"There is a nice view from up here

Located in Pernambuco, Olinda is on the top of hills at a distance of about 8km to the north of Recife. It is a coastal city, by the Atlantic Ocean, and it was founded by the Portuguese Duarte Coelho Pereira as the capital of the Captaincy of Pernambuco in 1537. 

Olinda, for its historical, architectural and cultural collection is a "World Patrimony", title received from Unesco in 1982. 

"The houses of Olinda are all very old

In the carnival, especially in Olinda, the traditions are preserved and, in an irreverence and creativity manifestation. The buffoon uses fantasies, playing in groups, or even just admiring, the buffoon is bewitched by the streets and slopes, to the sound of the music genuinely from Pernambuco. 

"There are very old churches here".  

"Frevo" (Carnival dance) - music genuinely from Pernambuco from the end of the 19th century - its origin comes from the music bands, "dobrados"  and polkas. For some, it's the only popular composition in the world whose music is born with the orchestration. The steps of the dance symbolize a mixture of dances from Europe, including ballet steps and steps of the Cossacks. 

Maracatú - Dramatic dance, originated from the fests for the black kings' coronation. The main characters are: King - Queen - Princes - Ambassador - Lady of the Court carrying Calunga - Relic of the fetishistic cult, that symbolizes the religious authority.  

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1. Save some time to admire the architectural beauty of the Churches and Monasteries.  

2. Eat needle fish at the bars of the border. 

3. Enjoy the sunset from Alto da Sé 

4. Try hot tapioca and roasted "coalho" cheese at Alto da Sé 

5. The most lively time to visit the city is in the carnival. 

6. If you have some problem moving around, go by car because of the ascents and descents. 

7. Get ready to be disturbed by the tourist guides. The guys are very annoying and will bother you. This service from the city hall is free. 

8. Ask for a serenade player to play a music in the guitar on the theme you choose. It is very funny.  

9.  "during the carnival there is a line of people that passes at 6:00am holding a long rope  screaming: The rope! The rope! Wake up! The rope! Wake up! " , nobody gets to sleep, but it is very funny." tip from Dani Souza

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