"Guarujá is a huge city."  

The word Guarujá, is derived from two indigenous words: Gu-air-y-ya, that means "narrow passage from one side to the other" and Guaru-ya, that means "nursery of toads or frogs." 


Astúrias - also known as beach of Guarujá, it has 1 km of extension, with calm sea. From "Ponta das Galhetas" (Tip of the Cruets) it is possible to have a very beautiful view of the beaches of Pitangueiras and "Enseada". 

"Enseada" (Bay) - It is the largest of Guarujá, with more than 5km of extension. At the tip of the beach, on "Costão das Tartarugas" (Coast of the Turtles), it is possible to practice several types of aquatic activities. The wide strip of sand allows the practice of sports on the sand. 

"In some passages, it reminds me my home, Rio."  

Guaiúba - it has 850 meters of extension and has calm waters. When the sea is a little more rough, it becomes a good place to surf. 

Perêque - it is the last beach in the urban area of Guarujá, and counts with restaurants and fish markets. Its beach has 2km of extension, with a wide strip of sand. It has as characteristics, a little darker sand and the presence of fishing embarkations close to the border. 

Pernambuco - it is a small beach with a little more than 1 km. It has a geographical peculiarity: "Praia do Mar Casado" (Beach of Coupled Sea). With 300 meters of extension, it is a neighboring beach, that joins its waters with the ones from the beach of Pernambuco when the tide is high, forming the Coupled Sea.   

"Many surfing championships take place at "Canto do Maluf".  

Pitangueiras - with almost 2km of extension, it is the downtown beach. Good for the sea bathe and for the practice of surf, but be careful with the current. Follow orientation of the signs, that inform the presence of holes and areas of stronger current. Obey the Lifeguards. 

"Do tombo" (of the Fall) - with almost 1 km of extension, it usually has big waves and it is a point for the surfers. At that beach, the sea is great and with strong currents. 

"Do Éden" (Of the Eden) - beach with little more than 50 m. Acess by "Morro do Sorocotuba" (Sorocotuba's Hill), where you can leave the car and go down a long staircase until the border. 

"Branca" (White) - the access is made through the forest. It is, therefore, a far away and almost untouched beach. 

Góes - it is a small island, of calm waters, with local population formed by a colony of fishermen.  

"Guarujá has good waves."  

Iporanga - it is almost 30Km from downtown. The place has the privilege of being surrounded by forests and to have the most beautiful waterfall of the area, that forms a natural swimming pool of fresh water. 

Monduba - the visitation to the beach is only allowed for ecological walks.  

"Santa Cruz dos Navegantes" (Santa Cruz of the Navigators) - with the opening of an access road, everyone had the opportunity to get to know the rustic side of Guarujá. 

"Antiga Fortaleza da Barra Grande" (Old Fortress of Barra Grande) - built by the Spaniards in 1584 and it is in the estuary of Santos. To arrive there, it is necessary to drive by the highway that takes to Santa Cruz of the Navigators. 

"Forte dos Andradas Chamado de Forte do Monduba" (Andradas' Fort, called Monduba's Fort) - inaugurated in 1942 as main point of defense of the entrance of Santos' bay, to the south of the island. Can be visited on the weekends and holidays without rain. 

"Waves, a lot of waves... "  

"Fortaleza de São Felipe e São Luiz" (São Felipe and São Luiz Fortress) - built in 1532 and restored in 1765 to protect the canal of Bertioga, it can be seen  by following the highway Guarujá-Bertioga, 27 downtown Km from downtown. 

"Morro da Península" (Peninsula's Hill) - it has a closed condominium, located between the beaches of the Bay and Coast of the Turtles, that offers an exuberant view and survey of the beaches. To enter, it is necessary to ask for authorization at the entrance and to present your documents. 

"Pavilhão da Casa do Trem" (House of the Train Pavilion) - there it is exposed the old locomotive that used to travel the itinerary Guarujá-Vicente de Carvalho, and that was disabled in 1956. It is at the corner of the avenues Puglisi and Leomil, downtown.  

"What a view! "  

Ecological trails 

Ecological Station of Sorocutuba - the station is located between the beach of the Bay and Pernambuco. The place has an exuberant forest and two beaches: the one of the Eden for diving and Sorocutuba's, whose access is made through a trail.   

"Forte dos Andradas" (Andradas' Fort) - The access to the fort is made through the Beach of the Fall. Andradas' Fort is an area of environmental preservation and it is used by the Brigade of Antiaircraft Artillery. 


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1. In traffic jam times, around 18:00 and on vacations and holidays, get ready to "enjoy" the largest line of cars of your life on the road to the raft that takes to Santos.  

2. There is a beach, very sought by the people that want to be away of crowd, White Beach.  The access is by the forest, through trails. 

3. It's only possible to practice sports on the sand of some beaches after 18:30.  It's too much people for a small area. 

4. Guarujá is an excellent place to surf, in spite of its constant crowd. 

5. The city has an intense nightlife, with thousands of options of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. 

6. A boat trip for the islands and beaches of the north of the city is a great option. 

7. If you like autonomous diving, visit "Parque Marinho da Laje de Santos" (Santos Flagstone Sea Park). In sunny days the visibility reaches 30 meters. 

8. The best waves are at the Beach of the Fall. 

9. "In the site, it is said that "White Beach" is primitive. I don't know how long ago have you visited it. Well, it is a great beach for surfing, with many lodgings and campings. There is a bar called Larikas that is super agitated by night, during the holidays and a police station at the side. During the week and weekends it is very calm, but on the holidays it is crowded. It's a good option for who lives in sampa, wants to be camped and  don't want to spend a lot of money. I hope you to read this tip and change the description of the beach. " tip from Ellen Dauerbach 

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