"Here it is the downtown"  

The area has 45 lodgings, approximately, located mainly around the city and at the edge of the rivers. The closest city, São Pedro da Serra (7Km), is another option for who wants to be at lodgings and Campings.  

"Poço Feio" (Ugly Well) - Road Mury/Lumiar. Almost at Lumiar, this place doesn't have anything of ugly. The place is calm, totally urbanized and it is a great option for has children. 


"There is a nice nightlife in São Pedro da Serra."  

"Encontro dos Rios" (Rivers Meeting) - Road Lumiar/Casimiro de Abreu. Extraordinary..., Encounter of the Rivers Macaé and Bonito amid the Atlantic forest. Be careful, because the place is a little dangerous. Try to enter always at the calmest parts along the river. 

"Indiana Jones" - in "Boa Esperança" at 4 kilometers from Lumiar downtown. An narrow Canyon enclosed by stones, some suspended through where you can go to a beautiful waterfall. In beginning of the Canyon it is possible to slip on your buttocks. And there is much more.... 

Walks & Escalades 

"This is "Pedra Riscada" (Scratched Stone)"  

"Pedra Riscada" - Road Lumiar-Casemiro de Abreu - 3 Km from Lumiar. strolling, it takes about 3 hours until the summit, from where a view of the whole Lumiar is had and of "Rio Bonito", besides "Rio das Ostras", if the day is clear. The walk is it a little tough. Take a First Aid kit and, of course, go with a guide. In the city you find much information at the "Bar do Vovô" (Grandpa's Bar). In relation to the escalade, there is a path, (Vento Solar) that is being conquered, the path is of 2º degree. 

" This river is great for camping."  

"Pedra Aguda" (Sharp Stone) - Highway "São Pedro"-"Bom Jardim", at 16 from Lumiar. Great walk, with excellent view of região. And much more... Find more about it at the Bars of the city. Rafting, Canoeing and rubber ring trip. You can count also on a Canoeing group from Friburgo, Group África, that every weekend they are in Lumiar. For the rubber ring trip, it is to leave from the Ugly Well, paying attention always to leav at the right points, because there are dangerous passages on the river, try to go with somebody expert. 

" That is the Rivers Meeting... "  

You also can: 

A great tip for who likes to ride is to rent a horse at Serramar Road, on kilometer 4, in front of the Cemetery, where you can also, play Footvolley.  It has a Bar at the edge of the river, with a Great court.You can also rent a bicycle, that can always be found on the weekends at the square of Lumiar. 

"Hey, waht's up, bro? "  

Weel, now, with the horse or the bike and some adventurous spirit, you can go to Serra Mar Highway, visit the Rivers meeting and going further on, you will find a village called "Cascatinha" and after another place called "Barra do Sana". Little known places, amid the Atlantic forest and very beautiful. 


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1. It's pretty cold there, take coats.  

2. The nightlife is slow. 

3. The best nightlife is in São Pedro da Serra, where there are some cool places to have dinner. 

4. The attractions you should not miss: Rivers' Meeting and Indiana Jones.  

5. "I've been in Lumiar with my girlfriend and my dog (Nick), I would like to recommend Brilho do Sol lodging, it is great, with individual chalets, they love animals (they have dog, cat, duck...) and it is not expensive." tip from Marcelo 

6. "Go to Paulinho's Bar. He has the best service and a view of the Scratched Stone". tip from Marcelo Salles 

7. "Don't miss conquering the summit of the Scratched Stone. The view is incredible. The walk is nice. It lasts 2hs, stopping to rest. A local map that can be foung at any establishment of Lumiar helps; besides, try to be attentive to the totems (stone sculptures that act as sign, indicating the right path, made by other mountaineers) along the path that take you to the summit, which is very wide, with several shelters for who wants to spend the night over there." tip from Claudino - RJ 

8. "In Lumiar, don't miss visiting the square, it was being renovated and it is really cute. And by night, go to São Pedro, because in Lumiar there is no nightlife. Get to know a place called "Clareira", a "forró" takes place there, with the local bands, and it is super cool, you can dance all night long." tip from Raquel (RJ)  

9. "Another tip is that at Lumiar downtown, there is a bar called "Bar do Vô", for who likes to drink, it is a good option. As soon as you enter, it looks like a normal bar, but when you turn the tv on, a Pink Floyd show starts!! " tip from Titan 

10. "Lumiar was the meeting point of my group, on every holiday. It didn't even had electric power! I was pleased when I saw the pictures, The square and the bandstand didn't change a bit! " tip from Márcia Elblink  

11. "I've been with a group in Lumiar, my wife and two couples, and a good option is to stay at Haras San Genaro Lodging. Marcelo and his wife are nice persons and breakfast is cool. At lunch the tip is "Tempero da Jô", at the highway." tip from Mur i- Lumiar.  

12. "Hi people! I would like to remind you that Lumiar is a district of "Nova Friburgo", RJ and it is not a city like the site says. A hug! " tip from Eduardo Almeida / RJ 

13. "There is no ATL cell phone signal! " tip from Renata Barros / RJ  

14. "Hi people, I frequent Lumiar since the 80's and reading the tips, I didn't find "Tia Arlete and Vadinho's" loding that is in "Boa Esperança de Cima". Check it out, because the food is very pleasant. A hug, "tip of Hair    

16. "Hi people, reading so many cool tipd, I had to write about a nice lodging, "Caminho das Candeias" lodging, the owners are called Jorge and Denise and they are wonderful. Breakfast great! It is worthwhile to check.. the price is special too." tip from Mônica and Márcia - RJ.  

17. "Visit a waterfall called "São José" and eat at "Tutu com Torresmo", in São Pedro da Serra and now there is one in Lumiar, above "Bar do Vovô"". tip from Christiane Amorim

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