"This is "Praia do Silveira" (Silveira's Beach).  


Garopaba, municipal district of Azorean colonization, was founded in 1846, when the Provincial Assembly authorized the construction of the Mother church, the Cemetery and Parochial House.  

"The people here enjoy "sand-boarding" on the Dunes of Siriú."  

The population lived on the fishing fishing of whales. The name Garopaba has its origin in the language Guaraní and it means "Place of boats."  

"80% of the people who come here surf."  

Typical and religious parties are celebrated during the whole year, altering with the fishing seasons, allowing the local population a constant social activity. These characteristics, together with the pleasant weather, stimulate the tourism during all time of the year.  


"This is "Praia da Ferrugem" (Rust Beach)... "  

"Praia do Rosa" (Rosa's Beach) - A paradise located at 14 km to the south of Garopaba,  in the municipal district of Imbituba. For its landscapes of incredible beauty, houses, restaurants and lodgings amid forests, ponds and dunes, it is called by many people as the Santa Catarina's "Búzios".  

"... the beach where people meet."  

"Praia do Ouvidor" - it is located at 11 km to the south of Garopaba. Considered excellent for the fishing and practice of aquatic sports like swimming, canoeing and skiing. Its lonely beauty is amazing. "Praia da Barra", next to Ferrugem, has the same characteristics. Lodgings and houses to rent, one of the most pleasant and reserved places of Garopaba. River mouth and pond for fishing. 

"Praia do Rosa" must be visited."  

"Praia da Ferrugem" (Rust Beach) - natural beauty, radical sports, great nightlife and beautiful girls makes Rust Beach the point of the youths' meeting. In the island of Barra there are fossils and other tracks of the indigenous civilization existent in other times. 

"Nice!! "  

"Praia da Silveira" - A fairy tale, at only 2 km from downtown. It has the largest waves of Brazil, making it the "Meca" of international surf. Ideal for fishing and diving in the sea or in its natural swimming pools. 

"Praia de Garopaba" (Gropaba's Beach) - Beach of the Municipal district, ideal for family, and excellent for practice of aquatic sports. Mother church, Commercial Center, restaurants, bars, houses to rent, hotels, central phone and Health center. 

"That's it, folks!! "  

"Praia do Siriú" - the beach of Siriú is located at 9 km to the north of Garopaba.  Isolated and virgin, it is surrounded by dunes of up to 40 meters of height, allowing the practice of "sandboarding. The beach of Siriú offers several leisure options like waterfalls, flour mills, still, etc. 


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1. Many people rent the houses of the local inhabitants instead of staying at lodgings. It gets cheaper.  

2. The nightlife happens at "Ferrugem" and "Rosa's" beaches, but "Ferrugem" is much more crowded. 

3. A good option is to also visit "Praia da Guarda" and "Farol de Santa Marta" that are nearby. 

4. When the tide is high, check out the good wabes at "Praia da Silveira. 

5. The nightlife begins and ends late. 

6. If you want to rent a house and don't know how, don't worry. When you arrive at the city, there will be a lot kids with papers in their hands written "Aluga-se casa (Houses for rent)". Those kids will take you to see about 20 houses, until you find the best one for you. 

7. Practice the sandboarding on the dunes of Siriú. There you get to rent a board and  have great fun. 

8.  "GAROPABA - Well, in the New Year, Carnival and holidays the local inhabitants houses f or rent get too expensive. There are several estates in SC where you can go to rent houses for up to 10, 15 people. There are several ones at Central Av., in Garopaba. In this beach, the best option is to stay in small lodgings, because the houses are a bit expensive... (more or less R$ 2.500, for 5/6 people). FERRUGEM - This beach is the point of the surf and the most frequented. The beach is small, and it has many houses for rent. The prices are high, but less than Garopaba. One can rent a house for about 8 people for R$ 1.500,00.  But it is better not to arrive too near the holiday, because the beach gets full quickly. ROSA - This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful place of Garopaba. It is about 15 km before the entrance of Garopaba, in Ibiraquera. The place is so peaceful, it has beautiful beaches, cheaper rents, more beautiful people and a lot of surf!! To have an idea, there are two points, one of south wind (waves of more or less 8 feet) and a pick of North (waves of more or less 6/7 feet)... it is awesome!! It is easy to rent houses there and Lodgings are more expensive. It is adviseable to speak to the local residents... there are also good options for the nightlife, but it is much more calmer than "Ferrugem". " tip from Letícia Colombo - Porto Alegre 

9. "Well, my tip is on "Praia da Guarda", in SC. The place is great, and to accommodate for a friendly price it is ok to arrange it when you arrive there. It's easy to find there lodgings with collective kitchen, for prices totally negotiable. It is worthwhile to seek houses also. The nightlife happens on the streets and it begins at two o'clock in the morning, for that you can rest a bit before it... " tip from Carla  

10. "The site is great, but it has an unforgivable flaw: Ibiraquera, Rosa and Ouvidor are not in Garopaba - they are in Imbituba... (I'm complaining because I am from imbituba...). Maybe it would be good to open a link to Imbituba... Kisses! " tip from Giorgia - Imbituba (SC)  

11. "In spite of the beach of Barra to be just 100m of it distances from Ferrugem, there is a river that separates them and you would have to cross it every time you go to Ferrugem. The course Barra/Ferrugem made by car, is awful, because it ends up being too far. The people from Barra is older and they even complained about the noise that we made in the Carnival, so,  if you want to enjoy parties and heavy nightlife, stay at Ferrugem." tip from Camilla Guimarães Rio de Janeiro

12. "At Ferrugem, the nightlife is very good, there is a bungie jump at the street and you don't get to pay to enter the places! There is a LOT of beautiful and in need women." tip from Vinícius RJ

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