"Several grottos can be found at the park."  

Ibitipoca, word of Tupi origin: ibi = earth; ibiti = high earth and poca = that cracks. Then Ibitipoca means: Mountains that crack 

The State Park of Ibitipoca, created in 04/07/73, has an area of 1488 hectares and it belongs to the State of Minas Gerais. The weather of the area is tropical of altitude and the annual medium temperature varies between 4 and 18,9 degrees. The Park is located at an branch of the Mantiqueira Mountains, with altitude between 1000 and 1784m.  

"There is a very old chapel here."   

The park was created with the aim of guaranteeing the preservation of the ecosystem; to make the studies and scientific researches possible and to offer conditions for the tourism and the environmental understanding. 

It has one of the largest world biodiversities: standing out its rocky formation, having the second largest concentration of quartzito of the world, besides being the paradise of  bromélias, orchids, ferns. 

The camping allows limited number of tents, but the amount of visitors is very big due to the existence of campings, lodgings and summer vacation houses, in "Arraial" and roundness. Due to its proximity, Arraial can be considered an extension of the tourist infrastructure of the Park, that has camping areas. 

"The buildings of the city are from old times."  

"Prainha" (Small Beach) - formed by "Rio do Salto" (River of the Jump), that flows for the whole area in the form of small waterfalls and rapids. On the hottest days, it is possible to refresh into deep wells, where it is necessary attention and care 

"Lago dos Espelhos" (Lake of the Mirrors) - the name is due to the reflex of the sunshine on the dark water, but it is very clean. 

"Cachoeira dos Macacos" (Waterfall of the Monkeys) - On River of the Jump. The color of the water, that goes from orange to red, is a result of the decomposition of the  vegetable organic matter, also responsible for the acidity of the rivers. 

"'Ponte de Pedra' (Stone Bridge) is impressive."  

"Janela do Céu" (Sky Window) - "Rio Vermelho" (Red River) waters flow towards the north, until reach this attraction. 

"Ponte de Pedra" (Stone Bridge) - it's a gigantic tunnel dug by the water, that can be visited from its top as from its interior. 

"Pedra Quadrada" (Squared stone) - it intrigues the tourists, that don't find explanation for the formation of a cube.  

"Lago das Miragens" (Lake of the Mirages) - reflects the shine of the sun, forming images on the rock. 

"The water has a maté tea color".  

"Santuário" (Shrine) - it has a great lake, a wall of mosses and a sheet of water, the access is easy and it can also be traveled by the waters, but it demands the attendance of someone who knows the road.  

"Cachoeirinha" (Small Waterfall) - it ends at a small beach, where the white sand reminds the sea once again.  

"Lagoa Seca" (Dry Pond) -  an area that seemed to be reserved to the water was taken by the grass, resembling a swamp. 

Gruta das Bromélias - it impresses right at the first meters. An immense skylight, right at the entrance, is invaded by the sunbeams, more intense from the noon. At the top of the cavity, the presence of "bromélias" and continuing the incursion, the passages are more narrow and difficult, taking, a lot of times, to great living rooms.  

"Unforgettable landscapes."  

"Gruta dos Viajantes" (Grotto of the Travelers) - famous for being frequented by many people that stayed overnight there.   

"Gruta do Fugitivo" (Grotto of the Fugitive) - close to Moreiras', that has a great internal space. Today, several of them are inhabited just by "adorinhões-de-coleira-falha" (a bird), that spend the summer there. 

"Gruta dos Três Arcos" (Grotto of the Three Arches) - it doesn't demand the use flashlight to be visited. The three openings on the rock allow the entrance of daylight.  

"Just one of the dozens falls of the park."  

"Gruta dos Coelhos" (Grotto of the Rabbits) - beside the camping 

"Gruta do Monjolinho" (Grotto of Monjolinho), whose name is a reference to the water powred mill of an old resident. 

