"Do you have some food there?."  


"São José do Barreto" - This beach is the prolongation of  Barra Beach, towards Campos. Beach of open sea, it is very used for the fishing. 

"Campista" - it is located between "Prainha/Farol" (Little Beach/Lighthouse) and "Praia dos Cavaleiros" (Horsemen Beach). It is known for its rough waves, with 3 km of extension. 

"Prainha/Farol" (Little Beach/Lighthouse) - Located at 3 km from the urban center, this beach of only 150 meters keeps the charm of the primitive beaches, and shelters the ruins of the old lighthouse. It is an excellent point for the hurdle fishing and harbor for small embarkations, walks and meditation 

"That's where the boats stay."  

"Forte" (Fort) - This is a beach to be watched. The walks at dusk are unforgettable. With only 150 meters of extension the Beach of the Fort is prohibited for bathe, but the presence of Marechal Hermes Fort on one of its extremes provides rare beauty. 

Imbetiba - At this beach is located the Marine Terminal, to support the Petrobrás activities. Imbetiba is along Elias Agostinho Av and it is still very sought by the population, in spite of the movement of great embarkations. Totally urbanized, it has been used by the jogging apprentices and by the people that like to stroll. 

Lagomar - the beach of Lagomar is one of the most rich in fish of the city. It is located at a little more than 10 km from "Barra de Macaé". Although it is indicated for bathing, its waters are more favorable for the fishing, being abundant the robalo, catfish, sarga, sardine and shark. 

"Here you find sandbanks and lakes."  

"Cavaleiros" (Horsemen) - This is the main beach of the city, receiving great number of tourists during the summer. Most of its extension is bordered by the Atlantic Avenue, where are located the main bars and restaurants of the city. Its has an extension of 2 km towards "Rio das Ostras", being limited by Campista Beach and by Beach of the Sin. 

"Pecado" (Sin) - the presence of rocks that surface from the sea at 50 to 180 meters from the coast, also strong waves, make the Beach of the Sin excellent for surfing and bodyboarding. With 1,5 km of extension and warm and transparent waters, the Beach of the Sin is also sought by who practice the line and net fishing, and close to the coast it is also practiced the dive fishing. 

"Barra" - Located at Macaé river's mouth, this beach has 2 Km of extension, approximately. It receives many debris from the river and, for that reason, it is good for bathing, being more used for the fishing. 

"That's it."  

Sant'Anna Archipelago - One of the main ecological shrines of Macaé, it is located at 5 miles from the coast, on west side of the coast of Macaé. The archipelago is formed by "FrancÊs" (French), Sant'Anna Islands and "Sul" (South) Islet . The transport to the archipelago is made on embarkations rented at the Municipal Market or at the Iatch Club of Macaé. 

Jurubatiba National Park - it is formed by 31 kilometers of a sand arm and it shelters several species of the flora and of the fauna, as certain types of orchids and "bromélias", some of them in extinction and only found in the park. The diversity of Jurubatiba is so important that it can be found tracks of the Northeastern interior, and of the Amazonian Forest and the "clusias" - typical trees from more arid areas. In Jurubatiba National Park live alligators, capybaras, armadillos, otters, anteaters, besides a good number of birds and fishes still little studied. 


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1.  Jurubatiba National Park is the best attraction. Don't miss visiting it.  

2. There are good beaches, a little more deserted in "Rio das Ostras" which is a little more to the south. 

3. If you like waterfalls, visit Sana, that is not very far. 

4. "Hello. I would Like to make some corrections regarding the comments on Macaé, and  the National Park located there. 1 - the correct name of the conservation unit is "Parque Nacional da Restinga de Jurubatiba" (Jurubatiba Sandbank National Park). 2 - the visitation to the Park still is not allowed. Therefore, don't motivate the tourists to go the place, only if you an authorization from IBAMA. I hope to have helped. A hug. "tip from Karine L. Narahara 

5. Visit the national park, make a boat trip there, and also go to Carapebus and Quissamã. It is nearby and it is worthwhile. Carapebus has a good jeep ride, and ponds .” tip from Beijos Lanuza Madruga - Volta Redonda

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