"I'm almost arriving at Ilha Grande (Big Island)! "  

Tourist Information: Av. Beira-Mar, Abraão Town, in a kiosk close to the wharf, only in the season. 

Aqueduto (Aqueduct) (1884) and Antigo Lazareto (Old Lazareto)- In Praia Preta (Black Beach), 20min from the town (access by the left of Abraão's Beach). Imposing aqueduct built to supply the old leprous house. The ruins, hidden by the vegetation, can be glimpsed through the thick mud walls of some cells. There is a close waterfall. 

Cachoeira da Feiticeira (Waterfall of the Witch) - With 15m of fall, it is considered the most beautiful of the island (access by trail, starting from Abraão, walk of 1:30). 


"It is very good to navigate with this view!" 

Farol dos Castelhanos (Lighthouse of the Castilian) (1900) - In the end East of the island, on a rocky tip. With grandiose view to the open sea and to Restinga de marambaia (Marambaia Sandbank). it is 14m of height and 1m thick walls. It is located in Ponta dos Castelhanos (Tip of the Castilian). The access is difficult and has to be done by trail, starting from Lopes Mendes's beaches or from the Swamps. 


" Praia do Aventureiro (Adventurer's Beach) has great waves! "   

Gruta do Acaiá (Acaiá Cave) - Access by boat, starting from Abraão or Provetá. And it is necessary to fully lean down your body to enter the cave, because it is quite narrow. There is an opening that faces the sea, by which one can see the reflexes of the sunbeams, through the transparent waters. 

Igreja de Santana (Santana Church) (1796) - Freguesia de Santana (access by trail starting from the Town, with 3:00 of light walk). Framed by coconut trees, it dominates the scenery of the small Vila da Freguesia (Freguesia Village), the first of the island, where there is a pirate cemetery. 


 "Praia do Sul e Praia do Leste (South and Eat beaches) also have good waves."  

Ilha de Palmas (Palmas Island) - in front the beach of same name, good for diving. The boatmen don't like to go there because of the agitated sea. Praia dos Macacos e Praia do Curiri (Monkeys and Curiri beaches) are also good for diving. 

Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) (picture) - actually, a pseudo-lagoon, formed by 3 islands. One of them, do Macaco (monkey Island), is a great place for diving with snorkel. Boats leaving from Abraâo. It can walk to it (4:30). 

"Here I come! "  

Mansão do Morcego (Mansion of the Bat) (1629) - private Property, forbidden entrance ( access by sea or trail). Considered the third masonry buildingin ion the country. It belonged to the fabled Spanish pirate Juan de Lorenzo.  Film director Mário Peixoto lived there, famous director of Limite, that rescued an old cannon from the sea. 


"This is Enseada de Palmas, seen from above! "  

Reserva Biológica da Praia do Sul (South Beach Biological Reserve) - It includes Praia do Aventureiro (Adventurer's beache) - where it is located Pedras do Demo e do Sul (Demo and South Stones), primitive, 7:00 of walk. Do leste (East) - rivers and enclosed ponds of swamps. Parnaióca - waterfall, river bathe, ghost-town, ruins from the slaves' time and fishing. Access by sea or trail (6:00).  


"Vila do Abraão (Abraham Village) can be seen from here "  

Fishery - The rocky coast, the transparent waters and the appropriate temperature make the island an excellent sea habitat. The net fishing are forbidden, but the one with line and the underwater are allowed. Among the best places, there are the bridges of Sítio Forte, Alto da Parnaioca and of the Jewfishes; Enseada Lopes Mendes (Lopes Mendes bay), Praia do Sul South Beach), Acaiá submarine cave and Jorge Greek's island. 

Peaks and Mountains - The highest points are Pico da Pedra D'água (Water Stone Peak) 1 031m, Pico do Papagaio (Parrot Peak), 990m (4:00 of ascent) and Pico do Ferreira Peak), 740m, natural track hand-gliding and beautiful view. Difficult access. 

