"Here at "Areia Preta" (Black Sand) is where the monazitic sand is found"  

The City 

Located on the coast of Espírito Santo State, this peninsula of 580 km2 was founded in 1585 by the Jesuit priest José de Anchieta. Its name is derived from two words of indigenous origin: the prefix Guara = heron and the suffix Parim = crippled. It became internationally known when it was found out the medicinal properties of its monazitic sand, then being called "Cidade Saúde" (Healthy City). 

"'Praia das Castanheiras' (Chestnut's Beach) is the main "postcard" of Guarapari"  

Located to the south and 51 kilometers from Vitória, capital of the Espírito Santo, Guarapari is famous in the whole country for the radioactivity of its dark sands. It is the main tourist point of the State. With blue sea, the central beaches coasts are full of cuttings, that provide small dimensions. There you find the beaches of "Areia Preta" (Black Sand), Castanheiras, "do Meio" (of the Middle) and "dos Namorados" (of the Lovers). The city of Guarapari is well structured to assist the tourist. Hotels, restaurants, shops,  everything came with the fame of the blue waters and medicinal sands. The coast of Guarapari has 17 beaches, including Setiba, excellent for surfing and where there is a sandbank ecological state reservation. 

The Beaches 


"How do you like my jump"   

"Praia do Sol" (Beach of the Sun) - Deserted, with 5 kilometers of extension, it is 19 kilometers to the north of the city of Guarapari. Of precarious access, the Beach of the Sun has big waves and clear sand. 

"'Praia do Riacho' (Beach of the Stream) is so peaceful."  

"Praia d'Ulé" (Ulé's beach) - It belongs to the area protected by the State Park of Setiba. Frequented by surfers, it has big waves and soft sand. It completes the wild atmosphere the Ulé Dunes and "Lagoa Vermelho" (Red Lagoon). 

"Praia de Setiba Pina e Setiba" (Setiba Pina and Setiba Beaches) - Located at 10 kilometers from the city of Guarapari, they stand out  due to the bluish and transparent waters. The first is the favorite of the surfers, it has a sloping strip of sand and chestnut trees. It's connected to Setiba's beach by a dirt road. Setiba has calm waters, good for fishing. An islet of rocky formation separates the two main beaches of Setiba. 

"River Maxinda is only known by the fishermen of the city, the tourism still didn't discover that good side of the city"  

"Praia Santa Mônica" (Santa Mônica's Beach)  - it is at 5 kilometers from Guarapari's downtown, with fine sand and weak waves, the beach forms a bay enclosed by chesnut trees and forest oaks. Close to the mouth of the river Una, there is a good place for picnics and barbecues. It has clubs, campings, lodgings, restaurants and bars.  

"Praia de Perocão" (Perocão's Beach)  - Last stronghold of the fishermen from Guarapari. From a small fishing point, boats leave for trips to "Três Praias" (Three Beaches). "Praia de Boião" is hidden by stones, with natural swimming pools formed at low tide. It has restaurants.  

"It is here at "Praia da Enseada" (Beach of the Bay) where the girls come to tan" 

"Três Praias" (Three Beaches) - Group of small beaches separated by crags, practically without waves, with greenish and transparent water. Good for diving and underwater fishing. After the privatization of the area, the infrastructure got a lot better.  

"Praia da Aldeia" (Beach of the Village) - It's a bay among crags, with weak waves and thick sand.  

"Praia da Cerca" (Beach of the Fence) - It's got 300 meters of yellow sand and good waves for surfing. It is close to "Morro da Pescaria" (Hill of the Fishery), that separates it from "Praia do Morro" (Beach of the Hill). 


"Great Cliffs! "  

"Praia do Morro" (Beach of the Hill) - it is the largest beach of Guarapari. The sand is clear and the waves are strong. It was totally urbanized, it got sidewalk, sporting couts, kiosks and coconut trees, beside the old chestnut trees. Full during the daytime and at night. It presents cultural and sporting activities promoted by the local city hall. The nightlife of the summer of Guarapari begins at the bars of this beach. It has hotels, camping area and restaurants.  

Muquiçaba (or Prainha) - Little bay with calm sea and dark sand. Natural harbor for the fishing boats, Muquiçaba is not indicated for bathing, but for leisure. Perfect for morning walks, it has square and nightlife. 

"Praia das Virtudes" (Beach of the Virtues) - it received that name for being the favorite beach of the nuns. Enclosed by buildings, it is at Guarapari's downtown. The Beach of the Virtues has clear and soft sand, greenish water and the waves crash on the stones that outline the beach on the two sides. 

"Nice Pond! "  

"Praia dos Namorados, Castanheira e do Meio" (Beach of the Lovers, of the Chestnut tree and of the Middle) - The group of beaches is the main postcard of Guarapari. On the soft sand, huge stones are inserted, with reefs forming natural swimming pools. The water is transparent and always cold. At "Pedra da Paquera" (Stone of the Flirt), at the tip of the Beach of the Middle, it is the club Siribeira, that promotes lively carnival dances. It has hotels, bars and restaurants. 

"Setiba is a cool place for eating a fried fish"  

"Praia da Areia Preta" (Beach of the Black Sand) - it is famous for the medicinal properties of the monaitic sand found there. Guarapari blunted for the tourism as "Health City" due to the high radioactivity of its sands. Small, with 200 meters of extension, the Beach of the Black Sand has weak waves and a trail on the stones, on the right side, takes to "Prainha das Pelotas" (Beach of the Balls), which is at the feet of a cliff. It has hotels, bars and restaurants. 

