"Here it is Maromba where the nightlife takes place"  

The place is high, cold and the access is made by roads, let us say, in natural state. The area is among the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Visconde de Mauá was founded in 1870 by Irineu Evangelista de Souza, who received the concession to extract coal in the place. He decided to honor his father, by naming the area with his father's name, Visconde de Mauá. In 1907, the government started to motivate the immigrants' departure for the area. First the Swisses and later the Germans. The access difficulties inhibited the development, that only returned with the tourism, in the 70's. The improvement of the highways motivated other activities like the tourism.  


"There are good restaurants in Maringá" 

Today this is the main source of income of the area. The area of Visconde de Mauá is inside of an Area of Environmental Protection (APA). The altitude of Visconde de Mauá, Maringá and Maromba is of 2000 meters. The area is on  Mantiqueira Mountains and it shelters the National Park of Itatiaia. The climate is tropical of altitude with maximum temperature of 27ºC and lower reaches  0ºC. A very known place of Mantiqueira Mountains is the Agulhas Negras Peak, the seventh higher point of Brazil, with 2.787 meters 

"This is the bridge on the way to "Toca da Raposa"  (Burrow of the Fox)"  

To arrive: 

The main access road is Dutra Highway (BR-116), exit 311, between the cities of Resende and Itatiaia. After the exit 311, stay on the main road, at the end of it, there are two exits, one for Penedo and the other for the mountains that take to Visconde de Mauá. There are road signs indicating. The beginning of the mountain is paved, after a few kilometers, it becomes a dirt road. It's 34 km of sinuous mountain to arrive at Visconde de Mauá, after comes Maringá and Maromba. The mountain is well signaled, indicating, also, the countless lodgings of the area. 

"In the Burrow of the Fox the mud shines like gold, depending on the angle, it is awesome! "  

For who comes from São Paulo it is better to go by Airton Sena and to proceed on Carvalho Pinto, avoiding the initial passage of Dutra, that is usually busier. Proceed on Carvalho Pinto until the exit for Taubaté, where it ends in Dutra, towards Rio. From then, it's 1,5 hour until the exit 311 in Itatiaia and 1 hour more of mountain. From São Paulo to Visconde de Mauá, it takes about 4 hours of trip, starting from Airton Sena Highway. It's better to go by car, even better if it is an off road. But if this is the problem, there is personalized service in São Paulo and the transport "Cidade do Aço" in Rio de Janeiro. 


"Cachoeira do Escorrega" (Sled Waterfall)  

In 1966, an enormous crag was cut by a strong torrent in a natural sled, forming one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the area of Visconde de Mauá. The sled has an extension of 30 m and an unevenness of 7 m, you must be courageous to go down on it. 


"This is where people slip"  

Most of the people goes down seating, others go lied down and some even on foot. It is at 2,5 Km from Maromba and it is easily reached by car. In holidays it is advisable to leave the car in  town and to go on foot. 

Maromba Well 


"Jump in Poção"

Another point very frequented by the visitors is Maromba well. The well is in Maromba, at the road of the Sled Waterfall. The deep well, 7m in the summer, allows jumps from a crag of 8 meters, a difficult task, but at the same time, tempting. It has a beautiful natural swimming pool. 

"Pocinho" (Little Well) 

Waterfall located practically inside of the town of Maromba in front of "Canto das Águas" Lodging. In the winter the waters are calmer.  

"Poço das Antas" (Well of the Tapirs)  

After a walk of 1,5 hours of ascent, where cars can't go through, you find the largest natural swimming pool of the area. The walk begins in "Vale do Pavão" (Peacock Valley), it goes by some farms and it finishes on "Marimbondo" (hornet) road. It is advisable to consult a guide, mainly for who is going for the first time. The cars reach only a a part of the path. 

"Véu da Noiva" (Veil of the Bride): In the path to the Sled, there are signs indicating the road and close to the Town of Maromba.  

Santa Clara Waterfall  

 "This is Santa Clara's Waterfall, it is very beautiful! "   

 Walk of medium effort, leaving from Maromba. You can do rappel, but it doesn't form a swimming pool. One of the highest waterfalls of the area. 

"Pedra Selada" (Saddled  stone) 

To arrive at the Saddled stone it is necessary to go by car to the foot of the mountain, from there, 2hs more of walk takes to the peak of the Saddled Stone (it forms of saddle). Go with guide. 


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1. There is a cool sport that is the montainboard, it consists of going down the hills of grass or dirt that exist in the area.  

