"Great view."  

Itanhaém is the second older city of Brazil, because it was founded in 1532 by Martim Afonso de Souza. It is located at the distant South Coast, only 110 Km from the Capital of São Paulo. 

"Praia do Sonho" (Dream's Beach) - it has 800 meters and a slight curvature, that finishes on the imposing coast, where are located "Praia das Conchas" (Beach of the Shells), "Gruta de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes"  (Grotto Nossa Senhora de Lourdes) "Cama de Anchieta" (Anchieta's Bed). 

"This is "Pedra da Esfinge" (Sphinx's Stone)."  

"Praia dos Pescadores" (Fishermen's Beach) - it is located between Itanhaém river's mouth and the Dream's Beach. It has stones, vegetation on the hillsides of Sapucaitava's Hill. From this beach one can access "Ilha das Cabras" (Goats' Island).  It is the most sought by the surfers. 

"Praia do Cibratel" (Cibratel's Beach) - one of the most sought for the fishing practice and sea bathing.  It is the beach of larger extension of sand in width and length, having, behind it, Juréia Hills.   

"This is Itanhaém river's mouth.   "

"Praia do Tombo" (Beach of the Fall) - due to Itanhaém river's mouth, the water gets darker. Sea bathing close to Itanhaém river's mouth is not advisable, due to the holes and unevenness of sand, in and outside of the water. 

"Praia de Itanhaém" (Itanhaém's Beach) - it is goes from the end of the Beach of the Fall to the boundary of the municipal district of Mongaguá. Ideal for sea bathing due to its calm water. Also known as "Praia Grtande" (Big Beach), at the passage next to the Beach of the Fall 

"The beaches seem endless here."   

"Morro do Paranambuco" (Paranambuco Hill) - on its summit there is a stone that, watched from certain angles, it seems an Egyptian woman's profile, which made it known by the residents as Sphinx's Stone. 

"Morro Piranguira" (Piranguira Hill) - it has trails that cross the forest. On the left side, you see the sea and the Dreams' Beach. On the right side, river Itanhaém, through the trails among the thick forest.  

"There is a river here where the boats are docked."  

Itanhaém river - it crosses the city and its best attraction is the encounter of its waters with the sea. After the bridge between the neighborhoods of "Baixio" and "Guaraú",  there are some fishing posts and above, the practice of nautical sports is allowed, besides the fishing and swimming. 

Sapucaitava's Hill - by a trail on the way to "Praia da Saudade" (Beach of the Longing), you reach its summit, from where you have a view of the Fishermen Beach. 

"The sand is rock hard."  


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1. There are good waves for surfing. The break point is far and it is necessary to row a lot.  

2. Go for a boat trip on the Itanhaém river. 

3. From Paranambuco's Hill you'll have a nice view of the city. 

4. They you should bathe next to Itanhaém river's mouth, because of the many unevenness of the sand. 

5. "I'd like to include the site of the Tourist Trips on Itanhaém river, Thank you" tip from Renata

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