"That is "Praia do Morro" (Beach of the Hill)"  

"Praia do Riacho" (Beach of the Stream) - Little frequented and extensive (5,5 kilometers), the Beach of the Stream is good for the fishing. The waves break with violence on the clear and soft sand. 

"Enseada Azul" (Blue bay) - it is formed by the beaches of Mucumã, Guaíbura and Bacutia, that are interconnected by white and fine sands. At the rocky coast, on the right side, the sea is calm and the waters form a greenish mirror. The water is so clear that it is possible to dive and to find the German cargo ship that sank in 1942, at 300 meters from the beach. 

"Praia dos Padres" (Beach of the Priests) - it is part of the Blue Bay complex, but it is hidden behind a hill covered by a forest. From the Beach of Graciano (Bacutia) comes a trail that takes to the Beach of the Priests, with green waters and weak waves. In the summer it is very frequented. Although small, 50 meters, it has kiosks and parking. 

"From Club Siribeira, you have a nice view of the city"  

"Praia de Meaípe" (Meaípe's Beach) - Old village of fishermen, Meaípe is today one of those most visited beaches of the south coast of Guarapari. It is at 6 kilometers from downtown, with access by the Highway of the Sun. Outlined by chestnut trees and summer point of the youngs, Meaípe has weak waves, hard sand beat and agitated nightlife. The old residents live on the high of the Hill of Meaípe, that has a panoramic view of the whole beach. It shelters fishermen and lacemakers, that sell their craft products until today. It has hotels, bars and restaurants .




1. The best nights are at New Guarapari and Meaípe.  

2. The good waves are at the beaches of: úlé, Além, Tropical, Dunas and Morro, when the undulation is big. 

3. The Blue Bay is the beach where people meet. 

4. In the summer, the city is full and the places get a little crowded.  

5. Bring diving equipment.  

6.  In the summer, try not to use the car at downtown, the traffic is terrible.  

7. If you do scubadiving, take a look at "Farol da Escalvada", 3 Ilhas" and "Ilha Rasa".  

8.  "It is a very beautiful city, with clean beaches and with some very good deserted beaches....   Deserted beach, good for surfing: Beach of the Stream   Crowded beaches: Beach of the Black Sand, Beach of the Lovers, Beach of the Hill, New Guarapari....   Apartments for season rent are very cheap   Carnival: in Guarapari it is so so, but in Piuma and Iriri (two nearby cities) there is a very good street carnival... And the best of it: it is a carnival with everything, not only "axé-pagoda-samba"... There are several stages along the whole city...   Oh... another very good thing: in the summer (January-February), it practically doesn't rain... one and a half month passes there with no more than 4 days os rain... " tip from Thais Mendes - São Paulo - SP  

9. "The nights of Guarapari are hot. A lot of leisure options. Bars and a lot of boites and beautiful people. The best of the night is at the beach of Meaípe. It is Multiplace MAIS. It is a complex of amusements composed by: M = Marine (cool Nightclub), A = Asteroid (Cyber bar), I = Iguana (Mexican Restaurant) and S = Salamander (Pizzeria), everything at a same place. Everydody goes there... Check it out... " tip from Ed, ES  

10. "People, if you go to Meaípe, taste Zezé's cassava snack. It is great. The snack is so famous that she has already been cited in tourism books and newspapers. There is even a line during the day on the weekends, but for who is hungry, is cheap and it is a nice subtitute of lunch!   But if you want to spend more money and to eat a wonderful fish stew, in front of it, there is "Cantinho do Curuca", that is sensational. You can order anything, because everything is delicious. After, buy a chocolate or a coconut candy, that are sold there. Well, that's a gastronomical tip for who wants to eat good stuff, ok? "tip from Juliana Piassi of Rio de Janeiro 

11. "The night of Guarapari: at the street of the beach there are some huts selling drinks, but there is no much thing to do... The best is the nightclubs, but they are a bit expensive  and full... Another thing: in the morning there is has a great kiosk that plays "forró" and everybody is dances until the end of the afternoon." tip from Mônica - Rio de Janeiro  

13. "For who wants to escape from the crowd of the summer, here's a tip: Paulo César Vinha Forest Park. It is 3 km from Setiba. A lot of bush, pure air, animals, a lagoon that meets the sea and good waves. The site is great, big dog! Aloha! "Tip from Cazu Gong.  

14. "Don't miss visiting the boite MAIS, beautiful people, and a great mood..... "Tip from Fabrício Manhuaçu MG  

15. "Hello, people from Trip to Brazil. A great tip for the tourists who are going to Guarapari and want to sail: "Projeto Vela na Praia" (Sail at the Beach Project), located at the Beach of the Hill, close to "Morro da Pescaria" (Hill of Fishery). There in the Project, it is possible to sail on several modalities of sailing boats, with attendance of experienced sailors; for the experienced, sail boats can be rented. The Project also has windsurf, for classes and rents. The oceanic sailing boat is called "Maneiro". Good winds, "tip from Edmar.  

16. "People, is was great to visit the city. I allways spend the carnival there, the people of the city are great. DAY - the beach is great, cold beer with shrimp portion and a delicious "peruá". Night - MAIS Nightclub. Bye. " tip from Miguelpalavrasaovento Niterói-RJ

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