"This place is cool!".  

Itaúnas is one of the main tourist attractions of the north of Espírito Santo state. The place is a rustic and simple town that is 289 kilometers from Vitória, close to the city of Conceição da Barra.. 


"The dunes are between the sea and some lakes."  

The dunes of the place seem a real desert. And the landscape is not always like this... actually, the place started to have the actual appearance in 1930, thanks to the exploration of the wood from the trees of the State. The sands began to invade everywhere and they covered the old city, that now is below of the dunes. The poor residents, were forced to build a new town far away from the dunes.  

"I like to be seating on the dunes

It is possible to a swim in Itaúnas river to remove the salt from the body. In spite of the water be dark, it is clean. On their borders, some bars, where "forró" happens every night. On the full moon, it is has a great view. 

"The path to "Riacho Doce" (Sweet Stream) is an awesome maze of eucalyptus

The dunes have 30 meters of height. Below those enormous dunes there are more than 300 houses, bakeries, school, 2 streets, Mail Post and church. The dunes have 5 km of extension for 1 km of width. 

"The kiosks on the beach help a lot"  

Founded in 1991, Itaúnas State Park has an area of 3.600 hectares. Inside of it, Itaúnas river, Atlantic forest, flooded areas, the beach, the famous dunes, sandbank and a growth of mangroves. 

"There are dunes all around."  

Almost 10 km from Itaúnas Village is the Sweet Stream, practically on the border with Bahia. There you find a beach with bar and kiosks, where you can eat and drink. At night, "forró" begins at 0:00h, on weekends. 

"I played at the lakes... " 











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1. Phone booths are rare there and there is no cell phone signal.  

2. If you go by car, fill it with gas before entering the dirt road to Itaúnas, there has no gas station. In Conceição da Barra is the nearest gas station. 

3. There are dunes there, but it don't count on surfing on the dunes (sandboard), the best dunes to practice it are interdicted by IBAMA, because people were destroying the native forest. Anyway, the dunes are no good for cool drops. 

4. If you enjoy the night but hate "forró", choose other place for traveling. There the night is forró, forró and forró. Ahh, the night begins very late, at about 1:00, 2:00 and it only ends in the morning. 

5. Also Visit Riacho Doce and Costa Dourada. The path is awesome, it seems Robin Hood forest. 

6. Bring a sunshade, the beach has no shade.  

7. Take slippers to cross the hot dunes. 

8. Don't swim far from the waves break point, there are cases of shark attack on the area.  

9. "There is cell phone signal at steps from the beginning of the bridge towards the dunes." tip from Ellen Peixoto 

10."One of the branch of the project TAMAR (Marine Turtle) is located at ITAÚNAS; Visit it, you will be informed on the dates of births of the little turtles (which usually happens during january). They are given to the children to take them to the sea. It's so BEAUTIFUL !! " tip from Cristiana Soares Prado 

11. "If you go to Itaúnas, get to know "cachaçaria do Sebastiam". The guy is nice and it is a different atmosphere inside of the dunes because he enjoys a different music. See ya! " tip from Marco Aurélio  

12. "Good, I thought you'd better update the informations on Itaúnas. I arrived from there yesterday... now there is a "Telefonica" cell phone tower, in other words, the telephones of this Company usually work at the town." tip from Ellen Peixoto  

13. "At night, an alternative to "forró" is "Barzulzim", where you can listen to some blues and rock, basically. It varies according to the day. Oh, it is good to take some basic medicines!! I don't know how it is now, but in the beginning of the year the Health center was closed and there was no drugstore there!! " tip from Fernanda Conte 

14. "Hey, people! Itaúnas is really everything you read at the site. But if you want to take advantage of the wonders of Itaúnas and to be accommodated with quality and comfort, you may stay in Conceição da Barra, that has many options of lodgings with great prices and it is just at half an hour from Itaúnas. There are buses during all the day." tip from Mário Jr. 

15. "If going by car, leave it parked and enjoy the walks (everything is near). Don't throw  cigarette on the ground, besides being anti-ecological, everybody walks barefoot, and at the forró, I saw several people burning the foot. A hug for the native ones." tip from Dudu (RJ)    

16."Bring vegetable scouring pad to wash your feet when arriving from the forró...   Kisses". tip from of Cléria Alves  

17."No hurry there, a lunch takes at least 40 minutes to be served and breakfast in no less than 20 (if you're lucky). Also eat a Shrimp stew at Cizinho's restaurant, it's delicious. Also get to know "Pararraio de Bebâdo", a kiosk that has a menu with wonderful drinks. Don't miss drinking "Capeta" and "Café Turbinado". tip from Anderson Silva (SP)  

18. I have just arrived from Itaúnas and I loved!!!! For who is a "forro" lover, it is great. I only found the prices a bit more expensive than what was published.  R$10,00 to enter into the forró. And the meals cost R$6,00, but can be shared with someone. Thanks" tip from Tania Klinger  

19."If you like "capoeira", there, in Itaúnas, you find a place to play, in front of the church!  At 19:00 hrs!!! tip from Morcego da Senzala 

20"Go to the dunes by an alternative path... right after the bridge, to the right, there is a trail. That trail is very cool at that time of floods... you have to swim across the river and the trail has waters knee high". tip from Mirian (Vitória-ES)  

21. "Four years ago I went for the first time to Itaúnas and since then I wait the Winter Festival to go back there. The place is just hypnotic! I am not a forró fan, but there, things change.  There is something to do at every corner, at every house and lodging, every time. With or without girlfriend, it is great! And you find very good and cheap lodgings." tip from Paulo Roberto Dias - Vitória - ES 

22. "For who likes forró (like me) Itaúnas is the paradise. Forró begins at 18:00 h in the matinée that goes until 0:00h and from 0:00 h to 6:00 h at the two houses of the town - "Bar do Forró" and "Buraco do Tatu" which take turns on offering the matinee one day and the night forro the other. Wake up early (if you can) and go to the kiosks, and take a sunshade. And take advantage to meet people from everywhere of Brazil: São Paulo, Rio, Minas, Espírito Santo and Bahia". tip from Claudinho - Xôro Baixo

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