"Sun and coconut water".  

Maragogi is right in the middle of "Costa Dourada" (Golden Coast), a beautiful passage on the Northeastern coast, between Maceió and Recife.  

Maragogi was a village called "Gamela", in 1887 became a town and was called Isabel, in honor to the princess who freed the blacks from the slavery. Later, in 1892, it received the name of Maragogi because of the river that flows out there. The name, according to historians, comes from Marahub-gy, or river of "Maraubas". Other interpretations translate "Mair-aqui-gy-po" as free, wide river.  

"I will bathe a little".  

It is an hour and a half to the north of Maceió, with 22 km of coast along which you find eight beaches: "Peroba", "Dourado", "Ponta de Mangue", "Antunes", "Barra Grande", "Bugalhau", "Maragogi" and "São Bento".  

For who comes from Maceió, in the south, the first beach is São Bento, soon after the bridge over Salgado river which separates Maragogi from Japaratinga. It is a bucolic fishermen village whose peacefulness is the main characteristic. 

"The beach is very long."  

Soon after, following for AL-101 highway towards the North, Camacho, another beautiful beach, appears at Maragogi river's mouth. Some beaches of the municipal district, like Camacho, received the name of ranches that existed there.  

Following the sequence, comes the beach of Maragogi town, with its border full of bars, restaurants and small craft stores. It is here, mainly in the weekends, the main frequented point.  

"Hey, what's up?"  

The next beach is Bugalhau, that begins after Paus river, where it is a beautiful growth of mangroves.  

Then, Barra Grande, an village, with a great beach for bathing and fishing.  

Antunes beach comes soon after and it is one of the calmest, which makes it very sought for rest, as well as Dourado beach, next to it.  

"Bye! "  

Ponta de Mangue, that appears in the sequence, is a good one, with calm waters and coral reefs, that shelters, in the low tide, small fishes.  

Finally, we arrived to the pleasant beach of Peroba, already at the boundary with Pernambuco. 


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1. The natural swimming pools are excellent to dive, and they are the best program of the place.  

2. There are dozens of beautiful beaches to the north as to the south of Maragogi. 

3. If you plan on diving in the natural swimming pools, go during the empty tide. 

4. Taste the gum cookie or "sequilho". 

5. Go by boat to "Galés", which are reefs at 6km from the coast. 

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