"This is Morro de São Paulo"  


In 1531 a guy called Martim Afonso de Souza arrived at this place and decided that it would be the Tynharéa Island, but as time went by, people changed the name to TinharéIsland. 

The owner of the captaincy where the island is located, a guy called Jorge de Figuereido Corrêa, told Francisco Romero that the place belonged to him, and that he wanted to see that place colonized before someone get to it, wanting to dominate the region. 

In that time there were some battles between the local inhabitants and French and Dutch. Oh, the pirates and corsairs also tried to enjoy the beach there, but they were all kicked away. 

"A tractor serves as means of transportation! "  

The Tupiniquins and Aymorés Indian, also didn't like the invasions, and they attacked the invaders that lived in the continent, so the islands got quickly full of people. 


"Lots of great views... "  

"Primeira Praia" (First Beach) - it is the most frequented beach by the people that live in Morro. There the first houses and lodgings were raised at the beach. Some motorboats and sailing anchor, because the Hill protect them from the strong winds, besides being a beautiful beach.  


"There are several tables on the beach."  

There are some waves at a reef that has small bay. It is a perfect right formation that breaks with more frequency in the winter and it is advisable to use boot, because the point is very shallow. 


"... sun... "  

"Segunda Praia" (Second Beach) - it is the beach where the things happen. There the nightlife takes place, that begins late, around 1:30, 2:00 and it goes until the morning. In the daytime, it is the beach of the youngs and of the chicks. There people play footvolley, volley, racketball, capoeira, drinks some beer, or a coconut and search a target for night, in other words, it is where the flirting is. Also several lodgings, campings and kiosks exist. 

"... nature... "  

"Terceira Praia" (Third Beach) - right after "Saudade" Island. It is where the more alternative peoplego. There it is possible to catch a Tractor-train!?, that takes people to the more distant beaches like the end of the Fourth Beach, Boipeba and Garapuá. When you are walking on that beach, pay attention to those authorized monsters, because they are very fast, and I believe they don't have ABS brakes. There is also plenty people riding on horseback, besides, it was there, that for the first time I saw a guy riding on horseback inside of the sea with the water on the waist and the horse only with the head out. It looked like he was enjoying the beach. 

"... and peace."  

"Quarta Praia" (Fourth Beach) - The last and larger of all. It is more frequented by the riches. It is also the calmest, and ideal for who wants to flee from the crowd to enjoy some peace. There are great natural swimming poolst, with clear water and several little fishes.  

"There is a fort here."  

Fortress - The governor Diogo Luiz e Oliveira ordered the construction a fort in 1630 to guarantee the safety of the island from possible battles. The cannal had a great strategic importance, and they took advantage of it

  "What a beautiful view! "  

In 1728, the Count of Sabugosa decided to renovate the fort to face the evil French Villegaignon.  Now, it is the entrance door of Morro de São Paulo and it still is a beautiful construction. 

"Do you like it?... " 

Lighthouse - it was built in 1855, it is the most cool observatory of the place, and it was already part of the defensive group of the Island for having a wide vision of the roundness. It is a great view. 


"Take a look at the color of the water."  

Town - it is at the town, on top of the hill, where the night begins. She is cut out by only 2 main streets, and for that not even a blind one could get lost there. It has several restaurants, bars, lodgings and all kinds of infrastructure necessary for the tourist. 


How to arrive:  

By boat: Leaving from Salvador, take a fast motorboat (2 hours), or a slow boat (4 hours), at "Mercado Modelo".  

By airplane: 20 minutes of flight, leaving the international airport of Salvador landing in "Fazenda Caiera" or in a landing track after the Fourth Beach.  

Car or Bus: go by car to Valencia and, there, take a fast motorboat (30 minutes), or slow boat (1 hour) to Morro


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1. There are cell phone signal and several public phones.  

2. There are no bank agencies.  

3. Many places accept credit card, but you must bring cash.  

4. You have to pay a maintenance tax when leaving, so keep about 2 or 3 bucks in cash for that expense.  

5. Try a drink called "catonha", it is the mixture of "cachaça" with some products.  

6. If you are short of money, camp at the Second Beach, the camping is near where nightlife happens.  

7. If you have diving equipment, bring it; it makes necessary there.  

8. Trousers and trainers are a waste of space in your bag, just bring shorts and slippers.  

9. There are banks in Valencia: Banco do Brazil, Caixa Econômica Federal, BANEB, Bradesco e Excel-Econômico, however there is no day and night agency.  

10. There are many foreigners there.  

11. One of the best times for going is after the Carnival, when the city is full and the night is great. It is the famous "Ressaca de Morro" (Morro Hangover).  

12. "I am an assiduous visitor of your site and some time ago I asked for information on Morro de São Paulo. The tips are very useful and I am writing to thank you. I spent the 2001 New Year's Eve there and it was awesome. The place is great and the people of there are plenty receptive. The night is really cool. A tip for you is a place called "Toca dos Morcegos" (Bat's Burrow). It has a good happy-hour after the beach between 17 and 19hs. The music is cool and the women dance a lot" tip from João Marcos Velloso  

14. "Without any doubt it's one of the most beautiful places to be visited. In spite of the distance, you don't isolated, you can communicate with the world by e-mail in stores - right in front of the church." tip from Artur Ribeiro  

15. "Morro is really very beautiful! The sunset at the Fort is one of the most beautiful!! tip from Robertinha  

16. "Morro is great!! I have already been there 3 times, the September 7th holiday, 2000, New Year's Eve 2001-2002 and now the holiday of november 2nd. My tip is for the courageous, don't forget to save "10 bucks" for going down on the Tyrolese, pure adrenaline!!!! tip from Clarice Melo.   

17. "the course of boat from Mercado Modelo to Bom Despacho, bus from Bom Despacho to Valencia and boat from Valencia to Morro de São Paulo take more time (about 4 hours) but it is cheaper and won't make you too sick than the straight course of fast motorboat or catamaran from the Mercado Modelo to Morro de São Paulo (about 2 hours). There are very pleasant and cheap lodgings, as Farol das Estrelas lodging. The local guides offer good boat trips or walks. "Boca" is very entertaining. There is also a nice restaurant, all in wood, at the fourth beach". tip from Geyse Ribeiro Assunção

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