"Tough nature"  

Foz do Iguaš˙ (Iguašu Falls) is a tourist and commercial center of the Southwest end of Paranß. It is on the margin of Cataratas do Iguašu (Iguašu Waterfalls), and for that it became a tourist center with an international attraction. It includes a national park and  bordersa similar one on the Argentinean side. But it is also a busy center for purchases, thanks to the connection with Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay. Another fact that moves the city is the hydroelectric power station of Itaipu, a work that associated Paraguay and Brazil to its construction and that strongly modified the landscape and productive structure of the area when flooded enormous areas to shelter the lake of the dam. 

"From here in Brazil we can Argentina on the left side and Paraguay on the right side."  

The word Iguašu means "big water", in the Tupi Guarani language. The river is born on Serra do Mar (Sea Mountains) and flows into river Paranß. They are 275 falls and, when the river is full, it becomes one big waterfall. 19 great jumps, only three on the Brazilian side. The best view of the falls is on the Brazilian side. Due to the position of the falls it is possible to see all at once only on the Brazilian side. 

"After seeing that, all other waterfalls seem insignificant."  

Main Tourist Attractions 

"Parque Nacional do Iguašu" (National park of Iguašu) - it is one of the largest forest reservations of South America and one of the last places of environmental protection of the State. On November 17, 1986 it was considered as NATURAL PATRIMONY OF  HUMANITY. The access to the park is made starting from Iguašu Falls, by BR 469 highway until the Waterfalls. 

"This is the Mark of the 3 Borders."  

Itaipu - the word ITAIPU originates from Tupi-Guarani and it means "the stone that sings". Its construction is one of the largest works done by the man. The visit to the Hydroelectric Central of Itaipu is free. It begins with the projection of a documentary and the whole visit takes an hour and a half. The schedules of visitation are: from Monday to Saturday, at 08:00, 09:00 and 10:00 / 14:00, 15:00 and 16 o'clock. 

"A humid cloud arises from the waterfalls, wetting everything."  

Macuco - the walk begins in the Trail of Macuco, on carts pulled by 4x4 jeeps. Soon afterwards, you go down a staircase that gives access to river Iguašu, where bi-motor inflatable boats await for a trip towards Iguašu Waterfalls . The experienced pilots maneuver amid the waterfalls wetting everybody. It is awesome. The trip lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, starting every 15 minutes. 

"The quatis just want to be among the tourists to get some food."  

Flight over the waterfalls - This service is offered by a private company inside of the National Park of Iguašu. The helicopter flies over the falls for seven to ten minutes. There are three options the choose :1) flight over the Waterfalls, 2) over the National Park and the Waterfalls and 3) over the Hydroelectric power station of Itaipu, Mark of the Three Borders and Waterfalls. 

"The boat trip is extraordinary."  

"Parque das Aves" (Park of the Birds) - Toucans, macaws, parakeets and other tropical birds place a few meters from the visitor, making it an unforgettable visit. It is the perfect place to photograph and to get to know the birds existent in Brasil. Other great attractions include butterflies, nursery of hummingbirds and section of reptiles, where snakes and alligators are a few meters from the tourists' attentive and curious glances. 

"I went to Argentina to see the other side of the Waterfalls."

"Marco das Trŕs Fronteiras" (Mark of the Three Borders) - obelisk built in stone and cement and painted with the national colors, it establishes the territorial limit and the sovereignty of Brazil with Argentina and Paraguay. The Mark represents a point of tourist attraction of the city. 

"Cataratas de Iguaz˙" (Iguaz˙ Waterfalls) - located between Brazil and Argentina and inside of the National Park Iguaz˙, the Waterfalls represent Puerto Iguaz˙'s main tourist attraction. Superior walk: With approximately 700 meters in length and duration of 30 minutes. Inferior walk: The walk has a course of approximately 1 Km, with duration between 1 and 2 hours of walk.  

"The boat goes up the river against the current."

"Ilha de San Martin" (San Martin Island) - trip made by a boat that crosses the river until San Martin's island during the day. Arriving on the island, you go up a staircase where there is an access to three panoramic points: "Salto San Martin" (Jump San Martin), "Garganta do Diabo" (Devil's Throat) and La Ventana. 

Circuit Yacaratiß - Trip made with appropriate vehicle, with a course of 30 Km by the interior of the forest. 

Ciudad Del Este - Second larger city of Paraguay, with around 100.000 inhabitants, it represents a commercial center of great prominence, with imported products of all around the world.  

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1. Visiting Ciudad Del Este is a terrible option.  

2. If you're going by car to Paraguay side, don't use yours. Take a taxi, because if they steal your car there, forget about getting it back... 

3. On the Argentinean side everything is much more expensive than in Brazil.

4. To cross the borders it is necessary identity card or passport. Driver's license is not worth. 

5. Get to watch the waterfalls from Argentina, it's also very nice. Most of the falls is on the Argentinean side, however the best view is from the Brazilian side. 

6. Don't miss having a boat trip under the waterfalls. The boats on the Brazilian side do a much better tripthan those of the Argentinean side. It is not localism. 

7. The nightlife is in Jorge Schi Mmelpfeng Av.. Nightclubs, restaurants... 

8. Bring a raincoat, otherwise you will have to buy one for visiting the part under of the waterfalls. The cloud of water wets everything. 

9. Visit the Hydroelectric power station of Itaip˙. It is an impressive construction.

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