"This is the famous "Pedra Furada" (Holed Stone)".  

Jericoacoara means "alligator tanning" in the language of the indians. Besides that the local fishermen say that, watched from the sea, the Holed Stone looks like the eye of an alligator. 

There is no road that takes to Jericoacoara, that is at 371 km to the west of Fortaleza, for that the most used way of getting there is by "buggy" (a kind of jeep used to drive on the sand) or 4x4 jeeps by Jijoca and by Prea Beach. 

"Watching the sunset from up the dunes is unforgettable."   

Tatajuba and "Lagoa Verde" (Green Pond) - approximately 60 km of walk. Tatajuba is a primitive fishermen village. The village had been hidden by the dunes, and was rebuilt by the fishermen at the other margin of the river. That's why some people call it New Tatajuba. It has huge dunes, some in crystallization process, which impedes them of moving under the action of the wind. To arrive there, the buggy has to cross the mouth of the river Guriú on a raft. 

"The crystalline ponds are the great attractions."   

There are several other trip options. You can even go to Camocim, that is the main  fishing center of the state and the largest city of the area, not only to get to know it, but also to visit Maceió Beach. It takes approximately 90 minutes to arrive there and the course is almost completely for the coast, and in some passages it is obligatory to cross streams on wood rafts. Or simply to get to know Preá Beach, where the fishing is quite developed and it is next to Jericoacoara. 

"The city is very nice"   

The prices vary depending on the trip and the amount of people. On a buggy with occupation of up to four passengers, you will pay from R$ 60,00 to the R$ 160,00 for the group, to visit at least two places. There is also the option of making some of the itineraries above on small buses, where the average price for each passenger is of R$ 15,00. 

"From the dune it is possible to see everything around

Preá Beach - "Lagoa Azul" (Blue Pond) - "Lagoa do Paraíso" (Paradise Pond) - trip of approximately 40 km of extension, has as final destination the Paradise Pond, with 12 km of extension, enclosed by dunes and impressive for the transparency of its waters. It's also known by the cookery, because the restaurants are simple, but offer fresh fish and shrimp dishes, fished on the very same day, with good prices.  

"Great, isn't it?!!! "   

It is possible to rent a horse for R$ 4,00 per hour and to get to know the Holed Stone, "serrote" (the handsaw), Guriú, the dry swamp or just to gallop along the beach. And if you've never horserode: in case you need, the guides can accompany you or even go pulling the horse. Don't be afraid, the animals are used to the activity and are very calm.  For who likes to explore new landscapes, distant, an excellent idea is to rent the horse. 

"Nice... "   

Wind-surf / Kite-surf - Jeri is very windy: for the beginners and the ones who like a calm sail, choose Jijoca Pond, or "Paradise Pond" as it is known. 15 km of extension aligned with the slant, crystalline waters, wind, sun and several bars at the margin, to make a "pit-stop". Although it is a pond, in certain passages some undulation is formed, which allows some jumps. The wind begins at 9:00 and it only stops at night, with peak between 13:00 and 15:00. 

"On the way to the Holed Stone, the view is great... "   

"Praia Malhada" (Mailed Beach), to east of the bay, which also provides good sail condition, is also frequented by surfers. To the west side, an excellent sail is at Guriú river's mouth, at about 10 km from Jericoacoara. Guriú is a river that marks the west limit of APA (Evironmental Protection Area), where the water is flat, and the great feeling is to come out of the mouth at high speed to face the "bore" (step formed at the encounter of the waters from the river with the sea) to be flung upward. 

"... and to also go by some grottos."   

Sand-board - Practiced the whole year by several tourists and residents of Jericoacoara, it is the great sensation on the sunset. It's possible to rent a sand-board at the cost of R$ 2,00 the hour. 

"Wow, it's hot! "   

Raft - In Jericoacoara, the raft or canoe is the main means of transportation. The costs of a trip on it is R$ 6,00 per person. 

"You will also take a picture like this."  


Main Distances  

Fortaleza 317 km
Jijoca 23km
Parnaíba 227 km


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1. Take small money. There is no bank there.  

2. Take everything you'll need. The city is a bit isolated and it only has the basic stuff. 

3. A flashlight will help a lot, Jericoacoara has no illumination on the streets. 

4. The number of lodgings in Jericoacoara is small, for that it is good to make the reservation in advance. 

5. Jeri has no much shade. The sun is over your gead all the time. Take the best sunblock you know. 

6. Holed Stone and the ponds are obligatory visit. Don't miss them.  

7. The city has a good nightlife. Besides, some shows called "Sings Jeri" happen all the time, with "forró", reggae and rock and in the end of the night, everybody goes to Santo Antônio Bakery to eat fresh bread. 

8. The place is the paradise of the wind-surfing and kite-surfing. People sails from 9:00am to 9:00pm. The best area is at a tip of sand where some perfect right come constantly. It always winds, mainly in August and September. 

9. There is no road that takes to Jericoacoara, that is at 371 km to the west of Fortaleza, for that the most used way of getting there is by "buggy" (a kind of jeep used to drive on the sand) or 4x4 jeeps by Jijoca and by Preá Beach. 

10. It's not impossible to by 4x2 car, but the chance to stall is 60%. 

11. In the low season the nightlife is on Wednesdays and on Saturdays. In the high season only on Monday it doen't happen.  

12. Besides the trips on 4X4 vehicles or on buggy on the dunes, it is also nice make a trip on a raft, a horse ride and sandboard on the dunes.  

13. "In Jericoacoara, there is a good ice cream at "Cantinho Massa". Take advantage to chat with Dadinho, the owner of the ice-cream parlor. If you want, he'll give you tourist information and he can also take you to "delta do Parnaíba" and "Lençóis Maranhenses".  Tip from Josélia Soares e Silva

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