"Gruta da Catedral"  (Cathedral's Grotto) - in spite of seeming a small shelter with a narrow entrance, it takes to a paradisiac place. The light at the end of the tunnel comes accompanied by a small waterfall, from where it's possible to see the entrance of  two more caves.   


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1. It's possible to camp inside of the park.    

2. Bring a flashlight, there are several grottos there.   

3. If you intend to visit all the places, you'll have to walk a lot.   

4. Bring a coat, it's cold there.    

5. Limited entrance in the Parque: I - 300 (three hundred) visitors per day, on weekdays (Monday - Friday); II - 800 (eight hundred) visitors per day, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; III - 10 (ten) tents at the camping areas, not exceeding 30 (thirty) people, on weekdays (Monday - Friday); IV - 15 (fifteen) huts at the camping areas, not exceeding  45 (forty five) people on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; V - 30 (thirty), the number of cars on the parkings of the park, independent of the week day.    

6. "Don't miss visiting "Janela do Céu"! The view is wonderful! " tip from Fabricio and Ludimila - RJ    

7. "Don't miss enjoying the Blues when it happens the Ibitiblues!!! The cinnamon bread is wonderful... don't forget!!! It is worthwhile! " tip from Flávio Klippel Machado - Petrópolis RJ    

8. "Visit the local "forrós" with the local residents when in Ibitipoca... " tip from Frances - Juiz de Fora    

9. "Hi, Haxi, I miss the words to explain my carnival, 2001, in Ibitipoca, with no doubt it is worthwhile to spend some days there. To camp, who wants to enjoy only the park, should reserve a vacancy to the camping of the park, with two months of antecedence, according to the forest guards. Those who enjoy the nightlife,  should camp out of the park. A tip is the "Camping Vargem do Engenho", it has hot shower, the space is good and the people is great (talk to Mariano). The camping is at the road between the park and downtown, great location. Those who wants something more sophisticated, should seek the camping and chalets "Meu Recanto", the comfort is proportional to the price. At night, you can enjoy a "forró" or alternative music in some bars of the city. Don't miss playing pool in Oscar's bar behind the mother church, the beer is freezin cold. But remember that to get to know the park requests a lot of walk and you should wake up early, once the number of visitors of the park was limited to 800 people. There are many places that serve a cheap home-made food,  for about R$3,00, being comfortably served. And there are also more refined restaurants. If you are going to Ibitipoca thinking about flerting, this is not the place. Most of the visitors are couples, then seek another point.  I now intend to go on the festival Ibitiblues, said to be very well frequented, it should happen between June and July. I ask you all to take care of the park, because I still want to return there and to visit all of the points, because there is a lot of things to be seen although I didn't have time of knowing." tip from Hugo Azevedo - Rio de Janeiro    

10. "Hi people... Here it is some tips of how to enjoy Ibitipoca... The trails are very tiresome and long, but the waterfalls and the grottos worths the effort...!! Don't miss the "forrós" that happen every night at the town, besides being very cool, you'll end up meeting a lot of local residents who live on the Tourism of Ibitipoca. And for who doesn't think about camping inside of the park, a good option is to rent "Casa Amarela" (Yellow house) (3 km of distance from the park)... the house is great, with hot shower, firewood stove, and the best is that it doesn't have electric power, the illumination after the sunset  is made with lanterns and flashlights....!! " Great kiss to all... "tip from Mariana - Limeira (SP) 

