tourist terminal, WCs, lifeguard, police station, craft stores, bars, restaurants and hotels. After the beach, go to the dunes to practice "sandboard". The boards can be rented there. 

".... playing on the sand... "  

"PRAIA MOLE" (SOFT BEACH) - it is possible to summarize this beach with only 3 words: the women point. It is where people meet during the day. There is a lot of woman;  and also waves, but you see no families there, because the sea is dangerous for the children; people landing with paragliders; and some bars. There is a lot of people surfing there, mainly because of who they're going to meet at the beach. It is 15 km from downtown and close to Joaca. 

"Conceição's Lagoon... "  

CAMPECHE - the name of this beach comes from the junction of the French words camp (field) and pêche (fishing). It is one of the bests to surf, therefore it has a perfect right that the local people like to compare with the South African Jefrey's Bay... exaggerations... it is an excellent wave and a great option for who wants to avoid the crowd. It is approximately 20 km from downtown.  

"People here really enjoy the sand-board. "  

CANASVIEIRAS - that is the Argentineans' beach. In the summer it gets really crowded, because it is the most visited of the island. If you like Argentineans, then this is where you have to go. The suggestion is to get to know the nightlife of the place, because there are nightclubs, bars and restaurants. 

"There is a suspension bridge here."  

MOZAMBIQUE - 13 km of sand and waves without crowd. It is part of "Parque Florestal do Rio Vermelho" (Red River Forest Park), an area of approximately 400 thousand squared meters. It is a good option for who wants peace. There isn't any buildings, only the dunes, the bush and the sea. It is nice.  

"In Conceição's Lagoon there is a grass area where people set up the windsurf boards."  

"LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO" (CONCEIÇÃO's LAGOON) - it is the great attraction of the island. The Indians Carijós lived over there, 4500 years ago. Besides all the nautical sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and kitesurfing, the good nightlife happens there... a great nightlife. Besides, there are several good seafood restaurants. 

"In Joaquina there is a huge dune! " 

"ILHA DO CAMPECHE" (CAMPECHE'S ISLAND) - it is 2 km from Campeche's Beach. The island attracts thousands of tourists all the years, because, besides its natural beauty, there is the legend of hidden treasures over there. It is 30 minutes away by boat, leaving from Armação and it worths the visit. 

"That's it, guys... "  


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1. The nightlife is at Conceição's Lagoon.   

2. The best waves are in Joaquina, but there is a lot of waves at the oceanic beaches of the island, mainly at Mole and Campeche. 

3. During the day, people meet at Praia Mole. 

4. Don't miss visiting "Praia da Guarda" and Garopaba that are close to the island. 

5. It's incredible... there is no ugly women at this island!!!! 

6. Try something called "Sequencia do Camarão" (Sequence of Shrimp) at the restaurants on the edge of Conceição's Lagoon. It is cheap and you won't believe the dish. 

7. If you want to feel like you're in Argentina, just go to a place called Canasvieiras. 

8. There is a huge dune in Joaquina, perfect for sand-boarding. 

9. If you're in a car full of men, get ready to suffer.. There is a lot of babes hitching a ride at the roads to the beaches.  

10. Some tips for who is keen on ecological walks: "Lagoinha do Leste", "Ilha de Campeche", "Praia de Naufragados" e "Lagoa do Peri". 

11. "Florianópolis has a beach called "Lagoinha do Leste" (east pond). In the south, go to "Pântano do Sul" (south swamp) to get information. You have to walk for 2 hours by a mountain. You'll get to beach of 1 km long without anything else besides sea, sand, an almost virgin forest, pond and a "Róbson Crusoe" cottage at the end of the walk, where who don't want to have contact with the civilized world live.  Tip: bring batteries, "cachaça", tobacco and clothes for them, and the whole stuff you'll need. Can imagine staying one week in a paradise, taking a shower with water coming from the mountains by bamboo-made plumbing, feeding the squirrels in the morning and eating fresh shellfish somosa? " tip from Mauro Pereira  

