"Here we go! "  

Ecological patrimony, not just of Paraná population, but of all the humanity, "Ilha do Mel" (Honey Island) has 95% of its area composed of sandbank ecosystems and Atlantic Forest, which brought it to the category of Ecological Station, in 1982.  

"Swimming! "  

On its hills and plains there are trails for walks, leading to areas where it is possible to watch the beautiful landscapes and plant and animals species, making it possible, for the tourist, the encounter with a blinding reality, where the sea breeze and the bush smell compose a unique aroma. 

The sea is also one of the attractions. The bathe in the salt water allows the relaxation not just of the body, but also brings the spiritual peace need for the involvement with the environmental wealth of this beautiful place. 

"Travelling under the rain is terrible

Everything costs the tourist just some basic cares: camping at proper place; attention to  the correct destination of the garbage; respect for the fauna and the flora. 

A retreat like this deserves our affection as the best way to demonstrate our love and respect for nature. 

"Farol das Conchas" (Lighthouse of the Shells) 

The landscape that is a mark of the island - the Lighthouse of the Shells, is located at "Morro das Conchas" (Hill of the Shells), and it was built by order of D. Pedro II, accomplishing, since 1872 until our days, its aim of guiding the navigators who come into Paranaguá's Bay. 

"Fortaleza (Fortress) Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres" 

"Fortaleza da Barra" (Barra's Fortress) was built in 1767 by the Portugal king's order, D. José I. Aimed to protect not just the place, but the country, once Paranaguá shelters one of the main ports of Brazil. 

In 1850, at this fortress, the "Cormorant Combat" marked the history of Paranaguá. An English ship arrested three national embarkations due to the slaves' illicit traffic, originating the cited battle. 

"Gruta das Encantadas" (Grotto of the Charmed) 

The Grotto of the Charmed is wrapped up in legends and fantastic stories about beautiful women who charmed everyone who approached them. 


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1. There are no cars in the Island.  So, it doesn't matter if you go by car or by bus.  

2. It rains a lot during the whole year. The best time to avoid to the rain is between December and end of March. 

3. The boats travel from "Praia do Pontal do Sul" (South Point Beach), in Paranaguá to Nova Brasília in 30 minutes and to "Praia Encantada" (Charmed Beach) in 25 minutes. 

4. The place has good waves for surfing. 

5. In November and beginning of December happens an attack of horseflies. They are tough. 

6. There is A LOT of campings. 

7.  "It is worthwhile to take a picture of "Mar de Fora" (Outside Sea), located at Charmed!! Visit "Forró da Ilha"!! Many flirts happen there. We've been there and we enjoyed a lot! " Tip from Lila 

8. "TIPS FOR  HONEY ADDICTS  - walk on the stones, and try to find "Carão", 3 meter stone, on the format of the face of an Indian, located at Charmed.  Taste the delicious water from the waterspout, the legend says that, if you do, you'll come back. LONG LIFE TO HAXI!!! " tip from Marcos (Kamikaze)  

9. "That's it, people, the carnival 2001, was great there, at Charmed!!! I'd just like to leave a message: Let's take care of the Island! The people who go there must be aware that we can't destroy that beautiful place. Along the trails, I saw many cigarettes and glasses and plastics. Let's not bother nature! Congratulations for the site." tip from Therezaraiz  

10. "Visit the Fig on "Caminho do Canto da Vó" and "Praia do Belo" (Beach of the Beautiful), and the sunset at Charmed . It is awesome!  "tip from Yasmin   

11. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take a lot of B complex, everyday. Two days before, take it in double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornelio  

12. "People, when hungry taste the delicious shrimp portion at the bar "Sonho de Verão" (Summer Dream) that is at the beach of the charmed. The bar is seen right when you go down on the pier. The portion is huge, for a very good price (8,00 bucks), enough for 4 people. Hugs" tip from Wanderson Paulino.  

13. "The island is the Paradise, for sure! If you will stay at Charmed, it is worthwhile to stay at Maninho's Camping, very well located and with great service! Maninho is a great guy and he gives good tips on the best points of the Island.  Oh, if you're going to have lunch at Fortaleza, open your eyes, it's expensive and the food portions are small... On the other hand, on the path from Charmed to Brasília, there is a lodging called "Sossego" (Peace) that serves a nice meal, for R$5,00... Nice and cheap lunch, in front of the sea. After all, there are some nets for you to rest before continuing the walk. It's worthwhile, for sure." tip from Samuel Marcondes - Poços de Caldas - MG  

14. "Honey Island is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. There are bars for all the preferences, rock. reggae, "forró", etc... the sea is beautiful and the places are awesome." tip from Marcelo.

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