11. "I am 21 years old and I know the place for 8 years and I had the opportunity to see allthe changes. Some good ones and some bad ones, but the place keeps the essence and it doesn't lose its shine. I live in Juiz de Fora, and it is really close. When I don't have anything to do here, I go up the mountain, and there we arranged a lot of good things to do. First, don't miss going to "Bar do Mosquito Elétrico" (Bar of the Electric Mosquito) that is on the ascent of the mountain, around Km 13. Take a look at the mural that Mosquito has at his bar, you'll  get more thrilled for the rest of the trip. Oh, don't forget to ask to see the snakes that he has in his residence, of signing the visitors book and to take picture to be included in the mural. There is a picture there of when I was 14yo!!!! In the park it is indispensable to visit "Pico do Peão" (Peak of the Peasant) and "Janela do Céu". But the walks are very long and steep. Take light foods and plenty liquid in the backpacks, and the most important, don't FORGET to BRING BAGS FOR THE GARBAGE. But for you take advantage of everything, even of the walk, bring some flashlights of long reach and several extra batteries, in some grottos you can't see anything. And in "Conceição de Ibitipoca" (Arraial) one must have a beer and/or a rum with milk at the famous "bar do Zé do Arame". And to taste some of the chocolate somosas at the Pastry shop. It is great!!!! At night, we always enjoyed some nice "forrós" that always happen there. It is important to say that the entrance to the park policy has changed. Due to the great number of visitors, IEF (State Institute of Forests) the number of visitors was decreased to avoid the degradation of the environment. Therefore, people staying distantly should arrive early to buy the ticket for the park. It is WORTHWHILE, ALWAYS!!! In the middle of the year is very cold there, but I still think it's one of the best times to camp. Enjoy everything the city city offers, it will be certainly an unforgettable trip!!!!  In the middle of the year, the lovers of Off-Road can enjoy one of the best Endurances of MG. Good Trip!!!!! tip from Mary - Juiz de Fora   

12. "If you intend to camp, make sure you have a good tent, because it rains a lot!!! tip from Marcelo Menezes - Curitiba - Paraná    

13. "Hello people, my tip is for who is going to Conceição de Ibitipoca... Visit the hang-glider ramp, it is about 20 minutes of walk  towards Lima Duarte... and preferably to watch the sunset... I Went there at New Year and 100 years can pass and I will never forget it. I had the privilege of seeing the first night of 2002 coming, on one side of the valley and the last day of 2001 leaving on the other side... the mountain is so high that it is possible to see a dark side and the other bright... it is just unforgettable... don't miss it!!! "tip from Cris - Osasco - SP    

14. "NEVER make new trails, walk only on those already existent. The city has a cool  bar, an old big house with pool, antiques, animals, pictures and a lot of stories about of Ibitipoca, check it out. "tip from Ligia - Vitória is    

15. "I know Ibitipoca for a long time, and every time I go there, I get more pleased by the beauty of the place. The crumb that comes off from the quartz formation, makes everything shine when it winds. It is a great. On the road of the Mountain to Ibitipoca, stop to have a beer at the bar "Muskito Elétrico".  " tip from Rodrigo Papov - São José dos Pinhais - PR    

16. The tip is on Ibitipoca, which is wonderful! It is worthwhile to make a trip to Lima Duarte to get to know it, the city is cute." tip from Henrique Henriques    

17"People, it is greeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttt!!!!!! we stayed at the camping "Canto da Vida", which is really nice. You should really get to know Ibitipoca, but go when you have the time to visit everything the place has to offer..... I Hope you enjoy the place and that whole wonderful nature, always preserving it, of course!!! Kisses" tip from Raquel and Luis Fernando, Monique and Murilo" Petrópolis RJ   

18. "This is a tip for who can't go to Ibitipoca on regular days... prepares your pocket. The price of the entrance in the park on holidays is R$15,00. I fully agree that the park should be preserved and we should do everything for that to happen, but not stopping someone to get to know the park.  Because that is what happens.  The person may not have the money to get into the park many days - which is needed to visit all the park." tip from Bruna, Sampa.

19. "Hi people, the park is very cool. The best I have known. I recommend you to bring a guitar, to enjoy some music at night. But wake up early to visit the park. You can visit the whole park in three days. Don't miss visiting "Janela do Céu" (Sky Window), because the view is great. And make the trip through inside the river, because it is even better, seek a guide to get better information. Don't forget to watch the sunset, it is awesome. And take some food for the walks, because some of them are really long.. " tip from Gustavo Mattos - Rio de Janeiro - RJ  

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