"Nice! "  

Beaches - starting from Praia do Abraão (Abraham's Beach), towards the north, begins a small circuit of beaches. Very close to the town and of easy access: Júlia, Bica, Comprida, Crena, Guanxuma and Abraãzinho (40 min on foot). You just have to follow the trails to the sides of the beaches. Rich vegetation and calm and clear waters.  Morceg (Bat) - old pirate residence, today it is a private property. Grande das Palmas (Palmas Big) - fishermen village, camp and bar (2:00 walking). Mangues (Swamps) - only 500m long, with streams that form swamps in the extremities.  Lopes Mendes, 3km - one of the most beautiful of the island, with transparent waters (2:30 walking or 30mín starting from GRande das Palmas), 

"Praia de Palmas"  

 Caxadaço - small, old place of slaves receipt, with a waterfall 20min away on foot and a little road of 3km built by slaves and that reaches Dois Rios (Two Rivers), beach where the prison was (with a trail of 2:00 on foot, starting from Abraão). Proceeding to the south direction, still starting from Abraham's Beach, you arrive at Black or Lazareto beaches (l5min walk). Miradeiro, Feiticeira and lguaçu - good for bathe. Camiranga, de Fora Outside) - camping area. Saco do Céu (Sack of the Sky) - small and calm bay that by  night it reflects the stars (then the name, 2:00 to foot). Guanxuma, Funil, Japaris - colony of fishermen. Freguesia de Santana - church of 1796 and old pirate cemetery (4hs on foot). 

"The sunset is daily show."  

De Baixo ou Freguesia do Sul  Bananal Matariz - colony of fishermen. Passaterra, Maguariquiaçaba, Sìtio Forte, Teperae Ubatuba. In the last 3 a shipwrecked ship attracts divers. Longa (Long) - used for boatmen's overnight stay. Grande de Araçatiba and Araçatiba - good for nautical sports. Vermelha (Red), Ponta (Tip) and Gruta do Acaiá (Acaiá Cave), sought for underwater hunting. Provetá - where most of the residents is evangelical. Dos Meros (Of the Jewfishes) - good for underwater hunting. Soon afterwards you reach Praia do Aventureiro - 7:00 walk. To Araçaiba, Provetá and other beaches, the easiest transport is boat, that leaves the wharf of Angra dos Reis. 


"Boat is the only means of transportation in Ilha Grande."  

Trails - there are several crossing the Island and passing for rivers, waterfalls, beaches, fishermen villages and historical sites. The easiest are:  Vila do Abraão ,   Praia Grande das Palmas ,  Praia dos Mangues ,  Praia Lopes Mendes , a Vila do Abraão , Aquedudo , Saco do Céu , Freguesia de Santana ,  a Saco do Céu , Pico do Papagaio e a Freguesia de Santana ,Bananal , Matariz , Sítio Forte , Ubatuba , Araçatiba.. 


"Praia do Aventureiro has a really clear water!  

Ghost-town - In the Beach of Parnaióca, tracks of important abandoned town due to an escape of prisoners. The residents dispersed for other towns and they never returned. 

 "That beach is Lopes Mendes, which also has some great waves." 


From Mangaratiba to Abraão (Ilha Grande):  

- Daily at 8:00h o'clock 

- Friday there is a boat at 22:00h o'clock  

From Angra dos Reis to Abraão (Ilha Grande):  

- Daily at 15:30h o'clock  

From Abraão (Ilha Grande) to Mangaratiba:  

- Daily at 17:15h o'clock  

From Abraão (Ilha Grande) to Angra dos Reis:  

- Daily at 10:00h o'clock 


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1.You can only reach the island by boat. You can take the ferry in Angra to Abrãao, or to take a fishing boat to Provetá or Abraão.

2. if you want to go to the oceanic side of the Island, you should head for Provetá and to camp in Aventureiros. Who disembarks in Abrãao can stay there, where you find the best infrastructure of the Island or, if you prefer, you can camp in Palmas to surf in Lopes Mendes.

3. the best waves are in the folowing beaches: do Sul (South), do Leste (East) Aventureiros (Adventurer) and Lopes Mendes. The best time for surfing is from April to November.

4. Take a flashlight, it's essential.

5. Mosquito repellent will bring you some comfort.
6. Get ready to walk a lot. There are many trails. For the lazy ones, motorboats and fishing boats make the taxi role.

7. For who is going by motorboat or sailing boat Saco do Céu is the best place of the island, besides being perfect for wake-board practice, because the sea doesn't shake too much.

8. Take diving equipment, because the water is very clear. There are also some diving operators in the island.

9. If you go by motorboat to there, it is worthwhile to spend a night in Ilha do Arroz (Rice Island) or in Mandala. You can only go by motorboat, because it is far away from the Ilha Grande.

