"Praia da Guarda" (Guard's Beach) is at approximately 50 kilometers to the south of Florianˇpolis. It is located in the municipal district of Palhoša and the access is made by Pinheira highway. The whole area is beside "Parque Estadual Serra do Tabuleiro" (Mountain of the Board State Park), a great preserved area. 

"Prainha (Small Beach) is awesome!! "  

The beach is called "Guarda of Emba˙" due to the trunks with treasures that were buried by the Jesuits, during "Guerra dos Farrapos" (War of the Rags), or even by the pirates that docked there.  

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! "  

In the 70's, the hippies and the old surfers discovered the place and they began to frequent this place that is still a paradise. 

Seeking good waves, they still come in the summer, surfers from everywhere in Brazil, because it is one of the best beaches of the country for the practice of the surf, with the lefts of up to 10 to 12 feet. 

"The good and old Guard... that is the place."  


"Pedra do Urubu" (Stone of the Vulture):  one of Guard's great attractions. To arise to the Stone of the Vulture, located on the hill on the north side, it is a walk that is worthwhile. From up there the view of Guard's beach, Pinheira, Sonho, Gamboa and Garopaba 

"What are you looking at, you cow?

"Rio da Madre" (Nun's River): It is the river and the entrance of Gurada do Emba˙ and it can be navigated on small boats 

"Isn't it great or what? "  

"Prainha": Small deserted beach, very beautiful, the access is made by the coast of the North side of the beach of Guarda. The trail that goes through a grassed hill, on the edge of the sea is very short and it takes about 15 minutes to travel it. It is also an excellent surf point. The Environmental Police frequently patrols it, because the place is part of the  Mountain of the Board State Park

"The surf is obligatory pastime."  

"Guarda do Emba˙" (Guard of Emba˙) - very long beach, where the waves break at the mouth of the Nun's River. The access to the beach is by the river, swiming or by boat. It's possible to stay at a small beach on the North side, accessed by a 2 minutes trail, being unnecessary to cross the river. 

"I miss some company.... "  

"Praia da Gamboa" (Gamboa's Beach): It is at 8 km to the Guard's south. It is a walk of 2 hours and it has some dunes. 

"To arrive at the beach one has to swim in the Nun's river

"Zoolˇgico do Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro" (Zoo of Mountain of the Board State Park): very small zoo, about 8 kms from Guard's Beach. Some animal species from the area of the Slope of Maciamb˙ are in captivity there. 

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1. The Guard has the best wave of Brazil. Therefore, it always has the largest crowd surfing, mainly on the holidays.  

2. In the months of April, May, June and July it is the period of the fishing of the mullet, for that the surf is forbidden. Coincidentally it is the time of the best waves. If you go during that time, intending to surf the solution it is to sit down on the sand and cry. 

3. Stay in Guard, thinking about enjoying the nightlife in Garopaba, is stupid. It is relatively far and oyu have to come back by a highway. A lot of people die every year because of driving drunk. If the night is important to you, stay in Garopaba and come to surf during the day. If the surf is more important, sleep early and surf early that is better. 

4. There is small a nightlife at the Guard for the desperate ones. But only for gets satisfied with a pool match and some beer. The priority of the habitual visitors is to surf.  

5. Don't miss doing the walk to Prainha and to Stone of the Vulture. It is cool. 

6. For who enjoys waterfalls, get to know Cascade of Zanela. 

7. To arrive at the beach, it is necessary to walk inside of the river with the water at the waist. But there is also some fishermen that do the transport for R$0,50  

8. The best waves are the lefts, but there are also some perfect rights. There is a strong current towards the south of the beach. 

9. "On the holidays, like the New Year and Carnival, the local residents collect R$ 1,00 for the crossing, but unless you're a handicap or have small children, don't use that service. If coming to Guard, mainly to surf, avoid the extended holidays. Mainly New Year and Carnival. There is little infrastructure (considering the number of tourists that come) and the sea is too crowded.  Besides, the prices are higher and the lodging are full. When you arrive there, forget things like car or fashion clothes. Car is not used, everything is done on foot, and as the nightlife just has some few bars, slippers, shorts and shirt are the clothing rule there. Get ready, even in the summer the water is freezing cold. But the Sun heats up quickly any thing that is above the water. If you have a Sandboard, it is worthwhile to take. Although the dunes of Gamboa are far, there is still the option of going down a ravine at "Prainha". tip from Christian - Curitiba  

10"Hi guys! The boat crossing no longer it is more 0.50 cents .It is 2.00 including round trip! " tip from  Diane Amŕndola  

11. "For who likes more of a little of simplicity and peacefulness has the lodging of Ge that is in the end of the Street of the Friendship in the beach of Pinheira, that beach is beside the Guarda do Emba˙, it is of fishermen and very calm. The beach of Gamboa, more to the south,  also has the same style."  tip from Edu Velo

12." If you wanna sur, listen to great music and check out the most gorgeous girls ever, go to Guarda do Embau, I recommend that."dica de Patrick O┤Neill (Pat)

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