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City of the interior from São Paulo, Southwest area of S. Paulo's state, dista approximately 330 Km. of the capital. With a dear population in 46 thousand inhabitants, already date in more than a hundred his/her years politicize-administrative emancipation, that it is commemorated on August 28. Due his/her bordering location to Paraná, affectionately known as the "Sentry of the Border", from the time of the Revolution of 1930. Exactly for this geographical position, it was always point of travelers' passage that of remote times it included the tropeiros, doing with that the city has good infrastructure: lodging, feeding and trade. Now bill with five hotels and three pensions. In the gastronomy it consists: four restaurants, three barbecue restaurants and four pizzerias, haul of snack bars. At night itarareense is typical of interior, with frequent dances in the clubs, barzinhos music 'live' and the registered mark of the small cities: the 'footing'. In against point the lack of conditions to put Itararé in prominence in the media, is the certainty from who comes and he/she knows, it returns, it returns for the hospitality, peacefulness and simplicity of our city. He/she returns for the four seasons, very defined for the TOURISM that only now begins to give their first steps. A gradual activity, drifted and with respect, a lot of respect: to the visitors and the Nature. BE WELL COMING THE SENTRY OF THE BORDER



Downtown it is an only place characterized by the moulded relief through the years for Rio Itararé's action, that a canyon that gave name to the municipal district. In Tupi-Guarani it means: Ita - stone and Raré - dug by the rio.No park found Saint Grotto, point of encounter of the devotees of N. s. of Conceição, the Grotto of the Swallows (the name for itself is already explained), the cascade of Chuveirinho, the rift of the 'Sanga'. the old point strong, and small trails for the vegetation symbol of the area - the savannah from São Paulo and such famous water and dictated by the folklore as responsible for the turn of those that drank of her.

PISA - PAPERS OF IMPRENSA S.A (Itararé/Sengés(Pr.)
Larger area of reforestation of the whole area. This farm is located to 18 kms. of the center and Itararé. With 90% of their lands with forest of Pinnus Taede possesses enormous potential of natural resources and cénicos, of which we highlighted:
It is worth of the Electric spark: With imposing formations rochosas(areniticas), he/she stands out for the Waterfall of the Electric spark that of the high of their 104 mte.contempla the whole canyon formed by the action of Rio Itararé's waters.
City of Stone: the "Mini Town Velha'da area is considered, whose Nature was assigned of molding along millions of years a scenery of 'their metrópole'com buildings and sky-scrapers.
Well of the Charm: Lake imbeded in a beautiful area of permanent preservation, with their clear and transparent waters with his/her all covered bed of mosses that you/they turn him/it an only scenery. As it possesses a sheet freático to the surface, 'espele'suas waters according to the frequencies of noises and movements in their margins creating an effect of bubbling... Extraordinary!

Note: Indispensable previous request of authorization for visits.

"There are a lot of waterfalls"

He/she would SET UP / 29 Itararé(Sengés-Pr.)
Hill formed by countless hills with altitude varying of 15 to 30 mts. of height. Excellent for 'hikking'e mountaineering, in an atmosphere of freedom and visual pleasant. It possesses a Cascade in Faz.S.Judas of Morungava that increases the expectation of the groups to these types of exercises, in a place of ciliary forest. Access highway in good trafegabilidade state.
TRAIL OF THE SNAIL / 29 Kms. of Itararé
In the Mountain of Bonsucesso. still in the municipal district of Itararé, the beauty of the end of the canyon of Quartelá. Faces areniticos, possibly of the era Devoniana, show the whole exuberance of the nature in his/her relief, in it is worth intermixed him/it of ranches, plantations, ciliary forests and of hillside, reforestation and campos.Numa great rift among rocks, the Snail is trodden, going by grottos, pastures, Araucarias and streams, in a safe walk of 7 Kms.

TRAIL OF the OLD HIGHWAY / 33Kms. of the center of Itararé
Being been worth of the skinny effect of the valley of Bonsucesso, we took advantage the gutter of the old highway that linked Itararé then to the, neighborhood of Bonsucesso.Os cares of the erosion and vegetation transformed the access in a picturesque road for 'hildong'. putting the tourist's front an imposing landscape of the crags of the hillside of Finance Seven Trilhas.Como complement, the Stone of the Chicken can be arrived through these crags that form the border of the old highway.