10. "Be prepared to dance "forró" all night longll!!! Abraão's forró, besides full, is the high point of the night." tip from Juliana V. Mendonça

11. I am impassioned by that place... great points to dive, surf, etc... but what is really good is to walk around the island in 5 days... TIP - don't take extra weight, and carry your garbage. Just use the legal camps (don't destroy what is still there, then don't do wil camping); it is a shame to see Aventureiros so devastated, and the local population each day using more of the hills to host the tourists... Best time = WINTER (without rains, without crowd, etc) " tip from Carolina Monteiro

12. "I love that place. But they are putting an end to him. Galley, we will collect our garbage. The Island tá being filthy. Full of beer cans in the trails... If they end with her, it won't "be built" other. We will value her while she exists. We can tan her/it without dirtying her! " clue of Aline - Rio de Janeiro  

13. "Haxi, you missed telling more about Três Rios (Three Rivers), one of the best attractions on the Island. One can reach it by boat or on foot. By boat, one can take one of the several schooners and fishing boats leaving from Abraão, but they wouldn't go out to open ocean if the sea is too shaky. I went on foot. It is a little tiresome, because it is 2:30 long and a little more to return... Follow a dirt road that cuts the Island between Abraão and Two Rivers, formerly used to the prisoners' transport. Next to the end of the trail you should take a shortcut that, although it makes the walk tougher, because of its irregular terrain, has a nice view, inside a forest and reaches a lake called Piscina dos Soldados (Soldier Swimming Pool), of clear waters, where you can rest a little. The arriving at Dois Rios already gives an impression of is coming next, because it is a very nice looking village, in spite the not so cared aspect. there are still some employees of the old prison and even a ex-prisoner, Mr. Julio, who is allays willing for a talk and to show the trumpet that he earned from a group of forein reporters. He loves to tell in details some of the stories, like the one of Escadinha - the famous prisoner - great escape. The visit to the prison, destryed some years ago, is vey interesting. But the best is just ahead: Dois Rios beach is wonderful, of clear waters and, as the name says, with two rivers disemboguing in it, one from each side, forming a great look. Ah, to eat, I recommend a meal at Getúlio's house former-employee of the prison, whose wife prepares a simple meal , delicious and cheap. My tip is to leave early from Abraão, spend all day in Dois Rios and to return around16:30, because the illumination in the road is not good and after it darkens it gets more complicate... If you want to add to my tip, I encourage you, 'cause I think it is good for people to know that wonderful beach of the Island, that is a little forgotten because of its "black past"... tip from Sandra - Rio de Janeiro

14. Hi, people.... I traveled that holiday again and I went to..... ILHA GRANDE (where else?), I can't avoid it... that place is a paradise. That's why "Trip to Brazil" recommeds it, isn't it? See ya, dudes.. " tip from Michel Lemos

15. "Another extraordinary place is Parnaióca, that, with the beach and the waterfall, it becomes the perfect place, without mentioning the local residents' hospitality (Dona Zaira and João), that prepare a good meal. Parnaióca hardly has waves, so don't forget to take your diving equipment." tip from Marcos R. F. Machado

16. "I knew Ilha Grande for the first timeduring the carnival, it was the best place that I have ever gone. I walk by several trails, it is indescribable, you have to go to believe. That place changed my life, I started to review my life. I intend to return to it as soon as I can. People from diferent cultures are found in Aventureiros..... " tip from Juliana Leite, RP

17. "A tipp against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take complex B, everyday. Two days before, take a doubled dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent in our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornelio

18. "For who's going to camp in Parnaioca or Santo Antônio, please collect your garbage and take care with the Southwest wind!!!Tie your tent tight and take a canvas so, on rainy days it would be possible to cook or just sit outside to talk a little! Go without a returning date set, because if it rains a lot, there are no boats and the trails get all messy... PRESERVE THE ISLAND, SO THAT IT WILL KEEP BEING OUR ISLAND!!! Kisses " tip from Dani - Rio de Janeiro

19. "Last carnival, I went to camp at Ilha Grande. It is THE place, understand? it is simply wonderful. Just have some tip to give: I went by boat, that, in spite of the price (2,80) it is not worthwhile for who will stay in Palmas for a long time, it is much better to take one of those boats there in Mangaratiba, and to go straight to it, the price varies between 10 or 15 reais, but there is allways one ready to leave. But if you're in quest for adveture since the begining, take the ferry to Abraão and then the trail to Palmas. But remember!! (an experienced friend's piece of advice) don't TAKE A LOT OF WEIGHT!! Don't come after, telling me I didn't warn you... I took two hours and ten minutes to reach it. The trails is hard, but when you arrive there in the top, my friends... it is so beautiful. Another important thing is to well choose the camp you will stay. I stayed in Alexandre's camp and I didn't like it much, in spite of being the cheapest, it doesn't have infrastructure ofr a carnival period, for example. I'm not saying it is a bad place, but it was the very owner who overcrowded the place. The food: the best place of Palmas to eat is, for sure, Sabor das Palmas ("Flavor of Palmas"), the meal is good and cheap. That's all, folks. Hugs and have a good trip." tip from Aline.

