"Cool landscape! "

Who arrives to Palmas, capital of Tocantins, for the first time is impressed with a city drifted that has less than 15 years of existence. An enclosed city for mountains, ideal for who looks for life quality.

Located a little above the parallel 10, it was built in the middle of the savannah, to be capital since 1990 of the new state appeared with the division of Goiás, in 1988. This territory was dismembered of the old municipal district of Taquarussu.


"Hum, artificial waterfalls.... a lot of luxury... "

It is to the right margin of the Tocantins river ,has in the proximities the mountains of Lajeado, where there are a park and an Area of Environmental Protection (APA) . The lake in the river Tocantins, formed with the closing of the floodgates of the hydroelectric power station of the Paved.

In the gardens in front of the palace there is the monument to lieutenant Siqueira Campos, that participated in the revolt of the 18 of the Fort of Copacabana and after the Coluna Prestes, in the first half of the Century 20. In 2000 it registered 137.355 inhabitants, for a territory of 2.465 km2.

The Praia da Graciosa (Beach of the Amusing) is the most beautiful."

With a green area of 320 m2 for inhabitant, Palmas offers to their residents squares, parks and gardens well cares, what does the capital of the city more green of the country.

The highland area of Palmas reserves surprises, as the beautiful Cachoeira do Segredo (Waterfall of the Secret), with crystalline waters and images of removing the breath

APA Palmas - Created by the state government from Tocantins in turn of the Lake of Palmas. It will help to order and to restrict pollutant activities of the environment in turn of the lake of the capital of the state created in the years 1980, following the concept of maintainable development

Parque Estadual do Lajeado - With area of 9 thousand 931 hectares of savannah in the strict sense, it includes part of the Mountain of the Paved, close to the capital of Tocantins, Palmas. It was created on May 11, 2001, to protect the flora and the fauna, as well as the waters that are born there. In his/her turn, to protect a larger area, the Área de Proteção Ambiental (APA) da Serra do Lajeado, also of state responsibility, under the responsibility of the agency of environment of the state, Naturatins.

The city is clean."

Taquarussu - indispensable to know the District of Taquarussu, moved away about 32 Km of the center of Palmas, where the residents live without hurry, in a scenery that involves mountains, waterfalls and streams. The main waterfalls are the one of the Roncador (70 meters of height) and of the Escorrega Macaco (ten meters). In the mountain of Taquarussu, of Pedro Paulo ‚Stone it is possible to have a panoramic vision of the valley in that he is the District. Pedro Paulo was a seminarist that, of vacations in Taquarussu, all the afternoons, it arose to the top of the mountain, on top of the stone in altar form, to play saxophone and to intone songs that were heard in whole it is worth it.

Praça Dos Girassóis - considered the third largest public square of the country, located in the axis that divides Palmas in North, South, East and West. It has 570 thousand square meters and bill with several monuments, as the Memorial Coluna Prestes and The 18 of the Fort, a cascade, two entrance porches, one in the side East and other in the West, tends to the center the Palácio Araguaia, with a modernist architecture, valuing the arches, a cruise where the first mass was celebrated at the city, a clock of the sun and the square Krahô, beside the place where a cathedral to be built.

Park Cesamar - the place that it divides with the Praça dos Girassóis the preference of the palmenses for the walks in the end of the afternoon and in the morning. It is wide and it has a mini-dam where some people take advantage to refresh of the heat, that in certain times of the year, between the months of May and October, the can arrive up to 38 degrees. The vegetation that involves the place is typically of savannah. It is only opened until 22 o'clock in everyday of the week.

"I will eat a fish in the kiosk." "Vou comer um peixe no quiosque."

Parque da Gruta - urban Park that besides being ecological reservation possesses two great motivations to attract visitors: the Grotto of Ours Mrs. of Lourdes and a beautiful fall of water with approximately 18 m of height.

Ponte do Barracamento  - Place with rapids, pauses and natural dam, whose margins are covered for native vegetation, providing beautiful natural scenery.It is 16 km of the urban center.

Museu Histórico Alexandre Vieira- This museum tells the history of the municipal district through his collection and of this local importance , a construction of last century. Street Bishop Talent Carlos, 122.

Réplica do Santuário Nossa Senhora de Fátima - Locates beside the Seminar São João Maria Vianney. The replica of the Santuário de Portugal was idealized by Frei Carlos Bandeira de Mello, that later would become the first Bishop of Palmas. As much the architecture as their beautiful ones and conserved gardens, they are constituted in attraction for the visitors. Street Friar Jacob - Bairro Santuário.

"The government's palace seems the one of Saddam."


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1.Try to visiti the fair that happens all the Sunday afternoons where you can enjoy the typical foods and regional shows.

2.O lunch is between 12:00 and 14:30. after that it will be with hunger, because the restaurants stop working. If you give easily and to lose the hour, the salvation will be the Shopping center.

3.Everything is far to go to foot and close to go of car. Conform to.

4.Taxi is too expensive if compared with the capitals, but it is necessary if you are to foot. The buses a lot are rare.

5.Don't wait for the taxi in the street, it won't appear because they are parked. Ask for the reception of the hotel to call one.

6.Take the card of some taxi driver, you will need the face the whole time. They accept connection to collect.

7.At night goes to the Praia da Graciosa to eat a fish. There are kiosks, sidewalk and a very good look.

8.At Praia da Prata haz something to do at night.

9.You must visit Jalapão. An incredible place.

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