"Gee! One church next to the other! "  

Mariana was born to the margins of Carmo Stream, in the end of the 17th century, when the Pioneers From São Paulo arrived, in search of gold. The gold cycle ended, but the tracks remained - it proves that it was the largest mine of Minas Gerais. 

"The streets are made of stone."  

Mariana is located in the central area of the State of Minas Gerais, at approximately 100Km from Belo Horizonte. The main access is from Belo Horizonte, by BR-040 highway, towards Rio de Janeiro, for about 30Km, then taking "Inconfidentes" (Disloyal) Highway for more 80Km. 

"There are many old buildings."  

"Catedral da Sé" - it is at Cláudio Manuel square. The restroom of the sacristy was made by "Aleijadinho". On Fridays and Sundays, the Cathedral relives the 18th century: the Baroque sound invades it through the 964 tubes (the largest with 2,4 m) of the German organ Arp Schnitger, famous all over the world. Manufactured in 1701 and donated in 1751 by d. João the 5th, it crossed the ocean and traveled was carried on donkeys to Mariana. 

"The streets are like a trip to the past."  

N. S. of Carmo Church - it is Minas Gerais square. On the facade of the church of 1784, a sun and a moon made of "soap-stone" indicate that the slaves worked day and night on the work. The painting of the lining has rococo perspective. 

"There are even drinking fountains on the streets."  

"S. Pedro dos Clérigos Church"  - Of 1752, enclosed by palm trees, the church still offers a beautiful view of the city. 

S. José Seminar - it is at Cônego Amando street, 57. Old luxury: outside stairway studded with topaz stones.  

"My god, people really like to pray here... "  

Sacred Art Museum - Frei Durão street, 49. Rococo house of the 18th century. The prominences are reliquaries and saints images by Aleijadinho, soap-stone fountain attributed to him and the painting "Queda of Jesus." by Athayde   

House at Direita street, 54. Closed for visitation. It Belongs to Mariana's Curia and it is used now as residence for the sister from the Popular Charity. Look at the soap-stone lacy of the counter and of the balcony. 

"Nice.. "  

"S. Francisco de Assis Church" - it is also at Minas Gerais square. Paintings by Athayde decorate the roof of the sacristy, in the church built in 1794. The medallion of the door is attributed to Aleijadinho. 

Pillory - Minas Gerais square. Two iron arms sustain a scale and a sword, the justice and the force. Above, the Portuguese crown. 


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1. Visit the old gold mine. It is very nice.  

2. Mariana is a cultural trip, very appropriate for the lovers of the national history

3. Get ready for the guides who approach in front of every church. Some are a bit annoying

4. Don't miss the opportunity to eat the good food of Minas Gerais

5. If still don't know Ouro Preto, don't miss the opportunity, because it is nearby

6. "You know the organ of the Cathedral? Well, it is played by a very famous organ player (I don't know if that exists), known in Brazil and in some countries of the world, called Elisa Freicho." tip from Clarice Araújo 

7. "To better get to know the city, at the main square, where the disloyal museum is, you'll find some tourist guides, they explain everything, it is worthwhile. There is some nightlife at Direita Street. Bye! " tip from Bruno 

8. "1 - "Lapa grotto" / Topaz Mine - take the exit to Antonio Pereira, you'll arrive at a village in 15 minutes, before the break-spring, turn to the right. In the ascent, to the left side, yellow gate, it is the entrance to Topaz Mine (it is not allowed the entrance of minors, even accompanied by the parents, because it is an open mine and there is the risk of accidents). Following the ascent of the street, you arrive at the Lapa GROTTO, where the slaves hid. It is a nice trip. 2 - Royal Highway - Exit to "Lavras Novas" - a new road was built over the roads used in the time of the empire, they still remain 3 or 4 bridges of that time. 3 - Care, the guides are sticky." tip from Geraldo E. Papa - Santo André

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