20. "People, this year I had the opportunity to know a Wonderful place: "Ilha do Aventureiro"(Adventurer's Island), I was simply charmed with the place. The waters are clear... many fishes... And the night is very cool, because of the forró inside the huts... lots of Peace and Love, I loved the place. Moreover, I was with my boy, Alexandre, who is my great partner in these adventures... However here it is a tip for you all who want to know the place, take food, because unhappily, there aren't many restaurant s in the village and the food ends fast, and if the person is not prevented will be hunger... But it is worthwhile all effort, mainly if it be accompanied, the feeling is pure passion.... It's cool!!!! Hugs from an adventurer... " tip from Maria - Resende R.J.
21. Ilha Grande is a great point! One stupid thing is when those guys overfill their motorboats and turn the music too loud and irritates everyone around. Escape from that, mainly in lingering weekends. Prefer the walks, less crowded. Oh! And collect your garbage, dude! " tip from Cristian Campinas

22. "Peopleeee, Ilha Grande is just awesome! If the paradise really exists, then Ilha Grande is its clone. There, hs everything is good, crystalline waters, a wonderful climate, nice state of mind! You need to know the Aventureiro beach (it is written without the "S" in the end) which is very cool, mainly for who likes to surf, to dance a good forró, to do a lual at the beach, to play the guitar on the seashore, to sing with the friends... hummmm, just thinking makes me remember it and miss it!!! To sleep under the moonshine and to wake up at the beach with the sun rising and touching your face and warming up you... and that coconut tree that was born already leaning!!! Hummm, so good. Take your tents and enjoy all the beauty of Ilha Grande, take food or eat bought meals that are delicious, home-made food of good quality, besides the low price. There are trails that cross the whole island, you can know everything in one week, it is very tiresome but it is also stunning!!! Kisses, " tip from Marcelle Lopes

23. "You missed Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon)! It is a nice place of shallow and more than transparent waters. It is very pleasant to enter in that totally transparent water and to notice that you are enclosed by colored fishes!!! On the stones you find a colored aquatic fauna, very entertaining and it is a very cool walk even for who is going with children. Don't miss knowing that piece of the paradise. Attention: if somebody is on agency trip, pay attention and see if the personnel of the boat really knows the Island as to serve as guide... Many of them just know the name of some beaches... Here in the Haxi site, he has much more information than most of the walks offer... Another on boats: BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE BOATMEN THAT LEAVE MANGARATIBA AND ANGRA DOS REIS! In Mangaratiba, a guy offered me a boat for 15 reais and later I knew in a local bar that the guy is a known drunk and that it would have take an eternity for us to cross the Bay! When in Angra, try to arrange a price with the own boatman. I say that because there are some guys seeking passengers in the wharf and that they are not going with you in the embarkation. They say a fictitious price, because they make money filling the boat or the motorboat. In my case, it was said by the guy that the children would not pay and when almost arriving at Ilha Grande the owner of the motorboat almost decided to collect on board for all of the children and when the tourists complained he offended everybody in a threatening way... in other words, prefer schooners that travel in the Island, and preferably that belong to some agency of the place." tip from Fábio Aldovrando

24. "Haxi, I went to Ilha Grande (Palmas) with my boyfriend in this New Year's Eve. It was wonderful!!! The place is extraordinary. My tips are: 1 - you can share a commercial meal, and it is cheap, it is about 6 reais. 2 - take a pot and spoon to prepare breakfast. Take powdered milk and coffee, instant coffee, because it is expensive to take breakfast in the Island. You can allways find someone to borrow a portable stove, if you're not carrying one. 3 - take this piece of advice: take repellent and flashlight. 4 - take only trainers and slippers. 5 - clothes: shorts and bikini. By night, there is a weak breeze: take a coat. 6 - it is worthwhile to go to Conceição de Jacareí on the return because it is only a 1 hour trip. 7 - don't take drugs (and don't use it too, of course) but, for are on it, know the police is watching the trails to catch some users, besides, when arriving in the Island in Abrão's wharf, be alert so that your walk won't end earlier. Only in this New Year's Eve there were more than 70 people taken to the Police station, being of these, 10 foreigners. They were most from Abraão and Palmas. 8 - take your camera, take plenty of pictures. 9 - take toilet paper, it will be necessary. 10 - for those who smoke, take your own cigarettes. There, it is more expensive!!! A kiss and I hope my tips help!!! " tip from Alice from Rio de Janeiro.