2. Be careful with hippies who try to get you to pay things for them. 

3. Don't forget to taste a trout. There is a lot of that fish in the area and it is not expensive. 

4. The night begins in Maringá and it ends in Maromba. 

5. "For who wants to be in peace, without anyone around, try CAMPING DO TORTO, in Maringá (6 Km from Maromba); also visit the small town, rent some bikes, and give a ride to the trails and waterfalls.... " tip from Carolina Monteiro  

6. "The first time I went to Visconde de Mauá was 20 years ago and I have already gone 12 times. The place is good to rest, to date, to go in group or with the family. Not only the waterfalls are cool, but also the paths that take to them. I stay in Maringá that is the best place in my opinion, because it is in the middle of the road to Maromba and Visconde de Mauá. People only use the car at night, because it is very cold, and they don't want to walk at night just to enjoy the nightlife. For gluttons it is heaven!!! There are candies and delicious chocolates and I remember when the stores that sell those products still didn't exist, we went to the manufactures to eat fresh honey bread. A good option for who enjoys the nature but not the crowd  is the Alcantilado waterfall. It's inside of a farm and you can climb to the top of it. The well of the Hornet is also great, but the  ascent is long and tough. Unfortunately, now is not possible to go there because the owners of the lands don't allow the entrance anymore. But the walk to the limits of the property are already worthwhile. This site is great. " tip from Paula Fiuza - Belo Horizonte 

7. "For who wants to flee from the Carnival, Mauá is the best choice!!! You won't listen to any carnival music the whole period of the holiday ... " tip from Edson - ES 

8. "Mauá is a dream, I went with my boyfriend 2 times and we simply loved the place. But here are some tips: if you want heavy nightlife, stay in Maromba or at Maringá, the Town of Visconde de Mauá is very far away from the waterfalls and if you are there will spend a lot of gasoline. Clue 2: you can't go Mauá and not go up Acantilado. It is a trail of about 1 hour, that goes by nine waterfalls and finishes at the Acantilado Waterfall which, for sure, one of the most beautiful places of the world. You can't bathe, but the view is wonderful. Another detail of Acantilado is that it is a park and therefore the entrance is paid, but it is cheap and it is worthwhile because the trails are clean and the place is neat. Clue 3: There are several cheap lodgings. Finally, Mauá is a place that has waterfalls everywhere, and they are all beautiful and different of the other ones, you can't be bored. It is also a place that pleases anyone, because it has from expensive lodgings, to the most cheap ones, which are perfect for youngs with little money. It is a dream. We meet there". tip from Luciana Vianna   

9. I go to Visconde de Mauá since I was 2 years old, almost every weekend I went there with my mother and my father. It's a shame how the natural swimming pool of Maringá is getting polluted and the main river also, then I ask you to not dirty that paradise and to respect nature. A cool tip is to make the ten falls walk, it is long, but it is worth.  Just go up to Santa Clara Waterfall and follow the signs!! tip from Joana Flor  

10. In Mauá, Irecommend: - To go on horse to Carvão Bar (I think now it is called Baixinho Bar) to buy cigarretes, - to go to Maringá by Rio and to return by Minas, - to walk kilometros to Maringá and to Maromba with a lot of friends at night with "flashlights" or only the moonshine, carrying 5 liters of wine, singing, - to go to Jamaica Bar, to be stay there with the friends until late in the night, listening to Bob Marley.  And when dawn comes, to go up the hill to jump in the well! To eat trout.  I will send the pictures later " tip from Mariana, originally from Ubatuba, SP, but now in Montréal, Canada.  

11. "That is for who doesn't have or doesn't want to ride by car in Mauá. There is a trail from Itatiaia (RJ) to Mauá, arriving near the Sled waterfall. It is about 25 km long and it takes two days to travel it, with tent, sleeping bag, food and water in the backpacks, but it is worthwhile! The only problem is to arrive in Mauá and to face the crowd that, as other people are already telling in the site, is invading Mauá and making the city "invisitable" during the holidays, without mentioning the pollution and the lack of respect lack that they show to the other ones. It's a shame! " tip from Juliana - São Paulo  

12. "My name is João Henrique and I would like to congratulate the people of the page. The site has a lot of cool tips and I already used it several times to plan my trips. The information and telephones of lodgings and tips are always updated . The site is really good!!!  One of the last trips that I did was to Visconde de Mauá and my tip is on the lodgings. For who wants peace, prefer the ones that are at the end of the road (after Maromba). There also are some campings there. Another advantage is that you will be nearer of many waterfalls and to go go on foot to them." tip from João Henrique   

