"This is Meaípe."  

Meaípe is at about 10 kilometers from Guarapari. The place is a small spa that began to be populated in 1818. 

"Here, from the tip of Meaípe, the view is great."  

It is considered in some tourism magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, with clean waters and full of islets and reefs. 

"AS in any place, there is a nice looking church."  


Meaípe Beach - it is the main beach of the place. It is crowded in the summer. It's got everuthing... beautiful women, family ... In the water, banana-boat, jet-ski, boat trips and kayaks. 

"I think that boat is stuck."  

Bacutia Beach - where people meet. In few words: it is where the beautiful women are. 

"Look what I found!!! "  

"Praia dos Padres" (Beach of the Priests) - it is a very beautiful small beach surrounded by trees. There is a payed parking, but it is not necessary to pay to enter. It is worth the visit. 

"There is a lot of fishermen boats."  

"Nossa Senhora de Sant’Ana" Chapel was built in 1892 and is located on the top of a hill. 

"Lago da Sereia" (Mermaid Lake) - it is located behind the Chapel. That name comes from a legend of a mermaid that would exist in that place. It is more beautiful in the low tide. 

"There are no waves at the beaches."  

"Casa das Rendeiras" (Lacemakers House), where one can acquire products produced by the lacemakers of the place. 

"Bye, people."  


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1. The nightlife happens almost every weekend, even out of season. The people from Guarapari, Vitória and Vila Velha also frequents the place.  

2. The beach where people meet is the one of Bacutia in Nova Guarapari. 

3. The nightclubs of the night are: MAIS, Trib de Gaia and Oca Maloca. 

4. Get to know the Beach of the Priests. It is very beautiful. 

5. If you intend to surf, got to Ubu tip, or Além as it is called by the local guys. The waves are at the right side of the pier of the port.  

6. Don't miss enjoying the view of the Meaípe tip . 

7. "The nights of Guarapari are hot. A lot of leisure options. Bars and a lot of boites and beautiful people. The best of the night is at the beach of Meaípe. It is Multiplace MAIS. It is a complex of amusements composed by: M = Marine (cool Nightclub), A = Asteroid (Cyber bar), I = Iguana (Mexican Restaurant) and S = Salamander (Pizzeria), everything at a same place. Everydody goes there... Check it out... " tip from Ed, ES   

8. "People, if you go to Meaípe, taste Zezé's cassava snack. It is great. The snack is so famous that she has already been cited in tourism books and newspapers. There is even a line during the day on the weekends, but for who is hungry, is cheap and it is a nice subtitute of lunch!   But if you want to spend more money and to eat a wonderful fish stew, in front of it, there is "Cantinho do Curuca", that is sensational. You can order anything, because everything is delicious. After, buy a chocolate or a coconut candy, that are sold there. Well, that's a gastronomical tip for who wants to eat good stuff, ok? "tip from Juliana Piassi of Rio de Janeiro 

9. "Don't miss visiting the boite MAIS, beautiful people, and a great mood..... "Tip from Fabrício Manhuaçu MG  

10. People, is was great to visit the city. I allways spend the carnival there, the people of the city are great. DAY - the beach is great, cold beer with shrimp portion and a delicious "peruá". Night - MAIS Nightclub. Bye. " tip from Miguelpalavrasaovento Niterói-RJ

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