"It's crowd here."

Located among the tip of Jonnsher and of the stones of Caieras. It has an extension of 1 Km and it is own for Fishing, where a colony of fishermen exists. Of the stones when the tide is low, he/she can see the prow of a Paraguayan steam that stagnated when he/she escaped from the war of Brasil/Paraguai.

It begins in the stones of Caieras to the Hotel Villareal. His/her extension forms a stocking moon and it proceeds towards Christ's Hill.

It extends from Hotél Villareal to Christ's Hill, forming the Beach of the Turks, of the Fishermen and Christ's Beach. They are own for bath.

It is located to the south, after Christ's Hill. In the extension it receives several denominations as: Beach of the Surfer, Citadel, Calm, Jardim Estoril, Eliane, Nereidas, Cidade Balneário Brejatuba, Iemanjá, Santa Helena, Crowned, Palm trees and Barra do Saí, where he/she makes boundary with Santa Catarina. They are own for bath, surf and fishing.

"The main sidewalk."

It has beginning in the tip of Caiobá and he/she extends to the entrance of the bar of Guaratuba. Tame beach from where has been seeing her of Guaratuba, before the crossing of the bay.

Second larger of the State, of exuberant beauty with their beautiful growth of mangroves, islands and rivers that in her deságuam. Rich in fauna and flora and it is area of environmental protection.
Bay of Guaratuba
The Bay of Guaratuba is an ecological shrine with countless islands, swamps and rivers, excellent for the practice of aquatic sports as jet-ski, Wind surf, aquatic ski, seamanship, fishes, dive. Privileged landscape that can be seen in a boat walk or in the crossing of the ferry-boat. In the evening a to put of the wonderful sun, tends to the bottom the Mountain of the Sea and their outlines. A show worthy of the nature. His/her total area is equal to 5.000 soccer fields, one of the is considered more beautiful women of the world. It possesses a flotation restaurant and another fastens in one of their islands, where the visitors can taste varied plates the base of fruits of the sea, as the oysters cultivated at the place.

"See you."

Pond of the Stopped
Located in Rio Cubatãozinho's left margin. Natural nursery, abundant in fish and in the margins we can find capybaras, deer, alligator and the rare bird, discovered in 2002, Macuquinho of the Swamp. The access is made through boat, and delay about 1 hour. Abundant in caxeta, light wood very explored in last decades. The pond in drought time if it divides, forming the Pond of the Ounces and the Lagoa Baguary. It possesses 5 km of length for 3km of width.

Jump of Parati
Little known even for the population of the municipal district. The access to the Jump of Parati is made from boat to the place denominated "port", walk of 35 minutes for a trail close to Atlantic forest. The boat leaves downtown, Bay of Guaratuba, going by several rivers that deságuam in the own Bay. The road is surrounded of vegetation typical of the coast with curves and ascents that turn the most touching and pleasant walk for who tans to be close to nature. For the whole itinerary, the privileged view of the mountain of the sea, appears more as an attraction the. In the jump, a bath in the pond formed by the waters that go down for the stones and a deserved rest to the sound of the songs of the birds, appreciating the beauties that only the nature in the reservation.

Indigenous name given to constituted very old deposits of lots of shells, kitchen remains and of human skeletons, accumulated for indigenous tribes that inhabited the American coast in prehistoric period. They are found in the coast, in the islands, and in the margins of ponds and of rivers. In the municipal district it happens one of the largest registrations of Sambaquis, so much in the islands, as in the continent. Sambaquis can see at the Island of the Mouse, of the Grave, of the Fishery and other. In the continent we can find them in the denominated place "Sambaquí", located in the highway for Itapoá, Santa Catarina, and also close to the river Boguaçú.


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1.Go to sailboat at Guaratuba Bay.

2.Got to the Salto do Parati by boat.

3.Visit Beach of Caiera in the low tide to see the prow of a steam that stagnated in the war Brasil/Paraguai.

4.The city has a beautiful sidewalk that it is agitated in the holidays.

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