FINANCE SEVEN TRAILS 35 center of Itararé(BomSucesso of Itararé/SP)
Already in the recently emancipated municipal district of Bonsucesso, he/she is Mr. João Fabri's Finance, final objective of the Snail. With having entered for a good-looking forest of araucarias (Pine tree-pity-Paraná) the this authentic farm of the interior is arrived: buffalos, pigs of the race 'branca(white), ducks, ducks, ovinos, cavalos,andorinhas, siriemas and curucacas-framed by the relief with curious formations in their picks, of 'Stone of the Chicken' and Stone of the Camel '. Places these of having arrived for other short walk to dazzle with one of the most beautiful shows of the Nature: the sunset, whose swallows take charge of completing the look, in a medium altitude of 1100 mts. above the sea level.


Deprived property, located in the municipal district of Sengés(PR). One of the most beautiful points of tourist interest of the whole região.Destaque for the beauty of the place where locates: imbeded between the faces areniticos of his/her fall and the forest to his/her turn, the easiness of taking a bath in the natural swimming pool that it exists with white and thick with groves that offer fresh surpluses. It should be stood out conserved her/it trail for the forest that takes the visitors the this waterfall of about 42 height for approximately 30 mts. of curtain of water.

He/she TREADS OF THE PAVED / 32 Kms. of Itararé(Sengés-PR)
They are about 4/5 Kms. of light walk, where the landscape of Rio Paved Big it is put upon the 'macegas', capons, it kills ciliary, crags (besides some with paintings rupestres), besides countless natural swimming pools with transparent waters. Same property above, the trail has for objective the true "natural retreat" of the I begin of the fall of water of the Waterfall mentioned already. During the 'hildang'passagens for the Cascade of Rio Actma.Cachoeira of the Funnel and the Great Cascade doTopo with a swimming pool of approximately 15 mts, of diameter. Because of his/her location in relation to the sun, their waters are more lukewarm in relation to the remaining of Paved Rio.

He/she TREADS OF THE WATERFALLS / 38 Kms. of Itararé(Sengés-PR)
Accompanying the river Paved Big, starting from the first fall of his/her East - the Waterfall of Cabeceira(com 35 mts. of altura)temos a walk of 4 Kms. approximately, with three other falls of water: in the sequence of the walk: Waterfall of the Indians (height aproa, of 20 height mts), the Waterfall of Lajeadão with approximate height of 20 height mts with an endless amount of natural swimming pools surrounded by exuberant ciliary forest that it is equal to a sub-tropical forest, reminding our famous Atlantic forest and finally and Cascade of the Poço Fundo, final passage of this unforgettable walk "hídrica", we can say like this.
TRAIL OF SEGREDO/5 Kms. of the center of Itararé it Treads typical of the practice of the trekking. Walk of approximately 11 Kms. with an impressive flora diversification and relief, accompanying him is Worth of Rio Jfargre.Destaque to Rio D 'it Polishes with countless unevenness and cascades, forming several swimming pools natural-crossing Rio Itararé comes across the final objective of the trail: the Waterfall of the Secret with their 70 mts. of height that is worth for being located in this he/she has the effect of the winds in their waters, resulting a beautiful one 'ballet' in a permanent fog of effects multicoloridos. Ideal place for the snack, I rest and obvious, refreshing baths of limpid waters.

Private property, recently acquired for an entrepreneur of Itararé for future facilities of complex tourist. The first prominence is due to the demarcations of the farm that are natural: the faces arenincos are assigned of doing him/it, with heights of 30/40 mts. in relation to RioPirituba that runs calm and his/her display primary ciliary forest, now responsible for a rich and varied fauna: squirrels (frisky), maritacas, hawks, tucanos,capivaras, quatis, deer, wolves and even ounces. Excellent trail takes the tourist up to where the cold waters of the waterfall of the Seven Falls of the Invented fall, with their 60 mts. of height. With natural areas for bath and natural lazer.Mirante in the entrance of the farm complete the picture sessions and why simply not to wait the evening...


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1.The attractions are not well signaled. A local guide can help you a lot.

2.Go to Cachoeira do Lajeado Grande. It is a beautiful waterfall.

3.Do the lodging reservation in advance, because the city has few hotels.

4.In the side of Paraná State, there are in the city of Senges, a lot of attractions.

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