12. "Floripa is beautiful! I loved that place!!! When you get to go there, don't miss visiting the beach of Moçambique, it is a beach a little distant, cause it is located in a preserved area. The best thing is that the place is never crowded, there is no argentineans, only a few huts. It's impossible to have lunch there. There is a dirt road that leads to there. The waves are also good. Floripa has a lot of beaches without any nearby houses, just get information with the local inhabitants.  Stay away from "Canasvieras" and "Ingleses", too crowded and too many Argentineans. Go by car, there is no taxi there, only buses, but car makes it easier to move around."  tip from Thais  

13. "Great site, buddy. Really great! In Floripa, there is a hot point, Praia Brava. There you find chicks, chicks and more chicks... it is a little frequented by the Argentineans, but as Argentina tourist activities moved to Paraguay, the beach is not invaded anymore by them. Thing get even better there when some bands start to some rock, reggae and brazilian music.  Besides the beach being so beautiful. Just to take care with the traffic jams that happen on the holidays, you could take four hours just to there and get to Conceção's Lagoon. Therefore it is good to arrive and to leave early. During the Carnival there were a happy-hour with "forró" in "Praia Mole" , but I don't know if it still hapeens. Always respect the places and good trip! !" tip from Filipe Poli - Niterói, RJ   

14. "Hello people, we got some clues to travel in the carnival of this year from this site Many guys, the place is beautiful, the beaches are great... A lot of parties, mainly in "Ilha do Cascais", in  X, Café Cancún. A lot of people from the South, which really pleased these CARIOCAS a lot. But, also, some unexpected jams happened, mainly when returning from Praia Brava to Conceição's Lagoon - 4 hours just get the car out os the parking lot; Rain, right when we were at the trail to Lagoinha do Leste  and a storm when getting back... An UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE!!! We sure had a lot of fun and that's why we're going to be at Praiva Brava at this Reveillon. Enjoy it, because it is a wonderful place, full of emotions." tip from Andréia Dianin, Beatriz Dianin & Vivian Schtscherbyna  

15. "Hi, people! I went to Floripa twice: One, in the end of January of 2002 and other now in the new year 2002/2003. THE first time was much better to get to know the island... In the new year the island was full, we couldn't hardly drive, due to the jams... And you must be by car in Floripa. The most beautiful beaches are Brava (that was the point - Bar of the Pirate - and it was full in the new year's eve), Mole and Galheta. The beach of Canasvieiras and Ingleses are horrible, but there is a boat trip that leaves the beach of Canasvieiras that is very cool: it goes by the bay of the Dolphins, passes for the islets of the north... In the Bay of the dolphins, the dolphins surround the boat (it is great!!). The two times I went, I stayed in Barra da Lagoa (the beach is cool too) where there are many houses to rent (in fact, in the whole island). You don't even need to make reservations! In the New Year I reserved everything concerned with the capacity of the island, but it wasn't really needed... when I arrived there I knew of many other options, and even cheaper... Conceição's Lagoon is beautiful, calm (the best place to stay at the island)... close to Praia Mole and Joaquina (that is allways full). Enjoy the island, the weather is great, people are beautiful, polite, young... ! "tip from Aline Perdigão - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

16."My tip is to check out Jurere Internacional. Its the best overall beach with nice waves, great sand and awesome houses. Its the most structured of all the places on the island which makes it a safe bet for tourist. I guess my tip would be to go to Priai Fortuna which is just a short ride from downtown Jurere. It has a nice restaurant right on the water a long with a nice beach. Check it out!" tip from Dom Vivona

17.While most people think Florianópolis is all about lagoa da conceicao and barra da lagoa I got to stay in the campeche area southish of the island and just loved the green nature all over, peacefulness, the montains, and the campeche and riozinho beach just rocks, full of beautiful people and many ways to get around without getting stuck in traffic. I stayed at the greenhouse hsotel and I had the best time ever, they have a swimming pool and lots of brazilian barbecues and caipirinhas! best value for money!thanks guys! Leandro

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