"I'm comiiiiiing"   

Cardoso's Island is on the coast, at the south end of SP, close to the boundary with Paraná. It's near "Ilha do Mel" (Honey Island). The place is the at approximately 300 km from the city of São Paulo and in spite of having 22 thousand hectares of Atlantic forest, it has only 400 inhabitants. 

"There are great waterfalls here! "  

Besides the great landscapes, such as waterfalls and beaches, swamps and Atlantic forest, rivers and bars, mountains and coasts, streams and natural swimming pools... the place has as one of the main attractions, the great variety of animals at the area. It is possible to find monkeys, parrots, deer, alligators, otters, besides the dolphins and white sharks. 

"I think the guy parked the boat at the wrong place... "  

This area became a park in 1962 and since this, it's not allowed to make new buildings. That's why the area has so many ruins, which have already been summer vacation houses one day. 

"I want to take a look at the waves! "  

The lodgings of the area, about 14, are the residents' old houses adapted to receive the tourists. There is no electric power, but some houses have power generator, piped water and showers with warm water. So, the infrastructure is low, but this is not a reason to not visit the place. 

"Kilometers and Kilometers of waves without crowd! "  

The most important points are: the beaches of Marujá, "do Meio" (of the Middle), "da Laje" (of the Flagstone), the natural swimming pools, "Cachoeira Grande" (Big Waterfall), the boat trips by the swamps of the area and for the tip of the island. 

"Since there is no electric power, the residents use solar panels for generating it".  

Since there is no electric light, the sky is a sea of luminous dots. Besides the rain of shooting stars, it is possible to watch artificial satellites that the drunks allways to misjudge as UFOS and Aliens.  

"That is where the "forró" takes place at night."  

And the show is not only at the sky. In the sea, you find phosphorescent algae that shine like metallic paint when foam is made. It is like swiming among fireworkses. Besides, at the beach the waves break shining in the sand. This is when you remember how good it is to be so far from civilization. 

"Marujá is nice place."  

Besides the daytime attractions, there is also some nightlife, with "forró" and cold beer. Far away from the crowd and the big city stress.  

That's why people allways come back to the Island. 

"The only bad thing is to leave this paradise".  


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1. The best and most beautiful way of coming is by Cananéia. From there you take a boat to Marujá. The crossing can be made on fishermen boats, aluminum motorboats, called"voadeiras" (flyers) or on sailing boats.  

2. On fishing boat or sailing boat the crossing lasts 3 hours, and the views are great. It's a lot of narrow canals enclosed by mangroves that reminds "Pantanal". Besides, a lot of dolphins will accompany you alond the trip. The "voadeiras" take 1 hour to travel the same journey. 

3. If you want to take precations in relation to prices and schedules, just call: Dersa: (13) 6851-1268 or Marina Cananéia: (013) 6851-1105 

4. Visit the Big Waterfall. It is awesome. 

5. The people of the island it don't like crowds, in other words, there is a limited number of visitors allowed. After all the 14 lodgings fill up and 270 huts, the other will have to go back home. Make your reservation by the telephones (13) 6851-1108 or 6851-1163. That is only for the holidays, because the place is empty for the rest of the year. 

6. If you come late, as consolation go to "Ilha Comprida" (Long Island) that is nearby and also very cool. 

7. There is no cell phone signal. 

8. Oh, and there is no electric power also, so forget about any comfort that you have at home. 

9. Get ready to walk A LOT. Everything is far. The solution is the boats that take the laziers to the places. 

10. Don't miss enjoying the natural swimming pools of the Beach of the Flagstone and the Big Waterfall. 

11. There is a local inhabitant who feeds an alligator that lives at the area. Check it out. 

12. Like "Ilha do Mel" (Island of the Honey), it rains a lot there, so the best time for going is between July and August. 

13. There are good "forrós" there. 

14. And really good waves also. 

15. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before the camp, take many Bcomplex pills, everyday. Two days before, take a doubled dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornelio 

16. "hello. I am one of the "annoying" ones who send some people away of the island when they fill all the vacancies. I'd like to give you some piece of information and if you can include it on your site, Cardoso's Island thanks you. First, just a detail, but the picture that appears on your site, is not the one of where the "forró" takes place, but of Valdete's restaurant, where they only serve meals. I am sending the only picture that I found of "Toca do Expadito" (Expedito's Burrow), with him and his employee (Thunay) and their work excels. An important detail that I beg you to publish: NEVER bring your pet to Park. Besides being prohibited, they spread diseases for the people and for the wild animals. The telephones that you published for the people to make reservation won't help anybody. The correct telephone is the on of the Phone Post of Marujá (the same that you mention at the end of the page) (13) 6852-1161 I'm sending you also a picture of the Beach of the Flagstone, the most sought for Surf. I think they will like it. The Park doesn't have 22 500 hectares. That was a mistake that was corrected. The correct area is of 15 100 hectares. Trust me. I have already walked enough with GPS through the whole Island. The ruins in the island were of sawmills, brickworks and farms and not of vacationers. The houses of vacationers still exist, many of them in expropriation process, but they are intact and are still used by the owners. The total number of beds is 420, divided into 11 lodgings and 7 houses with rooms for rent. The Beach of the Middle and Marujá are the same place. The first one was Marujá's old name. The shining algae that mention, belong to the gender Dinoflagellata. They are called Noctilluca scintilans (they are scintillant at night). Those planctons exist only in clean waters.  That's why there is a biological treatment of the sewer (still in adaptation) and the tourist numbers' limit. Maybe the very camping owner can pick you up in Cananéia. Respect the residents. Watch your language and your behavior next to them. The whole garbage in Marujá is separated. The organic garbage is buried and the dry garbage is taken away to Cananéia. Therefore, separate your organic garbage (remains of food, etc.) and give it to the owner of the camping to bury. SEPARATE YOUR GARBAGE". tip from Isadora Parada 

17. " Cardoso's island is great for who wants to be in the peace, because in most of the time the place is empty and there is no cell phone signal (but there is a telephone you can use in marujá). You can also camp there. Bring repellent, because, especially in the summer, the place is infested by black flies, mosquitos, etc and it is hell... don't forget to separate your garbage for helping to preserve place!! See ya... "tip from Gabi Tikerpe

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