13. "Hi, I have first visited Mauá in the beginning of this year and I loved it, the place is beautiful, mainly a bar at the edge of the road whicht had as proprietor, a short guy (I think he was Cuban), an extraordinary place, he prepared me a mojito, that was very good, it seemed that him and his wife were from Fantasy Island. The restaurants, are great, the smoked trout is very pleasant. I miss it, mainly a lodging where I stayed, the owner was descendant of Germans and her name is Erica (no accent, the "e" is not pronounced). I stayed in a good chalet with a mezzanine, very comfortable. "tip from Fábio Zerbato  

14. "Hi Haxi!! I really liked your site. My name is Álvaro and I am here to tell a little about place where I camped in April / 2001 and in October / 2000, it is in Maromba - RJ; the place is SPECTACULAR, just as many others that exist thereabout and that deserve our affection and preservation. I stayed there for 4 / 5 days times and I can tell you what is better there.   Campings: there are many, and most is of good quality; the most sought and most organized are the ones that are close to maromba,  the ones that are among and close to the Maromba well and the town; Food: the best is the food  the first restaurant, of who comes from the  Sled to the town, on your left side; the food costs R$ 2,50. Night: The campings have hot showers and a bar in the own camping, but it's better to go tomaromba town, where the people go. Jamaica Bar is great, with live music!!! People stay there until dawn.... it is too good. How to arrive: by Dutra, go towards SP, and at Km 148 take the road to Penedo, Visconde de Mauá, it's 22 Km of dirt, but it is worthwhile; on the top of the mountain, take the road to Maromba, the signs will help you, then 20 Km more and you will reach it.  I hope to have helped.... Great hug and congratulations for the site! "tip from Alvinho.  

15. "tip 1: For who wants a calmer place, got to "Saudade  WATERFALL. Take the road to Acantilado and go straight ahead (don't enter Acantilado). About 6 km after Acantilado, turn left (there are signs indicating the waterfall), pass on a bridge andgo ahead. Go until the end of the road (there are other waterfalls along the road); in the end of the road,  there is a parking and a bar: it is time for the trail (about 45 min). Follow the trail until the end, following the signs to "Muralha" (there are about 5 waterfalls along the path) and you will find "muralha" (wall) waterfall. The waterfall is at the bottom of a canyon and the place is very beautiful. Tip 2: Leave the stress home, because the traffic (sled waterfall, the bride's veil, Well, Santa Clara), it is already part of the trip, relax. Prefer to go on foot or by bike." tip from Geraldo Evandro Papa / SP  

16. "I go to Mauá for a long time! after all, my origins are there, because it is where my parents spent the honeymoon.. it is the best place of the world, although it is getting too crowded. but even so, I still didn't find place better, more beautiful and magic!! " tip from Renata Brasil  

17.The first time that went, I stayed in Maromba, at the Maromba Camping, that is cool, but in some holidays it is very full. Other campings exist and they are all very good. In the second time I stayed in Maringá, in a lodging called "Flor da Serra" (Mountain Flower). The lodging is good, the service is great, but I had many problems with the shower of the chalet (the heater didn't work, the water was freezing cold and that was terrible - imagine to take a cold shower in a region where even in the summer, it is cold). Therefore if you'll stay at that lodging, don't choose of the chalets 6 or 7, the others are much better and much more spacious." tip from Alessandra Vinhas - São José dos Campos  

18. Do you want peace without traffic jam and good food? "Cachoeira da Prata" (Waterfall of the Silver). Leave Mauá towards CAmpo Alegre. Turn left at Ponte dos Cachorros and proceed to the Town of Mirantão. After Mirantão, it's 4 km more. At the end of the highway there is a house, that also works as snack bar and restaurant. If you  arrive early, arranje the lunch there, the home-made food is great. From that property leaves the trail for three waterfalls - Silvers 1, 2 and 3. " tip from Geraldo Evandro Papa - SP 

19. "Hi!!!! Mauá, Maringá and Maromba are great places. their attractions are irresistible. the sled waterfall in maromba is great!!! But, be careful when sliping!!!!! The people are super zen!!!! it is Worthwhile to also visit maringá. If possible, don't misss visiting Alcantilado Valley, in mauá. And also Santo Antônio and Mirantão, nearby. They are very cool villages... " tips from Lanuza Madruga

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