"This is the famous Genipabu."   

At 23 Km from Natal towards the north region of the city, crossing River Potengi by the bridge of Igapo or by the raft, you arrive at Extremoz. In Genipabu you will find beaches with dunes of thirty meters of height, swamps and ponds. 

"There are many dunes here."  

There are many wattle and daub houses that compose the landscape and they are mixed with the coconut trees, dunes and beaches of the area. That landscape is still little explored, where the relationship between nature and infrastructure doesn't affect the ecosystem and it satisfies the tourist.  

"Gee, the coconut tree is falling! "  

The beach of Genipabu, aligned with the dunes that make the area famous, is a quite calm, beautiful and comfortable place. Extensive beach, with coconut trees along the whole border and also with "Parque das Dunas" (Park of the Dunes) to the south, where you find small bars and lodgings.  

"The sunset here is awesome."  

The "buggy" drivers always ask the visitors if they want to make a tour with or without emotion. The ones that choose the first option must be prepared for jumps of almost 90 degrees on dunes of dozens of meters of height. The vehicle approaches the abyss of white sands and instead of stopping, it accelerates in free fall.   

'WOW! "  

The park has a pond, with support of a rustic bar where a coconut water or a drink help to calmyou down, after the buggy ride. The drivers can be found at the main street of Genipab˙, at an information service point. The park collects R$ 4,00 of entrance per person. Soon afterwards, it is worth to, using the same buggy, go to the beach of Pitangui, with access made by rafts.  

"People can ride on dromedary  here."  

The dromedaries don't provide the same emotion of the buggys, but it is, at least, the funniest thing among all of the tourist options of the coast. It lasts about 20 minutes, ride over dunes, having, at one side, the beautiful beahces of blue waters, and at the other, river Potengi and other villages of Extremoz.  

"Bye bye... "  


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1. Do the "buggy" ride for the dunes with emotion.  

2. It is possible to rent a dromedary and feel like an Arabic riding through the desert. 

3. The dunes are steep and it is possible to rent a sandboard. 

4. You can also enjoy the natural view of the beaches of the north in a trip of microlite, that also leaves from Genipabu. 

5. More to the north are "Parrachos de Maracaja˙". It is at 7 km of distance from the coast and it is a great option for autonomous diving. 

6.  Don't miss the opportunity to do an aero-bunda in JacumŃ.

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