25. "Hi, haxi, how are you? Well, besides everything of the island, the tip is this: The cops are really being hard when searching drugs!!! (soon when you got off the ferry in the island) watch out, budy! The rest is all good!!! obs: the restaurants are not that good at the island. EXPENSIVE FOOD! "tip from Mario & Guto.

26. "People, if you go to Ilha Grande think twice before being in Lúcio's camping. The place is clean and the infrastructure is not bad, but the owner of the camping is totally paranoid. In the beginning, we found it was great the camp had gates due to safety... but later that was revealed to be a sign of his problems. The guy made terrorism as soon as we arrived, talking about violence in the city, something that turned to be over the top. Especially because there more policemen than inhabitants in the city... but the owner of the camp kept watching us 24hs. One day, when we were caoming back ona night, at 5 in the morning, we opened the gate and were saying goodbye to a friend of ours when the guy came from inside the camp, shouting and complaining that we left the gate open for more than 5 minutes and locked us outside! Can you believe that? It was REVOLTING, we were neither making noise nor anything. And we followed all the rules. We were 3 girls, and he didn't have any reason for complaining in any moment about our behavior. The guy got to insinuate things, I was disgusted!!! Think twice when choosing to stay there, because it is hard even to sleep because of the lights that are lit for safety... pure Paranoia!!!! "tip from Fabiana

27. "WOW!!! That place is everything in the life... Seeing the pictures gives no idea of how beautiful the place is. It is a shame that the local residents just think about earning money, filling the camps, because besides being uncomfortable, it pollutes and it destroys the beach. There is a "forró" at night in Luiz's camp and in the camping after the chapel, but it doesn't end late. The trail to Parnaióca is cool, nice view... it goes by Praia do Sul South), do Leste (East beaches) and inside of a swamp till arriving to cross the hill. It is worthwhile. If going before lunch, take food, because it can happen to arrive in Parnaioca and the food is already over (it happened to me...). Things in Parnaióca are more expensive than in Aventureiro and there aren't many campings. There is a nice waterfall there. However in Aventureiro, the Sunrise is the most blinding thing that I have ever seen my life. I can die a thousand times, but I will take that memory for all the other lives!! Don't forget to bring your garbage back... "tip from Aline Araújo - RJ.

28. "for me it is the best place of the world. Lopes Mendes's beach. It is perfect. Try to go out of the season. Avoid holidays. The place seems to be yours. Climbing Pico do Papagaio (Peak of the Parrot) tires, it puts an end to our legs. But the view compensates any effort and sacrifice. Abraão's town is cool. Meet the residents, they are full of stories to tell. Oh!!!! there is this guy who is always there making caricatures!!!! I did. It is funny. The island is the paradise that god left in Earth for us to enjoy... Also visit Gruta Acaiá (Acaiá cave). If you like to dive is, so that's the place. There are two entrances to the cave. One on the ground, where you have to walk leaned over about 40 meters and in the end you only see a neon, the blue of the sea is wonderful. It is a piece of this very special world. The entrance in the sea is also awesome. But, seek an experienced guide in the area. Do never go alone, ok? Kisses “tip from Lanuza Madruga de Volta Redonda

29. "Gee! Pernambuco has the most beautiful beaches of the Northeastern coast, but Ilha Grande really enchanted me. Aventureiros, to be more precise. I had already seen pictures in trip magazine, but live, it's another story. It is soooo beautiful! And it is still better when you're in love. If there is no moon, don't worry, because the stars take charge of decorating the night. Remember to take a flashlight, in case you want to go up the trail to Provetá, because cell phone signal reach the top of it. But it may not work for all kinds.To arrive in Aventureiros, you just have to take a boat in Angra port, because some residents of the beach do the transportation themselves. You just have to arrange it with someone to take you there and catch you later. Good trip and don't forget to leave the beach clean! " - Tip from Dani Vilela, Recife – PE

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